Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lying Thieving Catholics are going to hell

I live in a building owned by Denver Democrats Housing but supported with all taxpayer dollars a/k/a DHA but 'managed' by catholics. Someone has broken into my dwelling when I was out on errands about five times since July 2008.I discovered that has happened again today when I was looking for a particular book of mine. Most recently what was stolen was $180 new computer text books for Linux/ Unix, and some discs that were in the books. The thief is most likely either the catholic managers* paid by Denver Housing apparently to make sure that if a person was not totally impoverished when they came here, they will be when they leave, after all possessions get stolen by looters allowed into the building. Or the same person who stole the CD 'recovery' disk last year for my Gateway computer. Or the man who breaks and enters my dwelling to look for items to pawn to support his cocaine habit whose name is Dana Ben Pappas, or Dana Papas,or Dana Pappas, or Dana Benn, or Dana B Pappas, or Dana Papas, or Dena Papas, or Doris Parsons, or Doris Pappas or whatever name he has stolen most recently. He is a man who should be in federal prison and is the most evil and teacherous man you will ever meet, because his evil is subtle like the old devil in the garden of Eden and he is such an accomplished criminal familiar in thieving, deceit,subterfuge and subtlety that it takes years to get a handle on what evil he did do. Sort of like that Bernand Madoff guy who plundered and looted people's bank accounts for years with tricks, fraud and treachery all the while pretending to be their 'friend' and 'money manager'. He was managing it all right as he stole it from them with tricks and fraud. He should also be in federal prison. And for a long, long time. Along with my exhusband that evil man named Dana Ben Pappas/Papas or whatever name he has hijacked lately. He steals identities the way he steals possessions and US mail. This is a one of a series of events of plundering and looting, defrauding, hurting me of long time over the years that I unwittingly married [and now divorced from but willingly divorced, and thank GOD!] from that ungodly man. I say unwittingly because I said upfront that I would NEVER marry a catholic because of their false doctrine but that wicked man said oh don't worry he will forsake the catholic church. So he pretended too but they are all liars. I hesitate to even write this because if he read it he would think I was praising him. He takes pride in being corrupt and evil and even called himself a 'devil'; and told me he and his first wife/girlfriend/mother/accomplice whoever she is takes great delight in sitting around with him laughing about how they made 'fools of law enforcement' again and how good they are at. I depise all of them and I pray for their whole rotten bunch to go to prison so decent people feel safe in the Denver area.
Do not be deceived by the Kennedys. They are wicked and corrupt too. In fact, the Bible says that every person that bows down to idols hates GOD [Exodus ch 20] and will be punished. Remember that two Kennedy family members killed two women --Ted at Chappaquiddick and his nephew killed Martha with a golf club. The acorn does not fall from the tree, as the saying goes. The Kennedy family kills for pay and profit and so it seems for fun in the case of the Martha killing.

