Friday, January 02, 2009

Public Notice to IRS,DHA,Colorado,US Gov't,FBI,

I am posting this here from desperation to notify the public at large and in particular the I.R.S., The US Treasury, The US Gov't : all branches, the state of Colorado, the other 49 contiguous states, the country of Greece, the country of Mexico, and the place on Federal Blvd that seems to be primarily the gatekeeper to Mexico, of this information. I have received yet ANOTHER I.R.S. form asking me to send in money [I do not owe them money] and it was sent to my address but there is no person by the name of 'Gkirua Poole Pappos' [sic] living here and that identify thief most certainly has NO authority to use my address on Grant St, nor my Social Security number. I have asked repeatedly from the U.S. Marshall, the U.S Postmaster, the State of Colorado, the Denver Housing Authority , the I.R.S. and every person or agency that has sent me info with that fake name on it to PLEASE remove that fraudulent name from my address and my from Social Security Number! I have had the same social security since I first applied for it when I was in high school and that was decades ago. The identity of "Gkirua Poole Pappos" as far as I know is an effort to steal my social security number, my address, my identity and my income. I am posting this here since notifying the agencies themselves has not accomplished much. Identity thieves with $10,000 criminal lawyers seem to have a lot of clout in Colorado.
And while I am on that topic, IF the US and Wall street wants to know what happened to $50 BILLION Bernie made off with, my educated guess of having endured such events as I wrote of in the beginning paragraph here, for SIX years, is that it was laundered through Denver to Mexico, by illegals who sneaked across the border, bought identity from the local identity vendor and got themselves hired by the Denver Police or the federal Police, or the US Marshalls' office [to look the other way when illegals get caught breaking the laws] and the Social Security Administration and the Dept of Agriculture and the Denver Housing section for improving hispanics' income, and of course let us not forget that great big GAMBLING fraud of reservations and Dept of Interior. Denver is the "Egypt' of America that GOD wrote about leading the righteous away from. And if you doubt that, then I challenge you to come live here for a while with a belief in GOD, and a trust in good government, and mark on your calendar how long it takes you to change your mind about good government in Colorado. The local I.R.S. in Denver, the U.S. Post Office, the U.S. Marshall's office can all be bribed to look the other way, or apparently falsify documents since I have never changed the spelling of my christian name of Gloria and I have never had the name of PappOs, and my handwriting is legible always and documenting events is something Registered Nurses are absolutely trained to do until it is second nature to them. Criminals, Colorado is your place to be, because honest people are defrauded, injured, stolen from, hauled into Court after Court by the wicked rich to try to legitimatize theft by breaking/entering and driving off with your possessions, theft by conversion [bankruptcy courts] and outright fraud of financial accounts, pyramid schemes [local e*Trade office]; and some banks that purposely set their ATMs to not deliver what you asked for the first time, so you have to do the same transaction repeatedly at $3 each withdrawal, Fleecing the unsuspecting is the way Colorado pays into its Governor's slush fund for buying votes and sponsoring Democrats. Let the honest, the Christian, the GOD-fearing beware! Colorado is a place that has NO respect for human life and NO respect for law, and NO respect for truth. They much prefer hardened cocaine-addicts/dealers with big wads of cash to pay fat cat lawyers instead of poor Registered Nurses who oppose vice and crime, and cocaine.
Colorado is the cocaine addicts dream come true. You cocaine addicts:just flash your cash in front of a corrupt lawyer and he will lie, cheat, swindle, defraud, steal cars and identities for you. And the Colorado Judiciary will wink-wink while he does that and tell his victim they don't regulate law in Colorado.
It is nauseating what goes on in Colorado !
Added too at 5:12 pm after thinking on it:
Here are the rules as best I could discern them after years of being forced to communicate with people who do not speak English and were not born in this country:
1) when dealing with a hispanic, remember that because they are lying about where they were born and when, and to whom, and how they got to the U.S. and where they learned to drive, and what public schools they attended and what they do for a living, they automatically assume you are also lying about everything. They only trust other hispanics.
2) They use their positions of authority however they were gained to dominate, intimidate, and defraud, by demanding you 'prove' your citizenship when they are obviously not born in the U.S.A,[since they speak Spanish as first language] but by demanding your bank account statement/info, and your lease info, and your Social Security number, and your ________[whatever] they demand, they do not follow the laws, they then acquire the actual info that they were making up before. Meaning they did not know your real SS number because they altered it as soon as you walked out the door the first time you were there, along with your name and address so they could 'redirect' any payments that were supposed to come to you, to them, or siphon off just some of them, like $150 each month and then when you complain they call the hispanic Cops to harass you. [Note: They should ask for your S.S. card for SS but they rarely do asking for your number instead, and they should verify it and when you have your card with you they should acknowledge that it is your S.S. acct whether disability or regular S.S.]
