Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Tale of Two African-Americans;NO Kennedys

About Reverend Walter Hoye of California who was charged with a crime
for verbally opposing abortion in Oakland:
5:52 AM 1/18/2009
Here is a quote from the Life News article :
"Hoye, who is African-American, feels a special calling to work for
the end of the high number of abortions taking place in the
black community."[end quote]
This article is significant because among other reasons it juxtaposes
two black men: Obama a radical prodeather and Hoye a radical
prolifer. The 'values' of the two "African-Americans" are very different.
One {Walter Hoye] a Minister obeying the gospel opposes the premeditated killing of
innocent black people. The other [Obama] a President-to-be encourages the
killing of innocent black people in every way possible.

Let us all pray that Hoye wins his case for First Amendment liberties
in California, and runs for office in California
and wins as a strong prolifer from that state and for the nation!
And that wicked Obama is not even elected yet and his prodeath policies are gripping the nation. Prolifers should probably emigrate to somewhere for his reign of terror against the preborn and prolifers.
Update today Jan 19th 2009 at 11:25 am; after reading what I call a push-news that is really an op-ed piece, about Gov of NY having selected another vile Kennedy as a replacement for Clinton. Say it ain't so,Gov! This nation does not need another corrupt lawyer in high places. Please do not select Caroline Kennedy---there are lots of New Yorkers who are more qualified and who would not have a killing agenda for the nation. Of course you would have to look upstate around the fingers district or the farming areas to find someone conservative to balance that corrupt Schumer, but think what a win-win that would be for your leadership--a true two party system of goals and not a lopsided in the pocket of abortionists' bribe-taker like the Kennedys.
signed gloria poole, R.N. and artist in oils and acrylics; Denver CO 80203


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