Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WaPo, PLEASE Stop the Propaganda!

I am back in Denver, Co 80203 after Christmas with my daughter Jennifer Josey Borelli and her husband and children who live in Nebraska.My only other 'child' is a grown daughter named Leigh Josey Bills who lives in Missouri, and they are from my first marriage.
This morning as I read the news --two articles, one in Bloomberg News and one in the Washington Post, I realize that the Goebbels tactics never quit working in this country. The Washington Post article in a brazen-hussy article tried to hoodwink the nation by stating falsely that Ted Kennedy is the greatest... Well, let me put that lie to the test. Ted Kennedy is the absolute WORST legislator, stateman and human in the US Senate,and he is a traitor to this nation for these reasons:
1) he has voted against human life continuing for forty + years, by voting against humans in the womb having the right to live and be born alive on every vote on that subject. He is not a Statesman because statemen want the nation to continue. He is a traitor because he has pushed, pulled, promoted, supported, paid into, reaped benefits from the very same killing machinery that has annihilated approx 100 MILLION human citizens of this nation.
2) He has pushed, pulled, promoted policies to provide drugs to elderly citizens in an effort to set up a system whereby elderly could be annihilated with drugs by prescription. He is a traitor to this nation.
3) He has pushed, pulled, promoted policies that encourage the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb by trying to rationalize, justify that evil by naming it 'research'. He is a traitor to this nation.
4) He has championed sodomy as a so-called right even though the Bible warns against that in both the Old Testament and the New Testament and says that those who do such things are worthy of death. [Romans chapter one, KJV]. Leviticus 18:22 is written,to men: 'thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, it is abomination." Knowing that such coupling is abomination and does not reproduce human citizens, he is a traitor to this nation.
5) He killed a woman and was never punished for it. He failed to exercise even a normal ordinary citizen standard of care when he knew a woman was in the car with him when his car he was driving plunged into the Chappaquiddick and he caused her death by failing to seek help, and he may have purposely driven that car into the river. Yet because he was related to blood by a failed presidency he was given special privilege and was made to think he was above the law. He is an evil man, not a statesman, and not a good legislator. He is also a traitor by seeking to depopulate this nation.

For the Washington Post and Bloomberg News to try to promote Caroline Kennedy based upon her blood ties to a traitor is incomprehensible to me. It shows that they have no honesty and no integrity. And it is morally equivalent to Germany having promoted relatives of Hitlers [nepotism] for no reason other than blood relationships to him. Nepotism is NOT the way to select leaders. The US Senate has not done one thing to enforce or legislate public law that encourages human life to reproduce and without that element, they are nothing more than self-seeking, giving huge 'bail-outs' to the wicked who will pay them bribes and kickbacks from financial rewards that the US Senate gives them. This nation would be better off without the Congress as it was in the days when the colonists first came to the shores of America. The Congress is a corrupt money-laundering system. And Caroline Kennedy has no entitlement to it. Nor does anyone else.

The Washington Post and the Bloomberg News should educate their journalists in the US Constitution and the Amendments to it, as they are written, not as they were taught in the schools of propaganda. They should also study the differences between a republic and a democracy. They should also study the differences between fascism, communism, socialism and a republic. The leftist governments [fascism, socialism, communism] are all varying degrees of the basic philosophy that humans are merely tools to plunder, control, dominate, trick and take money from. Pharoah of ancient Egypt made the Jews make bricks for him for their 'guarantee' of protection from his government and when they protested, he made them find their own straw for the bricks, and then he continued putting barriers to the worship of the TRUE and LIVING GOD, until GOD intervened and sent Moses as HIS courier to lead the people of that land to a land where there was no heathen King. The point is that the Kennedys are heathen clan. They bow down to idols. They pray to dead humans,and not to GOD, who is offended* when people pray to humans to deliver them or to dead humans; if they pray at all. Those who worship idols are not special in GOD's eyes but GOD says they are haters of GOD.
Also why doesn't Barack and his band of socialists think the song Barack the Magic Negro is as funny as they thought the mocking of Sarah Palin by Tina Fey was? A double standard you might say. They would said it was all good clean fun when Sarah Palin was the so-called 'joke' but now that the shoe is on the other foot, they are not laughing. Why not? Barack the Magic Negro is a hoot, right?? He is a joke of the worst kind because he is a socialist wolf in sheep's clothing. The Pied Piper of fools leading the nation's gullible to never-never land where everything is free and owned by the government and provided to those who are docile, drugged with cocaine, compliant with evil humans.
*Footnote; read Exodus chapter 20 for the words of how GOD considers those who bow down to idols to serve false gods to be an offense to HIM. You may read them here:
/s/ gloria poole, RN, artist, photographer, missionary, Denver CO 80203

