Monday, January 12, 2009

The 'change' you envisioned, America??

Tonight's news is that Bernie Made-off with $50 BILLION belonging to other folks' and then stashed it in Swiss Banks is free to steal more. Don't you feel good about the 'new' regime of Obama-with-his-hand-outstretched? And if not, then read the other news story about the US Senate after much posturing and pretending allowing Obama's 'boy'* to take his seat after of course he paid his money to play with the big boys?

The whole rotten Obama pay for play scheme gives me such a feeling of impending doom to America that I wonder who is the next pay to play player, and how will the Obama propaganda machinery write up in the fake news their promo of that?
Let us hang the 'for sale' sign on the US Senate since Billary sold it out, and so did Obama and the entire US Senate. They are the worst Con-gress money could buy, and the US would be better off without any of them! Let us, as a nation, return to the Articles of Confederation and redo the federal government since it has become a money-laundering scheme of siphoning off mega-bucks from good people to give to BAD people such as the swindlers on Wall Street, the Obamas, the Clintons, and the Pelosis, and the Kennedys. There is not any accountability to the so-called TARP funds which must stand for 'Take As much--Rip off taxpayers as Possible'.
Oh yea, and let us as a nation not be deceived.The only reason the prosecutors are 'prosecuting" Bernie is because he Made-off with the money of Jews; and then the government Judge wanted his $10 MILLION under the table [the cost of bail according to news article in Bloomberg news tonight at:].
Let us also not forget the $10 MILLION Hawaaiin vacation Obama and family took for how long?? [2-3 weeks--talk about overcharging!] and do you really think the US Senate pays a junior Senator $10 million for two years of work? He is not president yet and even if he were his salary would NOT be $10 million annually. So the mystery of the TARP funds seems to be to reimburse the Jews for money Bernia made-off with, and to pay off Hillary's campaign debts, and to send the Obamas on lavish King-type vacation, and to 'pay to play Senator' for a whole lot of devious demonic demoncrats. Also let us as a nation not forget the TARP funds to reimburse the Kennedys for money lost on silver mines, and their so-called investments in abortuaries and baby-shredding-factories.
The moral of the story seems to be that if you are going to turn to crime do it spectacularly--steal as much as you can from as many people as you can, and file false paperwork with SEC, making up every detail, and then you are 'too big too fail' and the US government will wink-wink and tell you what a naughty boy you are, and how cute you are, and are you available tonight for that man-massage? And if you are an abused wife then shoot to kill the S.O.B and be done with it, since the Courts never prosecute those bad guys believing cheeky wives should be taught a lesson by cave-men brutes. A Colorado prosecutor said a woman who shot and killed her husband had 'justifiable homicide' cause; and that may be very good news for abused women after all, since maybe the fear those wicked men try to instill in their abused wives won't feel so good to the men, if they think she has a Colt 45 in her pocketbook, or as my daddy would have said a 'double ought six' in her bathroom. I am not sure what a 'double ought six' is but I remember him saying a bad guy would be staring down the barrel of a 'double ought six', when I was a child.
The 'values' of the socialist form of government is that everything is for the taking by those bold enough to steal in broad daylight as long as they cut the government in on it.
Updated again after I thought on it some more:
The FEC [Federal Election Commission] is supposed to regulate how campaign money, whether 'soft' or 'hard' money, is spent but they are less effective than the S.E.C. which seems to stand for 'Securing Everything for Criminals' comfort. IF the Obamas spent money raised for a campaign for their $10 million King of America vacation then it is a federal crime, but if you tell them that, they will spend another $100 Billion of TARP funds to hire op-ed writers around the nation to spin the words of the FEC laws to make it look like King Obama was receiving Billions and didn't even ask for it! Just had his hand out under the table but hey, after all isn't he the token 'magic negro' as the song says? And isn't he going to rip off enough taxpayers to pay every black family in America a good kickback of some kind [what was suggested by a black woman in a video that was posted on line some weeks ago], like a forgiven mortgage, or a free executive limo or a ticket to his $300 Billion TARP funded inauguration?
And don't forget if Bernie goes to join his money in Switzerland after buying new identity from the NY identity factories for illegal emigrants, then the state of NY and/or the judge is immediately $10 million richer. Do you see a conflict of interest there? And what is a measly $10 million to a man who ripped off $50 BILLION --no more than a parking ticket is to most middle class folks. And while I am on this topic, why is the state of NY not prosecuting the Catholic Church's ponzi scheme that was written about in the 9 pm news Sunday evening or maybe Saturday on the earthlink internet news, that ripped off 17 MILLION people of millions of dollars through ads placed in the Catholic fake newspapers, and encouraged by the false priests? Could it be possibly the Kennedy's political string pulling there or maybe Nancy Pelosi's or maybe the catholics on the Supreme Court? Do you smell a skunk in the woodpile, because I do. Catholics scam every citizen of the US by getting government kickbacks to the catholic church via taxpayers and then that is not enough--they have to scam their own poor fool parishioners too? I always said the catholic so-called religion is founded on the pagan worship of animals like alligators, the ibis, the falcons etc, but whatever it morphed too, it is still idolatry--the worship of things or people, and not GOD.

* A word traditionally meant to be one that is a go-fer or a puppet for someone in high places.
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