* I know for certain one of the catholic managers paid by DHA is deceitful because she forged my name to a document for DHA and DHA knows it but did not fire her.
Update Thursday Dec 18th 2008 at 9:26 am:
I just read something that absolutely infuriates me. The NY Times article about how the feds basically decided to not restrict the liberty of NY's Made-off-with-your-money fraudster by making his 'punishment' to be at home with his wife but only at night in several of his many paid-for-with-swindled-money-homes; and it seems they decided to punish his wife who has not been named in the swindle by making her surrender her passport. American Jurisprudence at its worst and at its usual. They are not really trying to stop his fraud it seems, just trying to get money from it for NYC. He couldn't put up his bail so they dismissed it. What is the purpose of bail set by a Judge? To keep a person in prison, and if he could not pay it, he should be in prison, correct?? This response today written about in the news is sort of like that on going piracy in the Gulf of Aden thing. The U.S. says it cannot stop pirate ships there, because they are somehow reaping the profits of thieving by African nations' criminals. My guess as to how that is done is that insurance companies from other nations pay the owners for stolen ships and it amounts to a transfer of wealth by brute force and weapons. American fraudsters on the other hand use other people's stolen identities, stolen credentials, stolen money and then when they get caught they go running to US court for protection from "lynching" by those they defrauded!
However, thank GOD for the Indian and Chinese' committment to prevent piracy on the high seas. Read today's article about Chinese stopping piracy in the Gulf of Aden: be grateful that some nations will be protecting US and U.K. travelers through those waters.
And for that C Kennedy thing: if you don't know that was the whole plan all along when the Kennedy's endorsed Obama and gave him free publicity and made deals with the Vatican on his behalf to gain for Joe the catholic and Caroline the catholic a spot in the place of their choosing, then you are totally out of touch with reality. The only difference between Blagojevich and Obama's wheeling-dealing is that Blagojevich was openly bold about it. Obama is secretive like the snake hissing quietly to Eve in the garden of Eden behind Adam's back. The Caroline deal was put together months ago before the Kennedy appearance on the stage at the DNC afer of course the Clintons who wanted to have some key role in the administration by hook or crook praised that evil Ted for his years of fraud and corruption in the Senate; and with part of the 'deal' being those two days for the Clinton's at the DNC so Clinton could 'endorse' Obama and Kennedy name in exchange for a plum job and then Kennedy's could 'endorse' Obama in exchange for plum job for Caroline. Rotten through and through are those folks!
Update at 10:13 am, Dec 18th, 2008:
About Obama's effort to make sure crooked deals still happen:
"A former SEC commissioner, Ms Schapiro is
currently head of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority."
There was NO financial services regulation in the US in the past
how many years as proved by Madoff pyramid, e*trade pyramid,
Wall St meltdown when frauds discovered, no cash reserves of
big banks,fraudulent mortgage to people with no income, etc. so of course,
the so-called smart Harvard grad would appoint
the same failed person who did not regulate the industry she was hired to regulate
to yet a more powerful way to fail
on a more grand scale--oversight of all publicly traded securities.
I have realized that the democrats when they know beyond a shadow
of doubt that their previous plan failed massively they just promote
the bad person to a better paying job with more money and power.
Read the BBC article at:
10:11 AM 12/18/2008
Update as of 10:45 am, MT:
And here's the icing on the fraud cake:
There is an article in the NY Times that is written to supposedly
reassure Americans that Hillary can't be bought, BUT the content
in the article says she can and with foreign money, the only thing they are quibblig over is the price of that jezebel . The article says
Bill Gates Microsoft Democrat-sponsor, is one of the purse-holders
of Billary and Saudi Arabia it seems is another one. We, the citizens
of the US, who own Microsoft equipped computers KNEW years ago
that Microsoft used that 'kill' switch embedded in its operating system
to control what was written and by whom,and used it often when the writer
opposed the democrats; and that Bill Gates gives
millions to both the dems and their blood money cohorts of Planned
Parenthood. So there is no surprise about that announcement. But
what does surprise me some is that the NY Times, a newspaper that
represents many Jews, thinks that the nation would be reassured by
knowing that Billary is also in the pocket of Saudi Arabia! I admit
that is a bit of a surprise to me. And where are the Constitutional
restrictions on those in certain offices NOT taking money or 'gifts' from
foreign governments? Would that not exclude Hillary from the Secretary
of State's job? Oh yea, it would; I know the Obamites are thinking "they can"
dispense with the US Constitution but I am praying that they can't.
Article at:
10:43 AM 12/18/2008
Update@ 12:36 PM 12/18/2008:
More on this topic of foreign contributions to Billary:
Quote from article in Google news:
"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave $10 million to $25 million to
the foundation, and other government donors included Norway,
Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, Italy and Jamaica. The Dutch
national lottery gave $5 million to $10 million"[end quote].From
article at:
Update at 7:56 pm, MT:
Read this article for more info from the 3000 pages of money from foreign governments the Clintons have received:
It does not surprise me that that con-man Clinton was going around the world gathering money based on his wife's Senate connection, but it does surprise me how many nations in the world were giving money for privilege to her AND that the ever wicked Harvard grad would still select her knowing of that graft and corruption. Though why I should be surprised by anything those of the devil do, is another question in and of itself. The Clintons make their money peddling blood and influence and they were always corrupt. But the shocker is that sixteen years after there were mysterious deaths in their administration, and then 8 years after they looted the White House to furnish their homes, they could still have influence. I think that speaks to the heart of the issue. If the nation itself were not corrupt as a general rule then the Clintons would have been done with looooooooooooooong ago.
Will we as a nation never be rid of them??

signed gloria poole, RN, and artist, Denver CO 80203


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