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Glory to GOD in the Highest Peace Goodwill to all

The Scriptures in Luke chapter two tell of how JESUS was announced by the angel of THE LORD as coming in the form of a human child, to grow up and be the Lamb of GOD to die on a cruel Cross then be raised from the dead on the third day. Those scriptures are added to a website of mine at: and that also contains the Christian symbols in a Baptist Church.

Also to read about JESUS being foretold by the prophet, visit this site of mine: "About JESUS".

And for the Scriptures about Glory to GOD in the Highest and Peace Good Will to all, visit this website of mine at:

I pray that you will remember that Christmas is intended to be a celebration of JESUS THE MESSIAH coming to earth as foretold in Scripture, and that you will feel joy and peace when you reflect on that. The secular celebrations sometimes get out of hand, and the image of 'santa claus' has NOTHING whatsoever to do with JESUS or Christmas but is a secular image to sort of hijack the festivities and change the focus to a materialistic event. But it is not so in the hearts of true Christians. As you celebrate Christmas, and all are invited too, then please remember THE MESSIAH and HIS advent to the earth, and HIS death and resurrection. Easter is when Christians celebrate JESUS's resurrection into heaven where HE is alive forevermore according to Revelations 1: 17c-18. All Scriptures from the King James Holy Bible.
For more of the scriptures also visit .

Have a blessed remembrance of JESUS this season!
/s/ gloria poole, 'gloriapoole' Denver CO 80203

Friday, December 19, 2008

Senate do NOT confirm Hillary,she's corrupt

Emanuel of Obama's staff spoke with Gov Blagojevich and pushed
for the appointment of Valeria Jarriet by a certain date, according
to the Chicago Sun Times as reported in this article:
5:58 AM 12/19/2008

IF the US Senate confirms Hillary after reading this article in the
NY Times they are not only fools but traitors:
What precisely do you think those nations expected in return for
their 'gifts' to Bill Clinton husband of SENATOR Hillary Clinton?
Do you think they gave money with no expectation of anything in
return? No they did not. They gave money for the right to access
Hillary with her hand out and her 'team' to pervert the meaning
of the US Senate and the US Congress to become the toy of foreign
governments. There is NO possible way that Hillary Clinton could
represent the GOOD people of this nation. The corrupt, the wicked,
the traitors, the evil baby-killers she represents those well because
she is as the Bible said, a jezebel, willing to kill innocents to get power.
But here's the thing, who makes the rules for this nation? The wicked
godless, or the righteous? IS the US for sale to the highest bidder?
IS the US Senate for sale to the highest bidder? What political
power does an ex-President have that would be greater than a
sitting US Senator who is corrupt and takes bribes and kickbacks,
and 'gifts' from foreign powers?
What appalls me is that there are some people so stupid that they
cannot see an obvious conflict of interest when their nose is rubbed in it.
Bill Clinton has been selling Hillary around the world. If she were into
manufacturing a product that would be called marketing, but since
she is supposedly an elected Senator though she never played that
role that would be called corruption. It is not her duty to appease
the foreign leaders, what ever role she is in individually. How foreign
leaders perceive America would probably exponentially improve if they
knew the sale of the US Senate and the US House of Representatives
ended and that there was integrity amongst the Congress.
Do foreign leaders who pay bribe money or 'gifts' to get influence
really have respect for the Clintons or contempt? I say they have contempt
for them and I say also that they do not worship money the way
the US Congress or the US Wall Street does, and that the battles
for power of the Middle East have more to do with the destiny of
fulfilling GOD's role than of the pursuit of money. The Clintons
are disgusting and so is the Congress IF they even think of appointing
that woman who has prostituted the entire Senate by going along with the
fraud and corruption through her wheeling-dealing corrupt
husband. Not only should she NOT be Secretary of State but she
should not be Senator either. She is worst than Blagojevich and so
is that vile Bill going around the world with his hand out-- pressuring
foreign governments to support his lavish lifestyle. And where is Hillary's
sense of anything moral or decent? Does not her own husband pimping her
infuriate her? Does the U.S. need the great 'ho' as The Bible mentions in the
book of Revelation representing us as a nation?
And while I am on this topic, I am a Registered Nurse and I try to
keep up with the news and developments in health care, and I have
never heard of even one thing that the William J Clinton Foundation has
done for anybody anywhere. It is a scam like Madoff, and is money used to
promote Hillary and run her campaign and nothing more and nothing less.
And also, I think if all those people who tried to make GOVERNOR Sarah Palin
a joke for not being a Senator when she had the courage to accept the VP
position now turn around and appoint Caroline Kennedy to a freebie* position
in the US Senate, they should hang their heads in shame. And they should also
hang a banner across the US Senate and put "FOR SALE" on it so the nations of the world will know it and we,the people could sell it outright instead of under the table, and start a new nation and be rid of those crooked corrupt,
con-men and women there. Because money and perqs changing hands to rig an election or the government violates the RICO ACT and it should be prosecuted by the US Dept of Justice, but did I forget that the exwife of Ted Kennedy works there?
This will not be the United States of Kennedy Wealth, GOD willing.
And yes, we the people of this nation have a duty to change the government when it is corrupt but the changes I have seen so far from the Obamites is not good and not in the nation's best interest, but more of the status quo of very corrupt leaders, the wolves guarding the hen house.

