Tuesday, January 13, 2009

If U.S wants World Leadership, no Clintons/Kennedys.

I am always amazed at how stupid some folks are. I read the so-called questions to be posed to Mrs Clinton today in her 'confirmation' dog and pony show in the US Senate, and what struck me about them was the idea that somehow she will help the U.S. regain world dominence. Get a grip on reality. IF the U.S. wants world dominance they should select a MALE Secretary of State not a radical feminista! The rising nations of China, Russia, Arabic Bloc are patriarchal countries not inclined to respect a woman leader and especially not one who is two-faced like Clinton is. Remember how she bad-mouthed Obama for months about what a poor leader he would be?Well she is showing her chameleon nature now since she is sucking up to him big time to get that promotion. And remember that she and her husband plundered the White House when they exited it. Would you invite them to your place? I wouldn't, and I am reasonably sure the world leaders who have fine and fancy expensive furnishings in their homes won't invite that Bonnie and Clyde duo to their homes. And remember the ex-Pres Clinton was user-friendly with those bombed America, during the USS Cole and the first bombing of the World Trade Center on his watch when he did NOTHING about either of those events. World leadership? HA! What a timebomb B Clinton was, and is.

I have to admit that getting rid of her from the US Senate is a win-win for the nations' preborn. Also getting rid of Obama Baby-Killer from it is a great help since Presidents really are not kings and have to cooperate supposedly with the Congress. Of course, the very platform of Obama was a King approach to government of how he was going to make America a socialist nation where everything is free and handed out like Candy from BIG BROTHER government in D.C. But what he didn't tell the fools of the nation who voted for him, is that there is no way to do that without destroying the nation. Study history and see the longevity of socialist nations where all assets are owned and distributed by the government.
Also, H Clinton is not likely to be any more successful than C Rice was and probably not as much as Ms Rice was, because Ms Rice was not out selling bits and pieces of the US Senate as the Clintons have done from their own testimony of B Clinton's wheeling and dealing with nations that some in the U S would not consider as necessarily friendly to the US. That is defined as traitorism by the US Constitution for those in high places in the federal government--making alliances with the enemies of the US.

And GOD HIMSELF knows this nation is self-destructing and needs no more Kennedys to kill off the population by the millions and no more Clintons; and no more of those who sell off baby parts to gain political leverage.
Updated Tuesday Jan 13,2009 at 3:57 pm:
I just read this article in Reuters courtesy of Google news:
about how the wicked Clintons are trying to lie their way out of treasonous activities such as taking millions from nations that most people in the US consider the enemies of the US. If the US Senate believes that lying Bill and Hillary Clinton then they deserve what ever happens to those folks who double-cross the devil![The Bible says the devil is the 'father of lies'; read John 8:36-47,KJV] The people who cheat, swindle, steal, perjure themselves, molest insubordinates s*xually, and peddle influence ALSO lie on paper. The fact that Bill Clinton said he would not take any more donations from foreign governments and would put it on paper means nothing! I saw my then-husband lie under oath in a supposed Court of Law on about 10 occasions so far, lie on paper about his profession [he is a massage therapist if the yellow pages could be believed] swearing under penalty of law for felony impersonation that he was a Medical Doctor for buying a product intended only for use by medical doctors; and I have copies of the utterly fake documents he signed and swore to by submitting it to a the US Federal court in Denver Colorado for Courtroom E that put my name as his 'mother's' when I am his exwife and divorce and marriage records are public information, and in order to defraud me and steal my identity and name for his criminal so-called mother; and to steal the inheritance that belongs to my only two 'children ' who are grown daughters and who are married, and who live in Nebraska and Missouri respectively.
The reason I am telling you that is that I know for certain that those with evil minds do not give so much as a second of deliberation when it comes to lying through their teeth. And of course, why should Bill Clinton worry? He was found guilty of perjury when he was President and what was his punishment? He is laughing all the way to the bank thinking about how many more millions he can swindle from Arabic countries and Japanese and Chinese peddling influence or time with his wife. He is nothing but a pimp of his own wife! Degradation and shame is what he ought to feel.
Updated at 4:39 pm, Jan 13,2009, The US knew Bill is a liar and now we know Hillary is also:
Quote:'The AP reported Tuesday that Hillary Clinton intervened
at least six times in government issues directly affecting
companies and others that later contributed to her husband's foundation. The AP obtained three pieces of the correspondence under the Freedom of Information Act."
[end quote] From article in Yahoo News at:
4:37 PM 1/13/2009
/s/ gloria poole, RN, etc, Denver CO 80203


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