Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Rigging of Politics Unfolds & More

No Surprise in this Announcement:
"Emanuel Had Contact with Governor's Office on Senate Seat".
We, the people in this nation, knew that, because the wicked hang
with the wicked, do they not?.
For some of them to admit that is probably a start in the right direction
since lying is not an admired character trait by most people.
Article at:
6:34 AM 12/14/2008
And here's the GOOD news:
"Bad Times Draw Bigger Crowds to Churches"
in the NY Times at:
I am convinced that the very reason GOD creates*/allows the stupidity of
humans and/or the evil of some humans to appear to have the upper-hand
at times is because the smart people realize immediately that the ONLY
POWER they should trust is GOD! Then as the crisis evolves the strong find their
strength in THE LIVING GOD, and they rebound and then GOD knows who is on HIS SIDE
in the battle. In other words, a crisis of any sort, draws a plumb line in the nation
and the wicked become more wicked and curse at GOD and the righteous become more
righteous and KNOW that without GOD they are doomed, and they stand fast to the word of GOD. Then GOD knows who HE could trust and who is the enemy. It is defining in every generation.
6:50 AM 12/14/2008
IF the Presses had reminded the people, citizens, before the election that it was a
democratic Congress for the past two years that resulted in meltdown
of the nation, there would be a Republican President and more Republicans
in office. Republicans tend to think that free enterprise is the
driving force of the nation whereas democrats tend to think the
government is. In this article, the nation is reminded it was the
democrats who spurred the 'crisis' to try to entice the nation into
voting socialism into place. Then the crisis like the proverbial
snowball gathered momentum as it tumbled down The Hill in
The District. What is amazing in a negative way, is the fact that
elected Politicians seem to have no idea that when they start tossing
around billion dollar perqs to some companies that the entire rest
of the nation is going to get in line for that same 'deal'. It is human nature
that is overcome only by the Word of GOD prohibiting taking advantage
of the truly poor and needy/desperate. Those who don't know the Word of
GOD tend to see the poor as just so many 'resources" to funnel
US government dollars through to them. Think about it, when the US government is bailing out stupidity or crime, then those who truly are dependent upon pensions they worked for many years to acquire and dependent upon services because of handicaps, or elderly age get shorted in the process. In other words there is no nation that could be all things to all people and they have to prioritize. So the real questions are: will the once-mighty US continue to short-shrift the Military veterans who are forced into homelessness if injured at war, because their pensions and incomes are not living wages in any way? Will the US stiff the elderly and the injured who worked for decades in order to bail/pay fat cat lawyers for fat cat crooks in Detroit and Wall Street? What are the priorities of the nation, that a few years ago refused to offer prenatal care to any pregnant woman as not in the best interest of America [the wicked said] when in reality pregnant women are becoming very precious to this nation if it intends to continue as a nation, because their offspring is the future, since the offspring of the past was brainwashed intentionally by many forces.
Read the article about this at:,0,6906738.story/
6:55 AM 12/14/2008
Also, I have given much thought to this. But what I want to happen is for the Congress to pass two Constitutional Amendments and allow the states to ratify them, and I propose them here:
1) The US Constitution to be amended to give the full protection, and full faith and credit of the U.S. to all humans with human DNA and human characteristics such as a human cell,or human blood, or human breathing or human heart beating, or human brain controlling the body by producing warmth, heart beat, blinking, respirations of any sort,any sort of movement including tremors, or shivers, or seizures, that such humans may not be destroyed by any method, by the individual act of any other human, acting alone or in collusion with any other humans; and that in any situation where the loss of life or limb is imminent and the human about to be deprived is incapicitated in anyway, that the human must be afforded due process in a Court of Law and be appointed a Legal Representative or Guardian until such time as the human in question regains capacity to act in the own best interest of sustaining life and wholeness. Furthermore to stipulate that this Amendment is intended to protect the innocent and not those found guilty in a Court of law of a capitol offense as defined by taking the life of another, with any method, kidnapping including transporting someone else's minor children across state lines for any reason without the parent's consent; assault that is classified as 'deadly' intended to kill, maim or destroy capacity of a human, or conducting medical experimentation on humans that leads to death, dismemberment or maiming with intention to destroy one human to benefit another human.
2) That the U.S. Constitution be amended so that no member of Congress whether Senator or Representative may run for, compete for, campaign for any other office in the nation while actively a member of Congress sworn in to represent a state in Congress; that in the future if a member of Congress wants a better job, he must resign first before campaigning while on the US taxpayer's money as salary that he or she could not possibly be earning while on another competing priority campaign trial. This is intended to inject a sense of duty to those elected to Congress to do what they were sent to do instead of seeing the US Congress as a mere stepping stone to higher office while getting paid, and while having the perqs and staff to conduct a huge campaign particularly advantageous to them and making it difficult if not impossible for an regular citizen at large [not already in some federal office] to compete with them. That would have the bad effect of limiting the role of President to those selected from Congress because there would be no real meaningful competition. That is NOT in the best interest of the nation in any way. The private sector in this nation does not generally allow their paid staffers to work for competing companies while on the payroll of a competitor and the US government should not allow that either. The U.S. Congress has a job to do and the fact that they seldom do it has not changed what they are supposed to do. This Amendment would help them stay focused by eliminating the tempation to step over that task and seek higher office, and then maybe they could accomplish the roles they are assigned by the US Constitution which are well-defined roles and specific duties.
/s/ gloria poole, RN, and also artist, photographer, poet, missionary, Denver CO 80203
footnote * remember that GOD created even the Angel who fell from heaven and was named Lucifer and who was cast out of heaven for trying to steal/commandeer the Kingdom of GOD there. GOD created all humans and all human intellect, and then gave the decision to choose GOD or reject HIM.
Updated Dec 25, 2008 at 6:29am from Denver CO 80203:
This article below in the NY Times exposes more lies of the treacherous Obama President-Elect, of his false promises to end specialized
lobbying interest while putting into top jobs the spouses of lobbyists! Liar Obama and his band of liars:
6:27 AM 12/15/2008
Update as of 9:52 am, Monday, Dec 15th, 2008 at Denver CO 80203:
Madoff made off with the money of millions, and is that a surprise now?
Was he the man the TARP funds were for? Is this the big secret of the
so-called crisis in November that all those scheming Wall Street gurus
tried to hide?
Read article at:
9:48 AM 12/15/2008;
Of course you know that I have complained repeatedly about fraud in high places for about two years. If you read every entry on this blog, you will see that. And I complained about the SEC's lack of concern when there seemed to be theft by conversion or fraud into my accounts in the years 2006, 2007 and 2008. {Not to worry, I have better accounts now].


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