* Footnote, freebie as in no dues paid, no work put forth, no right to the position from the citizens' standpoint, no experience for it, no effort for it.
6:27 AM 12/19/2008
/s/ gloria poole, Denver CO 80203

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lying Thieving Catholics are going to hell

I live in a building owned by Denver Democrats Housing but supported with all taxpayer dollars a/k/a DHA but 'managed' by catholics. Someone has broken into my dwelling when I was out on errands about five times since July 2008.I discovered that has happened again today when I was looking for a particular book of mine. Most recently what was stolen was $180 new computer text books for Linux/ Unix, and some discs that were in the books. The thief is most likely either the catholic managers* paid by Denver Housing apparently to make sure that if a person was not totally impoverished when they came here, they will be when they leave, after all possessions get stolen by looters allowed into the building. Or the same person who stole the CD 'recovery' disk last year for my Gateway computer. Or the man who breaks and enters my dwelling to look for items to pawn to support his cocaine habit whose name is Dana Ben Pappas, or Dana Papas,or Dana Pappas, or Dana Benn, or Dana B Pappas, or Dana Papas, or Dena Papas, or Doris Parsons, or Doris Pappas or whatever name he has stolen most recently. He is a man who should be in federal prison and is the most evil and teacherous man you will ever meet, because his evil is subtle like the old devil in the garden of Eden and he is such an accomplished criminal familiar in thieving, deceit,subterfuge and subtlety that it takes years to get a handle on what evil he did do. Sort of like that Bernand Madoff guy who plundered and looted people's bank accounts for years with tricks, fraud and treachery all the while pretending to be their 'friend' and 'money manager'. He was managing it all right as he stole it from them with tricks and fraud. He should also be in federal prison. And for a long, long time. Along with my exhusband that evil man named Dana Ben Pappas/Papas or whatever name he has hijacked lately. He steals identities the way he steals possessions and US mail. This is a one of a series of events of plundering and looting, defrauding, hurting me of long time over the years that I unwittingly married [and now divorced from but willingly divorced, and thank GOD!] from that ungodly man. I say unwittingly because I said upfront that I would NEVER marry a catholic because of their false doctrine but that wicked man said oh don't worry he will forsake the catholic church. So he pretended too but they are all liars. I hesitate to even write this because if he read it he would think I was praising him. He takes pride in being corrupt and evil and even called himself a 'devil'; and told me he and his first wife/girlfriend/mother/accomplice whoever she is takes great delight in sitting around with him laughing about how they made 'fools of law enforcement' again and how good they are at. I depise all of them and I pray for their whole rotten bunch to go to prison so decent people feel safe in the Denver area.
Do not be deceived by the Kennedys. They are wicked and corrupt too. In fact, the Bible says that every person that bows down to idols hates GOD [Exodus ch 20] and will be punished. Remember that two Kennedy family members killed two women --Ted at Chappaquiddick and his nephew killed Martha with a golf club. The acorn does not fall from the tree, as the saying goes. The Kennedy family kills for pay and profit and so it seems for fun in the case of the Martha killing.

