Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Obama-Blogojevich-Richardson-Rubin-Kennedy Scheme

The Truth is Bubbling to the Surface about Obama and fraudulent 'donations":
Article in the LA Times by William Heisel, Jan 6,2009:
This article is about NM Gov Bill Richardson's connection to Obama
and to groups that siphoned off money from taxpayers to 'pay to play'
apparently. Some of the very same banks that got billion dollar
handouts because Obama won, are also the same banks that were
paying huge kickbacks to the 'financial advisors' that arranged it all.
Twenty different cities are suing David Rubin's 'advisory' company "CDR Financial
Products" because of the kickbacks scheme that plundered the funds
cities were supposed to get.
And no surprise about Mexico City's connection being the source most
likely of the underhanded stealing by code on payout systems.
Read my previous entries about outcomes of my life when hispanics
were involved or hispanic 'values' were.Start with the Jan 2, 2009 entry and then scroll through archives and find the one about the e*Trade fiasco in Denver Co, and see that hispanic "cops" are the ones who do the shakedown of 'keep your mouth shut
or be arrested" scenario when hispanic connections are fleecing the public. The twenty cities and counties that are suing are heavily hispanic in California.

How much of that flowed to Obama? Connect the dots, people!

6:19 AM 1/6/2009
/s/ gloria poole, RN, and artist, photographer, missionary, PROLIFER;Denver CO 80203


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