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NYT, Get over love affair with Obama, report facts

I read the NY Times this am and I realized that they are trying to protect Obama's behind as usual. I have this much to say, get over it, NY TIMES, he is as corrupt as Blagojevich and you know it. And I suspect that if your reporters interviewed the owners of the NY Times they would find some more evidence of Obama's attempts to
control the news and the owners of the news media, channels and content.Furthermore, I think you would have no doubt in your mind that the past election was rigged as surely as Blagojevich has openly admitted too attempting to rig the US Senate with someone pleasing to Obama in return of course for financial perqs for himself. And if you think that Obama 'rose to power' without the Governor of his state's help and without the Party-Politichek of Chicago then you would also believe in black magic,and voodoo. If your reporters had a hunger for the truth instead of merely fine and fancy offices and high salaries, you would be publishing the truth and you would be finding out HOW MANY newspapers' editors and owners received notices from the Obama machinery to silence/censor opposing words, and HOW MANY TV stations' owners were threatened with their loans pulled IF they did not go along to get along with Obama and Krewe? And HOW MANY reporters were paid off? And what scripts were they provided for the so-called news from 2007 to 2008? And yea, about the timing of this FBI sting on Blagojevich: isn't it amazing that it supposedly happened AFTER Obama tipped off the feds that he knows Blagojevich is corrupt and how does he know, because of his own deals with Blagojevich. And the timing is intended to prevent Blagojevich from exposing those 'deals' with Obama to the public, by totally discrediting Blagojevich and his staff. It is an old trick and every average con-man knows it. When my then-husband was trying to annihilate me to steal every thing I owned, even my very name, he tried to get his catholic connections to certify me as insane, all the while they ignored my physical injuries he caused me, so my testimony against him would not be listened too [he thought].The Inner City clinic of Denver run by and financed by Diane DeGette [according to brochures handed out there and pasted to wall in 2006]who is known sympathizer to those who kill innocents, totally ignored my complaints of crushing chest pain, irregular heart beat { I am a RN and I know the symptoms of heart attack} and shortness of breath and wanted me to take drugs to alter my mind and memory, and provided zero support for heart attack,and told me I was 'too young to have a heart attack' while ignoring all evidence to the contrary. Then the other catholic run 'clinic' ignored the surgery on my leg/ankle and the nails in my ankle and leg, and my pain from it, and my difficulty breathing along with chest symptoms and tried again to put me on prescribed drugs to make me forget and fog my brain more than it was from pain, heartache, suffering of physical attacks by then-husband, and tried to dump me on the welfare system in order to 'save' my then husband's money so he could buy more cocaine and pay big buck lawyers.Oh yea, and I almost forgot that when I reported the abuse and told the P.A. that I had to summon up strength to defend myself from the physical attacks of my then-husband he tried to word the report as if I were also responsible for violence when all I did was try to survive and not let that wicked man kill me--self defense in other words. The P.A. working in the catholic 'clinic' for the poor was clearly trying to protect the catholic abuser not help me. Hitler also did those type of manuevers to his political enemies and so did Stalin, and Krushchev, and Clintons, and every wicked and amoral person who ever got elected to office by hook or by crook. My point in this case is that Chicago is also a catholic stronghold run by corrupt catholic leaders who never even heard the Ten Commandments and who were taught as Samuel Alito testified too, to lie and deceive. How do you think it came to happen that catholic Joe Biden became the VP after Obama paid a visit to the Vatican and after that deal was made? It irks me when news papers are deliberately obtuse and intent on not writing the news but manipulating it.
Here are the articles that prompted me to write this today:
NY Times trying to excuse Obama who knew enough firsthand to 'tip' off
the feds and ask for 'ethics reform' conveniently after he benefitted
from Blagojevich's corruption.
6:27 AM 12/10/2008
So David Axelrod was lying but which time was he lying :
I quote:“I know he’s talked to the governor,” Mr. Axelrod said in
an interview with “Fox News Sunday” on Nov. 23. “And there are
a whole range of names, many of which have surfaced.”

On Tuesday, Mr. Axelrod said he had been wrong. “They did not
then or at any time discuss the subject,” according to his statement.[end quote]
Sounds sort of contrived to me-- that he suddenly remembered he was not
supposed to tell that Obama was involved in the scandal and in the
efforts to hand-pick his successor and for what reason?
To have more control over the state and the nation via the Congress.And how did his memory of the so-called truth occur, because Obama drew him aside and told him to recant his testimony. It does not take a genius to figure that out.

