Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just say NO KENNEDYS! Caroline an idolator too.

Well, is anyone surprised that Caroline Kennedy tried to pull a fast one on the people of the US pretending she was so concerned about that con-man uncle of hers and then at 10:30pm the same night suddenly deciding she is in the race after all? Liars, thieves and reprobates is what the catholics are. The worst Congress money could buy consist of Schumer of NY already and Blagjovich's [?sp] pick with Obama's wink-wink approval, and of course don't forget that snake oil con-man Bill Clinton hawking/ pedding/ pimping the Secretary of State's favours with every nation of the world.
How the U.S. could hold its head up amongst honorable countries after the scandalous behaviours of the Clintons and the Kennedys, is beyond me.
And did you notice how the op-ed pieces tried to tie the John Kennedy past election that produced no results because he was reviled and assassinated, to the Obama election? To me that is about like comparing monkeys to zebras. They are animals of a different stripe so to speak. There is no correlation between John Kennedy and Obama and there is no correlation between John Kennedy and the daughter who was a very young child when he was assassinated. The press in the U.S. is appalling for its seemingly never ending ability to distort reality.
Caroline Kennedy is like all catholics--doesn't know even word of the Commandments of GOD and worships idols. Do not select her please, GOV of NY!
signed gloria poole, Denver CO 80203


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