Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WaPo, PLEASE Stop the Propaganda!

I am back in Denver, Co 80203 after Christmas with my daughter Jennifer Josey Borelli and her husband and children who live in Nebraska.My only other 'child' is a grown daughter named Leigh Josey Bills who lives in Missouri, and they are from my first marriage.
This morning as I read the news --two articles, one in Bloomberg News and one in the Washington Post, I realize that the Goebbels tactics never quit working in this country. The Washington Post article in a brazen-hussy article tried to hoodwink the nation by stating falsely that Ted Kennedy is the greatest... Well, let me put that lie to the test. Ted Kennedy is the absolute WORST legislator, stateman and human in the US Senate,and he is a traitor to this nation for these reasons:
1) he has voted against human life continuing for forty + years, by voting against humans in the womb having the right to live and be born alive on every vote on that subject. He is not a Statesman because statemen want the nation to continue. He is a traitor because he has pushed, pulled, promoted, supported, paid into, reaped benefits from the very same killing machinery that has annihilated approx 100 MILLION human citizens of this nation.
2) He has pushed, pulled, promoted policies to provide drugs to elderly citizens in an effort to set up a system whereby elderly could be annihilated with drugs by prescription. He is a traitor to this nation.
3) He has pushed, pulled, promoted policies that encourage the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb by trying to rationalize, justify that evil by naming it 'research'. He is a traitor to this nation.
4) He has championed sodomy as a so-called right even though the Bible warns against that in both the Old Testament and the New Testament and says that those who do such things are worthy of death. [Romans chapter one, KJV]. Leviticus 18:22 is written,to men: 'thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, it is abomination." Knowing that such coupling is abomination and does not reproduce human citizens, he is a traitor to this nation.
5) He killed a woman and was never punished for it. He failed to exercise even a normal ordinary citizen standard of care when he knew a woman was in the car with him when his car he was driving plunged into the Chappaquiddick and he caused her death by failing to seek help, and he may have purposely driven that car into the river. Yet because he was related to blood by a failed presidency he was given special privilege and was made to think he was above the law. He is an evil man, not a statesman, and not a good legislator. He is also a traitor by seeking to depopulate this nation.

For the Washington Post and Bloomberg News to try to promote Caroline Kennedy based upon her blood ties to a traitor is incomprehensible to me. It shows that they have no honesty and no integrity. And it is morally equivalent to Germany having promoted relatives of Hitlers [nepotism] for no reason other than blood relationships to him. Nepotism is NOT the way to select leaders. The US Senate has not done one thing to enforce or legislate public law that encourages human life to reproduce and without that element, they are nothing more than self-seeking, giving huge 'bail-outs' to the wicked who will pay them bribes and kickbacks from financial rewards that the US Senate gives them. This nation would be better off without the Congress as it was in the days when the colonists first came to the shores of America. The Congress is a corrupt money-laundering system. And Caroline Kennedy has no entitlement to it. Nor does anyone else.

The Washington Post and the Bloomberg News should educate their journalists in the US Constitution and the Amendments to it, as they are written, not as they were taught in the schools of propaganda. They should also study the differences between a republic and a democracy. They should also study the differences between fascism, communism, socialism and a republic. The leftist governments [fascism, socialism, communism] are all varying degrees of the basic philosophy that humans are merely tools to plunder, control, dominate, trick and take money from. Pharoah of ancient Egypt made the Jews make bricks for him for their 'guarantee' of protection from his government and when they protested, he made them find their own straw for the bricks, and then he continued putting barriers to the worship of the TRUE and LIVING GOD, until GOD intervened and sent Moses as HIS courier to lead the people of that land to a land where there was no heathen King. The point is that the Kennedys are heathen clan. They bow down to idols. They pray to dead humans,and not to GOD, who is offended* when people pray to humans to deliver them or to dead humans; if they pray at all. Those who worship idols are not special in GOD's eyes but GOD says they are haters of GOD.
Also why doesn't Barack and his band of socialists think the song Barack the Magic Negro is as funny as they thought the mocking of Sarah Palin by Tina Fey was? A double standard you might say. They would said it was all good clean fun when Sarah Palin was the so-called 'joke' but now that the shoe is on the other foot, they are not laughing. Why not? Barack the Magic Negro is a hoot, right?? He is a joke of the worst kind because he is a socialist wolf in sheep's clothing. The Pied Piper of fools leading the nation's gullible to never-never land where everything is free and owned by the government and provided to those who are docile, drugged with cocaine, compliant with evil humans.
*Footnote; read Exodus chapter 20 for the words of how GOD considers those who bow down to idols to serve false gods to be an offense to HIM. You may read them here:
/s/ gloria poole, RN, artist, photographer, missionary, Denver CO 80203


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