* I know for certain one of the catholic managers paid by DHA is deceitful because she forged my name to a document for DHA and DHA knows it but did not fire her.
Update Thursday Dec 18th 2008 at 9:26 am:
I just read something that absolutely infuriates me. The NY Times article about how the feds basically decided to not restrict the liberty of NY's Made-off-with-your-money fraudster by making his 'punishment' to be at home with his wife but only at night in several of his many paid-for-with-swindled-money-homes; and it seems they decided to punish his wife who has not been named in the swindle by making her surrender her passport. American Jurisprudence at its worst and at its usual. They are not really trying to stop his fraud it seems, just trying to get money from it for NYC. He couldn't put up his bail so they dismissed it. What is the purpose of bail set by a Judge? To keep a person in prison, and if he could not pay it, he should be in prison, correct?? This response today written about in the news is sort of like that on going piracy in the Gulf of Aden thing. The U.S. says it cannot stop pirate ships there, because they are somehow reaping the profits of thieving by African nations' criminals. My guess as to how that is done is that insurance companies from other nations pay the owners for stolen ships and it amounts to a transfer of wealth by brute force and weapons. American fraudsters on the other hand use other people's stolen identities, stolen credentials, stolen money and then when they get caught they go running to US court for protection from "lynching" by those they defrauded!
However, thank GOD for the Indian and Chinese' committment to prevent piracy on the high seas. Read today's article about Chinese stopping piracy in the Gulf of Aden: be grateful that some nations will be protecting US and U.K. travelers through those waters.
And for that C Kennedy thing: if you don't know that was the whole plan all along when the Kennedy's endorsed Obama and gave him free publicity and made deals with the Vatican on his behalf to gain for Joe the catholic and Caroline the catholic a spot in the place of their choosing, then you are totally out of touch with reality. The only difference between Blagojevich and Obama's wheeling-dealing is that Blagojevich was openly bold about it. Obama is secretive like the snake hissing quietly to Eve in the garden of Eden behind Adam's back. The Caroline deal was put together months ago before the Kennedy appearance on the stage at the DNC afer of course the Clintons who wanted to have some key role in the administration by hook or crook praised that evil Ted for his years of fraud and corruption in the Senate; and with part of the 'deal' being those two days for the Clinton's at the DNC so Clinton could 'endorse' Obama and Kennedy name in exchange for a plum job and then Kennedy's could 'endorse' Obama in exchange for plum job for Caroline. Rotten through and through are those folks!
Update at 10:13 am, Dec 18th, 2008:
About Obama's effort to make sure crooked deals still happen:
"A former SEC commissioner, Ms Schapiro is
currently head of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority."
There was NO financial services regulation in the US in the past
how many years as proved by Madoff pyramid, e*trade pyramid,
Wall St meltdown when frauds discovered, no cash reserves of
big banks,fraudulent mortgage to people with no income, etc. so of course,
the so-called smart Harvard grad would appoint
the same failed person who did not regulate the industry she was hired to regulate
to yet a more powerful way to fail
on a more grand scale--oversight of all publicly traded securities.
I have realized that the democrats when they know beyond a shadow
of doubt that their previous plan failed massively they just promote
the bad person to a better paying job with more money and power.
Read the BBC article at:
10:11 AM 12/18/2008
Update as of 10:45 am, MT:
And here's the icing on the fraud cake:
There is an article in the NY Times that is written to supposedly
reassure Americans that Hillary can't be bought, BUT the content
in the article says she can and with foreign money, the only thing they are quibblig over is the price of that jezebel . The article says
Bill Gates Microsoft Democrat-sponsor, is one of the purse-holders
of Billary and Saudi Arabia it seems is another one. We, the citizens
of the US, who own Microsoft equipped computers KNEW years ago
that Microsoft used that 'kill' switch embedded in its operating system
to control what was written and by whom,and used it often when the writer
opposed the democrats; and that Bill Gates gives
millions to both the dems and their blood money cohorts of Planned
Parenthood. So there is no surprise about that announcement. But
what does surprise me some is that the NY Times, a newspaper that
represents many Jews, thinks that the nation would be reassured by
knowing that Billary is also in the pocket of Saudi Arabia! I admit
that is a bit of a surprise to me. And where are the Constitutional
restrictions on those in certain offices NOT taking money or 'gifts' from
foreign governments? Would that not exclude Hillary from the Secretary
of State's job? Oh yea, it would; I know the Obamites are thinking "they can"
dispense with the US Constitution but I am praying that they can't.
Article at:
10:43 AM 12/18/2008
Update@ 12:36 PM 12/18/2008:
More on this topic of foreign contributions to Billary:
Quote from article in Google news:
"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave $10 million to $25 million to
the foundation, and other government donors included Norway,
Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, Italy and Jamaica. The Dutch
national lottery gave $5 million to $10 million"[end quote].From
article at:
Update at 7:56 pm, MT:
Read this article for more info from the 3000 pages of money from foreign governments the Clintons have received:
It does not surprise me that that con-man Clinton was going around the world gathering money based on his wife's Senate connection, but it does surprise me how many nations in the world were giving money for privilege to her AND that the ever wicked Harvard grad would still select her knowing of that graft and corruption. Though why I should be surprised by anything those of the devil do, is another question in and of itself. The Clintons make their money peddling blood and influence and they were always corrupt. But the shocker is that sixteen years after there were mysterious deaths in their administration, and then 8 years after they looted the White House to furnish their homes, they could still have influence. I think that speaks to the heart of the issue. If the nation itself were not corrupt as a general rule then the Clintons would have been done with looooooooooooooong ago.
Will we as a nation never be rid of them??

