Monday, December 15, 2008

No Inherited Senate Seat in this Nation-no Nepotism

Yea, I know the NY Times and other newspapers are putting a spin on the Caroline Kennedy so-called right to inherit the Senate seat because Bobby once had it. But I remind you this is not the U.K and there is no such entity as a House of Lords and there is no peerage here, and there is NO right to inherit any Senate Seat or US House of Representatives' seat in this nation. Also if there is any thing the US does not need ever again it is any more lawyers representing any State. Didn't the Greek philosopher say, 'first kill all the lawyers?' in a quote often quoted? The preponderance of conniving lawyers in the US is sinking the ship of the U.S. The U.S. Senate needs some one who is NOT a lawyer, who did NOT go to Harvard or Princeton, who was NOT spoon-fed US Senate machinery hooey as pablum,and NOT a corrupt Kennedy with an intent of managing the family fortune of abortuaries; and someone who is PROLIFE there IF either the U.S. Senate or the U.S. nation or the state of N.Y intends to continue into perpetuity and IF they want the respect of the rest of the nation.

Gov of NY, please say NO more Kennedys and NO more con games of cronyism of Kennedy's endorsing Obama in exchange for getting rid of Hillary so Senate seat vacate so Kennedy can plug in a Kennedy there. Obama appointing the Illinois Senator is bad enough and the nation is not impressed with the lies of his hired gun lawyers to make nice with the public about his involvement in that. As a nation, scandalous political behaviour is the death knell of republican government and resultss in cronyism, nepotism and all the other -isms like socialism, commune-ism, etc.
Added at 4:53 pm:
I forgot at first to remind the nation that the state of California is already controlled by the corrupt Kennedys in the presence of Arnold Swartzenegger [sorry if spelled wrong] and his Kennedy wife. Look at that track record for that state for this year:
California will be bankrupt the news said about a week ago;
California provides incentives for and to illegal immigrants who vote democrat;
Calif nearly burned to the ground for promoting sodomy as a false right;
Calif residents fleeing the very high cost of living there, by the droves--a literal exodus from that state.
And let us not forget the awful state of Massachusetts either,also run by a corrupt Kennedy where the situation is:
sodomy ingrained there beginnning with the catholic church;
many cases of Priests molesting boys;
many baby-killing-shredding-decapitating so-called research centers;
Massachusetts General Hospital is the worst hospital in the nation in my opinion;
corruption at all levels of office;
To sum up, do you really think the U.S. could survive another corrupt Kennedy in office?
Added at 5:30 pm:
I just read in the news about Obama corrupt politician naming another Chicagoan from the City of Slime to his administration. Do you smell a skunk already? Let's see; now there's Duncan under his control and the Chicago machinery's too for Dept of Ed, and there's Emanuel from the Chicago political machinery as chief of staff if I remember correctly; and the public does not know yet which slime ball politician is set up for the U.S. Senate seat with Obama's 'good housekeeping seal of approval'. I thought all along that Obama was a sleaze, liar and con-man but who would have thought he'd pick three corrupt Chicago-politiboro-types X 3 to sort of force cronyism on America?? And let us not forget the spouses appointed thanks to the hand-under-the-table-'contributions'-to-Obama-and-cronies-lobbyists.Read that article at:
This article exposes more lies of the treacherous Obama President-Elect, of his false promises to end specialized
lobbying interest while putting into top jobs the spouses of lobbyists! Liar Obama and his band of liars::
6:27 AM 12/15/2008
signed gloria poole, Denver CO 80203


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