Monday, December 01, 2008

Harvard would have honored Hitler for his research

If there is news in today's news that makes me want to throw up, it is the news that Harvard University that was founded to be Christian is honoring one of the worst men in the history of the US! That vile Ted Kennedy who murdered a woman at Chappaquiddick and who has been the driving force in killing/dicing/slicing human beings in the womb for 40 years. He should be hung from a gallows along with Hillary and Bill Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi, and Barbara Boxer, and John Lewis, and a whole slew of others for the 100 MILLION dead US citizens on their watch and with their help. They are all guilty of crimes against humanity according to the definition of that.

And Christian parents,do not send your kids to Harvard. Pull out all stops to prevent your kids from going to that horrible University because Harvard will brainwash your kids until they think perversion is a so-called right, and that humans are for chopping and dicing for phony research labs. Remember that the abominable Hitler also did 'research' and justified his killing that way for several years, but in the end, his 'ways and means' were discovered and he killed himself rather than face trial. Harvard U, you are a disgrace to the name christian, and you belong more appropriately to those nations who kill so tell people of your true intent instead of lying and deceiving. The so-called 'values' of Harvard are killing innocents, parading perverts, and swindling taxpayers.
signed gloria poole, RN, artist, Denver CO 80203


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