signed gloria poole, RN, and artist, Denver CO 80203

Monday, December 15, 2008

No Inherited Senate Seat in this Nation-no Nepotism

Yea, I know the NY Times and other newspapers are putting a spin on the Caroline Kennedy so-called right to inherit the Senate seat because Bobby once had it. But I remind you this is not the U.K and there is no such entity as a House of Lords and there is no peerage here, and there is NO right to inherit any Senate Seat or US House of Representatives' seat in this nation. Also if there is any thing the US does not need ever again it is any more lawyers representing any State. Didn't the Greek philosopher say, 'first kill all the lawyers?' in a quote often quoted? The preponderance of conniving lawyers in the US is sinking the ship of the U.S. The U.S. Senate needs some one who is NOT a lawyer, who did NOT go to Harvard or Princeton, who was NOT spoon-fed US Senate machinery hooey as pablum,and NOT a corrupt Kennedy with an intent of managing the family fortune of abortuaries; and someone who is PROLIFE there IF either the U.S. Senate or the U.S. nation or the state of N.Y intends to continue into perpetuity and IF they want the respect of the rest of the nation.

Gov of NY, please say NO more Kennedys and NO more con games of cronyism of Kennedy's endorsing Obama in exchange for getting rid of Hillary so Senate seat vacate so Kennedy can plug in a Kennedy there. Obama appointing the Illinois Senator is bad enough and the nation is not impressed with the lies of his hired gun lawyers to make nice with the public about his involvement in that. As a nation, scandalous political behaviour is the death knell of republican government and resultss in cronyism, nepotism and all the other -isms like socialism, commune-ism, etc.
Added at 4:53 pm:
I forgot at first to remind the nation that the state of California is already controlled by the corrupt Kennedys in the presence of Arnold Swartzenegger [sorry if spelled wrong] and his Kennedy wife. Look at that track record for that state for this year:
California will be bankrupt the news said about a week ago;
California provides incentives for and to illegal immigrants who vote democrat;
Calif nearly burned to the ground for promoting sodomy as a false right;
Calif residents fleeing the very high cost of living there, by the droves--a literal exodus from that state.
And let us not forget the awful state of Massachusetts either,also run by a corrupt Kennedy where the situation is:
sodomy ingrained there beginnning with the catholic church;
many cases of Priests molesting boys;
many baby-killing-shredding-decapitating so-called research centers;
Massachusetts General Hospital is the worst hospital in the nation in my opinion;
corruption at all levels of office;
To sum up, do you really think the U.S. could survive another corrupt Kennedy in office?
Added at 5:30 pm:
I just read in the news about Obama corrupt politician naming another Chicagoan from the City of Slime to his administration. Do you smell a skunk already? Let's see; now there's Duncan under his control and the Chicago machinery's too for Dept of Ed, and there's Emanuel from the Chicago political machinery as chief of staff if I remember correctly; and the public does not know yet which slime ball politician is set up for the U.S. Senate seat with Obama's 'good housekeeping seal of approval'. I thought all along that Obama was a sleaze, liar and con-man but who would have thought he'd pick three corrupt Chicago-politiboro-types X 3 to sort of force cronyism on America?? And let us not forget the spouses appointed thanks to the hand-under-the-table-'contributions'-to-Obama-and-cronies-lobbyists.Read that article at:
This article exposes more lies of the treacherous Obama President-Elect, of his false promises to end specialized
lobbying interest while putting into top jobs the spouses of lobbyists! Liar Obama and his band of liars::
6:27 AM 12/15/2008
signed gloria poole, Denver CO 80203

