Friday, December 19, 2008

Senate do NOT confirm Hillary,she's corrupt

Emanuel of Obama's staff spoke with Gov Blagojevich and pushed
for the appointment of Valeria Jarriet by a certain date, according
to the Chicago Sun Times as reported in this article:
5:58 AM 12/19/2008

IF the US Senate confirms Hillary after reading this article in the
NY Times they are not only fools but traitors:
What precisely do you think those nations expected in return for
their 'gifts' to Bill Clinton husband of SENATOR Hillary Clinton?
Do you think they gave money with no expectation of anything in
return? No they did not. They gave money for the right to access
Hillary with her hand out and her 'team' to pervert the meaning
of the US Senate and the US Congress to become the toy of foreign
governments. There is NO possible way that Hillary Clinton could
represent the GOOD people of this nation. The corrupt, the wicked,
the traitors, the evil baby-killers she represents those well because
she is as the Bible said, a jezebel, willing to kill innocents to get power.
But here's the thing, who makes the rules for this nation? The wicked
godless, or the righteous? IS the US for sale to the highest bidder?
IS the US Senate for sale to the highest bidder? What political
power does an ex-President have that would be greater than a
sitting US Senator who is corrupt and takes bribes and kickbacks,
and 'gifts' from foreign powers?
What appalls me is that there are some people so stupid that they
cannot see an obvious conflict of interest when their nose is rubbed in it.
Bill Clinton has been selling Hillary around the world. If she were into
manufacturing a product that would be called marketing, but since
she is supposedly an elected Senator though she never played that
role that would be called corruption. It is not her duty to appease
the foreign leaders, what ever role she is in individually. How foreign
leaders perceive America would probably exponentially improve if they
knew the sale of the US Senate and the US House of Representatives
ended and that there was integrity amongst the Congress.
Do foreign leaders who pay bribe money or 'gifts' to get influence
really have respect for the Clintons or contempt? I say they have contempt
for them and I say also that they do not worship money the way
the US Congress or the US Wall Street does, and that the battles
for power of the Middle East have more to do with the destiny of
fulfilling GOD's role than of the pursuit of money. The Clintons
are disgusting and so is the Congress IF they even think of appointing
that woman who has prostituted the entire Senate by going along with the
fraud and corruption through her wheeling-dealing corrupt
husband. Not only should she NOT be Secretary of State but she
should not be Senator either. She is worst than Blagojevich and so
is that vile Bill going around the world with his hand out-- pressuring
foreign governments to support his lavish lifestyle. And where is Hillary's
sense of anything moral or decent? Does not her own husband pimping her
infuriate her? Does the U.S. need the great 'ho' as The Bible mentions in the
book of Revelation representing us as a nation?
And while I am on this topic, I am a Registered Nurse and I try to
keep up with the news and developments in health care, and I have
never heard of even one thing that the William J Clinton Foundation has
done for anybody anywhere. It is a scam like Madoff, and is money used to
promote Hillary and run her campaign and nothing more and nothing less.
And also, I think if all those people who tried to make GOVERNOR Sarah Palin
a joke for not being a Senator when she had the courage to accept the VP
position now turn around and appoint Caroline Kennedy to a freebie* position
in the US Senate, they should hang their heads in shame. And they should also
hang a banner across the US Senate and put "FOR SALE" on it so the nations of the world will know it and we,the people could sell it outright instead of under the table, and start a new nation and be rid of those crooked corrupt,
con-men and women there. Because money and perqs changing hands to rig an election or the government violates the RICO ACT and it should be prosecuted by the US Dept of Justice, but did I forget that the exwife of Ted Kennedy works there?
This will not be the United States of Kennedy Wealth, GOD willing.
And yes, we the people of this nation have a duty to change the government when it is corrupt but the changes I have seen so far from the Obamites is not good and not in the nation's best interest, but more of the status quo of very corrupt leaders, the wolves guarding the hen house.

* Footnote, freebie as in no dues paid, no work put forth, no right to the position from the citizens' standpoint, no experience for it, no effort for it.
6:27 AM 12/19/2008
/s/ gloria poole, Denver CO 80203


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