Monday, December 08, 2008

FEC:Why not 'gifts in kind' poli contrib of Streisand?

I read in the Google news today how Kennedy Center is rewarding those 'stars' who sponsored his candidate Obama with 'awards' that a lot of us would call graft and fraud. Why does not the FEC require reporting of endorsements by Hollywood 'stars' for political campaigns especially when it becomes obvious that there was some deal made of 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'?? How much does a campaign ad go for these days? And how many millions of dollars worth of free political campaign endorsements did the "stars" like Steisand and those rewarded by the Kennedy Center give Obama? That must be disclosed IF the US government does not want the US citizens to think the Federal Elections Campaigns office is in the pocket of the Kennedy-Clinton-Chicago political machinery.

Don't ever let it be said that the US FEC is a partisan office intent on making sure only Democrats get elected or reelected or nominated for jobs like Sec of State, because then it would be sort of equivalent to the way the communist countries conduct elections. That sort of trick that appears to be an election but was a rigged and decided beforehand event, is not becoming to a REPUBLIC. But of course it is the modus operandi of communist countries.
Added at 12:01 pm, MT after reading how the national cybersecurity fake team wants Obama to stop the very set of purposely fraudulent 'security' problems that got him fraudulently elected. Though "TGDAily" asked for public comments, they did not want comments from those opposed to fraud and corruption Obama-style so they censored them. But I am adding them here for the world to read:
"Asking Obama who got elected by exploiting the continent-sized
holes his team of experts created, to prevent hacking is equivalent
to asking a wolf to guard the hen house. You people are appallingly
stupid, or is that a pretense to appear as if you are addressing the
issues all the while, helping
Obama get elected by rigging election with computer con-games?? "
My comments to article that were censored because not complementary
to con-man Obama, on TGDaily ;
11:58 AM 12/8/2008
/s/ gloria poole, RN, and also artist, photographer, writer, and missionary, Denver CO 80203


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