Read article at:
6:44 AM 12/10/2008
Updated at 8:00 am after reading this article:;_ylt=AsHnbsA_HoZBUPe7OzA770kGw_IE/ about how Obama is trying to 'distance himself' from Blagojevich.
And it begs the question, that IF Blagojevich knew Obama to be so pure as he is trying to say now [won't give anything but appreciation remark] then IF he knew that, why did he approach him in the first place as happened according to David Axelrod. Anyone who is not corrupt sees through that pretense. If Blagojevich believed Obama to be pure he would not have approached him to ask for his suggestion for the Senate replacement. Blagojevich knows Obama is NOT pure and that is precisely why he asked for his 'suggestions' and help 'replacing" Obama's go along to get along attitude toward leadership in Chicago or anywhere else particularly the US Senate. And if Obama were pure as Blagojevich is trying to insinuate now at what costs to the catholic church, he would have suggested an ethics bill last year when the evidence was there that he made some kind of deal with Sam Zell regarding the Chicago Tribune. No, Obams is not pure and he knew all along of Blagojevich and Party-Politichek of trying to control,buy Senate power, for Obama and for others, and he himself made the deal with Sam Zell of Chicago Tribune according to many, many people who saw or knew of the tape connecting Obama to Muslim unpopular [questionable terrorism links] men, and that Sam Zell suppressed it from the LA Times and Chicago papers intentionally. Also it is a worldwide known fact that Muslim people are not inclined to respect catholics because catholics bow down to idols, dolls of wood, stone, metal, gold that are called icons or ikons in some churchs to pray too, and worship the dead with. [The apostles and Mary the mother of Jesus have been dead for 2000+ years but catholics pray to them continuously.]Everything the muslims believe about GOD is violated by the false catholic religion so how do you explain that a muslim Obama would pick a catholic for his VP? Could you spell M-O-N-E-Y?? And the rigging of the election via the catholic stronghold shadow governments of Denver, Boston [the Kennedys ] and Chicago. Wake up America, smell the coffee, and read the handwriting on the wall. Unless you want socialism and the sort of corruption Blagojevich and Obama mutually benefitted from for the next 70-400 years. [Numbers of 70-400 were in the Bible, 70 years when the people repented quickly of disobeying GOD but the young children had learned corruption first hand and it took a couple generations to undo it; and 400 years when they stubbornly refused to submit to GOD's words and plan, and it took wiping out the entire nation and starting over before they listened to the words of GOD.]
Updated at 8:39 am after researching some info that I knew bits about and want the world to know them too:
ABN AMRO Bank Holding of catholic church
via the Royal Bank of Scotland: and enter the info as if you were an investor from Italy to get the page;
and also :
And involvement of Fortis and Deutsche Bank of Germany
And how the State Bank of Pakistan was renamed the Royal Bank of Scotland at;
and also:
"Richest diocese in the world is.." and how they are involved in stem cell research at;
8:33 AM 12/10/2008
Search on Google with the words in quotes "ABN AMRO + Vatican" for pages of their connections.
And Colorado's catholic Ritter visited the Vatican in April 2008 before the Denver DNS,according to:
And after you research this some and see that the catholic church is the driving force behind abortion and the stem cell phony research that profits from abortion, and how the billions of US government money on the so-called bail-outs went to the catholic church in a round about way of course, in return for the catholic church's help to pull strings to get Obama elected in return for Joe Biden as VP to go along with Samuel Alito on US Supreme Court and John Roberts also, and Nancy Pelosi,in US House, and Ted Kennedy in US Senate but since GOD is removing him they are trying to pull strings to get his family lack of values back into the Senate again, from the same family that believes that killing of innocents in the womb and shredding them for money is a 'right'; when GOD said it is a wrong.
Updated at 9:10 am after reading this article in Yahoo News:;_ylt=AteVzljbguLSRSPvC8qcqVms0NUE/
about how the very same companies now with their hands held out for government TARP money and "bail-outs" for dishonest dealings are also the same companies that were giving hand over fist via lobbyists and 'donations' to the Democrats and Republicans before the election. Oh yea, where are those lies of Obama now about how he was going to clean up Washington and not allow lobbyists? He is helping them gain BILLIONS, lying, deceit, treachery and murders are the tell-tale signs of those who do not serve THE LIVING LORD, according to John 10:10 in Bible. The CEOs appearing before Congress are lobbyists [but not registered ones because it is not their main line of work but it is apparently their customary way of 'doing business'], since they are asking for special perqs and money from the US Treasury to benefit them exclusively. The worst sort of lobbyists have been parading there for months with their special causes and their attempts to paper over their fraud and corruption all the while asking US taxpayers to pay the bill for their crimes.

/s/ gloria poole, 'gloriapoole' Denver CO 80203, etc


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