Thursday, December 04, 2008

IF Health Care was Run by Lawyers..

If health care was run the way the legal profession is
by Gloria Poole, RN, 'gloriapoole'

I have given this some thought because of being a victim in a series of events that were deliberately staged by a violent con-man, and then having had to endure the so-called legal profession and their specialized set of con-men.
And I have come to these conclusions, that if health care was run the way the 'legal' profession is run, this is what you could expect:

1) When you called to make an appointment with a MD you would be told 'sorry I cannot give you medical advice, you'll have to talk to the doctor."
2) And then when you called back to make an appointment directly with the MD himself he would tell you he cannot talk to you unless you first pay him $5000 upfront cash. And if you could not afford the $5000 and you do your best to treat yourself you would be treated with contempt,ignored, made fun of, and tricked because you have the audacity to need medical attention and be poor at the same time. And the MD's there in the place where health care is supposed to be like an ER, would tell you that you are not allowed to take aspirin or try methods of getting pain relief because you are not a MD.
3) Then if you did pay him that $5000 to talk to him, he'd spent a few minutes with his para-pro or assistant telling them what forms to pull from their computer and what to fill into them and then he'd show up with in the operating room, and there would be no real effort to find out what you need or why. The legal profession is built upon a set of forms for each situation and the paralegals fill them in,and print them out.And if medical doctors merely used a set of forms and had a one size fits all approach all their patients would probably die, but that is the goal of the "new" Obama kind of phony health care.
4) There would be no investigative studies to find out what the real situation is, but your doctor would take your word for whatever you say is wrong with you, and not do any xrays or blood studies, or lab tests, but ASS-U-ME that you are expert enough to know what is wrong with you.
5) And if you were really sick and did not have the time nor the $5000 and had to represent yourself in an emergency room, you would be told by all the staff there that 'they are not there to give you medical advice, you will have to consult your MD" and sit around and talk to each other while you try to figure out what you need.
6) And you would be sent a summons to appear for mandatory questioning if anyone in your immediate family was sick because after all that is what the legal system does, it summons to court those who are not guilty of crimes in an effort to find some way out of the mess those for those who are guilty of crimes. It would be like the MD summoning you to his office with a sheriff's demand with a penalty for not appearing if your spouse got sick or if he developed some kind of deviant behaviour, sort of like when the court summons the innocent wife to Court to testify even though the Deputy saw what happened and also testified [supposedly] . The medical profession would want to make sure that you were properly intimidated by all those brilliant minds and knew your proper place.
7) And if you left the MD's office thinking your next appointment was such and such a day, then your ex-husband secretly told them you were sick and could not come that day because he did not want you to talk to them,and then nobody tells you that the appointment was changed so you show up when you were told too, because you trusted the system; but the receptionist took the $20 bribe he held out to her, and changed the appointment to make it look as if you were unreliable and did not keep your appointment.
8) And if you were actually scheduled for some surgery to help you, and you arrived and the check-in person at the front desk was difficult and said what is your medical record number? and you did not know it, and then she told you she could not find you on the schedule and "are you sure you were supposed to be here?', and then after you produced some kind of proof of your appointment she would say, 'oh, I guess I was mistaken" and then remind you again, 'we're not here to give you medical advice'.
9) And then when you were in what would be the equivalent of the proving ground for medical doctors equal to the Court system, the MD would tell you that 'you don't have rights because you are not a felon, therefore we don't have to be nice to you, or follow the standard acceptable procedures for this procedure because after all you don't count here, you are not a felon".
10) And of course the MD in charge in the operating room, sort of like the Judge is in a Courtroom, would tell the anesthesiologist that he had better watch you because you might be 'dangerous' because you are poor and you had the nerve to bring your pocketbook with you today, and it is in the locker in the preop area and you should be treated as a "suspicious person'.
11) and of course, let us not forget that if health care was run the way the legal profession is you would have to strip down to your underwear for every event and take off your shoes and your belongings and run them through the conveyor xray machine and be frisked with a wand if you had nails in your ankle or leg, and put up with strange men patting you down and observing you in a state of undress, and allowing staff to search and seize your belongings like nail clippers or nail files, and being totally embarrassed and humiliated before you see the MD so that he will think you are not in your right mind because you got angry at the invasion of your privacy.
12)And you would have to leave your phone at home so you cannot call for help or tape record what the MD tells you because after all he does not want you to really comprehend what happened there,or call for help if you are badly treated; and there would be no record of what happened in the operating room unless you asked for it ahead of time, and was willing to pay extra fees for a 'transcript' of the events that you were a participant in willingly or otherwise.
13) And when you cried for pain, you would be told "this is not the place to do that" and "it upsets the staff for you to cry" and they would shun you and make you feel worst, and then tell you that they are 'not here to give you medical advice',that you will have to see your $5000 MD or his para-pro if you are in pain.
14) And there would be a multitude of decisions all written in medico-legal jargon, that required a sixteen year college prep special degree for and when you asked questions, the MD would say, "I cannot give you medical advice".

If you realize what health care would be like if LAWYERS ran it, you would not be in favor of socialized medicine. We in the US have socialized legalism and it is horrible.
Today's date is Dec 4,2008 at 7:41 pm, MT
/s/ gloria poole, RN, Denver CO 80203
Update Friday at 3:123 pm MT:
I read about the 'new' KGB form of Obama-government in today's news-- that cronyism thing where one con-politician picks another con-politician and they are all sort of in the slime together about how Hillary who promoted the Kennedys in Denver while trying to hijack Obama's socialist plan for herself, bailed on her job with the US Senate and guess what? Just in time to promote another baby-killing crony from NY to her spot named Kennedy. Those ungodly and vile Kennedy's--will we NEVER be rid of that group of killers nor of the even more ungodly and vile Clintons?? All you who pray and who believe that there is a GOD pray HE gets rid of those wicked killing groups!
Also I almost forgot to tell you that there is a so-called 'virus' named Patrick Kenedy that is sent to the emails of Republicans by the Kennedy family, to trace their ip provider to bounce/prevent messages being added to blogs. It was in three of my emails early this am and as I deleted them, my emails were bounced for a while [about 8 hrs] until just after the planned Clinton-Kennedy bypass of citizen's electing their so-called 'senators' to offer, was 'announced' in the news as a done deal. History is replete on the use of spying and subertuge to accomplish evil. History will prove the connection of the cybercrime-guru-Obama and his band of thieves, murderers, cyber-hackers, liars, and con-men and con-women.


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