3) They refuse to do their jobs they are paid to do, because they are doing them illegally and don't really understand what they are. A for instance happened this am when I went to the SSA to find out why there was a $150 discrepancy in what I got and what I was supposed to get according to info sent to me by SSA from D.C. area. The spanish speaking hispanic man there told me that basically that there is no difference in the $96 deduction for Part A and $150 and then he called the Cops when I insisted there is a difference there and plus the $96 was also deducted so there was actually a difference of $244 between what SSA said in letter and what was deposited. The privately paid bouncer staff of the Denver-Mexico Connection of the SSA who threatened to call the Federal Police [and I said, 'good idea, please do'and I called the U.S. Marshall also,] threatened me with arrest for questioning where the missing money was! The usual way of doing business in Mexico I am told by people who ought to know--you have to pay your 'protection' money to the cops IF you expect sane and reasonable replies from them OR protection from theft from them.
4) Hispanics who live in Colorado [I have never been to Mexico or Latin America] come up by the droves on that Mexican bus that parks down there by the Stout St clinic and hop up and vanish, and I have seen that happen more than once.
5) Also since hispanics rarely if ever have real marriages they assume that others do not either and therefore it is very strange to them the concept of legal marriage and divorce.They assume that if you are a woman, you are living with a man, and that whatever man you are living with you just call your 'husband' but you will change him like your underwear and then the next one will get that moniker. The idea that people actually do marry and then divorce is as foreign concept to them as honesty. So they 'allow' the former husband now divorced from to get info, benefits, confidential info, because he tells them he is your husband even when divorced and that is their way of life there, and if you disprove the marriage by showing certified divorce papers they don't understand them, and don't seem to be able to read them! As far I could tell from having been forced to deal with Spanish speaking hispanics in several government offices in Denver, the word 'husband' to them is their Americanized version of 'boy friend' or 'shack-up.'
6) They do not have good command of the English language and use words loosely, such as 'rights' which seems to mean to them that they are entitled to the same privileges as those born in the U.S. For instance if you say, I am a U.S. citizen and have certain rights and one of those is to protest the government, they look at you like you just landed in a space ship and speak a foreign tongue.
7) And if you ask them questions, they absolutely panic and call another hispanic to 'bail them' out of the mess their lies caused. For instance when I asked for info the hispanic working at SSA this am printed out what he said was my 'sheet' of info, but it had changes to my name format since December 08 that I did not make, and coded info that appears on the face of it to be not related in any way to me; and a statement about 'discrepancy in identity' and I said 'whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" and he got very upset. And I said does this mean somebody tried to steal my identity AGAIN? And he said he could not answer any questions about my 'husband's' SS though I said for the tenth time he is my EXhusband, since Oct 2007, [and had certified paperwork to prove that and showed it to him] and had not asked about my EXhusband's account but mine! And he said he would not answer these questions about my account:
a) who changed the format of my name and when, and why?
b) how was my marital status listed on my account since other changes were made?
c) Why did the date of the payment change?
d) Why was there a missing $150 --where did it go?
e) What did coded "LOU" mean on my account? [that showed on the sheet he gave me?
f) Why did that sheet say I was a "mbr" since 2002 when I only started getting disability in July 2007? And I paid into the S.S. since 1967. Numbers don't match. He did not care. I suspect he was bribed by my exhusband to make those changes and to possibly switch the payments of mine with someone else, because mine are higher.
8) I did not have much opinion one way or the other about hispanic people until living in Colorado for six years,and having to deal with non-native language speakers, who have minimal understanding of the nuances of the language of English, or the purpose/intent of their jobs,or the First Amendment, or the laws of the either the U.S. or the state of Colorado. But when I see one now I groan inwardly!
It is almost as frustrating as I imagine it would be if I landed on Mars and there were aliens there, speaking an unknown to the world, language.
9) And If you say, " I would prefer an English as first language speaker" they make a big fuss and call the hispanic cops again.
Is there any nation in the world that would allow me to move there as an emigrant, knowing what I believe and why? If so contact me at email:gloriapooleRN at

signed gloria poole, Denver CO 80203


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