Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Foreign Govs: U.S. seeking bids on HIllary--jezebel

Well, I always said Harvard grads are similar to trained seals--knowing some task by rote but having no common sense,and Obama proved it already, by CON-firming CON folks to high places. Hillary the hacker and her snake-oil husband selling off 'interference' from Hillary for a buck or a lot of them. And don't forget that nomination to Treasury that didn't pay his taxes! My grandmother would say 'what's good for the goose is good for the gander." If he doesn't have to pay his taxes then no citizen should pay taxes.
The government is not supposed to be tiered of one sort/form of government for rich people and a different sort/form for the poor working class people. Shouldn't integrity matter for the head of Treasury who handles the nations' money? But wait, if Obama put people with integrity into office how would he continue his $10 million dollar vacations,and new top of the line tanks disguised as limos; and the other 'new and improved' perqs he thinks he deserves, being a harvard grad and all?
/s/ gloria poole, Denver CO 80203


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