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Rigging of Politics Unfolds & More

No Surprise in this Announcement:
"Emanuel Had Contact with Governor's Office on Senate Seat".
We, the people in this nation, knew that, because the wicked hang
with the wicked, do they not?.
For some of them to admit that is probably a start in the right direction
since lying is not an admired character trait by most people.
Article at:
6:34 AM 12/14/2008
And here's the GOOD news:
"Bad Times Draw Bigger Crowds to Churches"
in the NY Times at:
I am convinced that the very reason GOD creates*/allows the stupidity of
humans and/or the evil of some humans to appear to have the upper-hand
at times is because the smart people realize immediately that the ONLY
POWER they should trust is GOD! Then as the crisis evolves the strong find their
strength in THE LIVING GOD, and they rebound and then GOD knows who is on HIS SIDE
in the battle. In other words, a crisis of any sort, draws a plumb line in the nation
and the wicked become more wicked and curse at GOD and the righteous become more
righteous and KNOW that without GOD they are doomed, and they stand fast to the word of GOD. Then GOD knows who HE could trust and who is the enemy. It is defining in every generation.
6:50 AM 12/14/2008
IF the Presses had reminded the people, citizens, before the election that it was a
democratic Congress for the past two years that resulted in meltdown
of the nation, there would be a Republican President and more Republicans
in office. Republicans tend to think that free enterprise is the
driving force of the nation whereas democrats tend to think the
government is. In this article, the nation is reminded it was the
democrats who spurred the 'crisis' to try to entice the nation into
voting socialism into place. Then the crisis like the proverbial
snowball gathered momentum as it tumbled down The Hill in
The District. What is amazing in a negative way, is the fact that
elected Politicians seem to have no idea that when they start tossing
around billion dollar perqs to some companies that the entire rest
of the nation is going to get in line for that same 'deal'. It is human nature
that is overcome only by the Word of GOD prohibiting taking advantage
of the truly poor and needy/desperate. Those who don't know the Word of
GOD tend to see the poor as just so many 'resources" to funnel
US government dollars through to them. Think about it, when the US government is bailing out stupidity or crime, then those who truly are dependent upon pensions they worked for many years to acquire and dependent upon services because of handicaps, or elderly age get shorted in the process. In other words there is no nation that could be all things to all people and they have to prioritize. So the real questions are: will the once-mighty US continue to short-shrift the Military veterans who are forced into homelessness if injured at war, because their pensions and incomes are not living wages in any way? Will the US stiff the elderly and the injured who worked for decades in order to bail/pay fat cat lawyers for fat cat crooks in Detroit and Wall Street? What are the priorities of the nation, that a few years ago refused to offer prenatal care to any pregnant woman as not in the best interest of America [the wicked said] when in reality pregnant women are becoming very precious to this nation if it intends to continue as a nation, because their offspring is the future, since the offspring of the past was brainwashed intentionally by many forces.
Read the article about this at:,0,6906738.story/
6:55 AM 12/14/2008
Also, I have given much thought to this. But what I want to happen is for the Congress to pass two Constitutional Amendments and allow the states to ratify them, and I propose them here:
1) The US Constitution to be amended to give the full protection, and full faith and credit of the U.S. to all humans with human DNA and human characteristics such as a human cell,or human blood, or human breathing or human heart beating, or human brain controlling the body by producing warmth, heart beat, blinking, respirations of any sort,any sort of movement including tremors, or shivers, or seizures, that such humans may not be destroyed by any method, by the individual act of any other human, acting alone or in collusion with any other humans; and that in any situation where the loss of life or limb is imminent and the human about to be deprived is incapicitated in anyway, that the human must be afforded due process in a Court of Law and be appointed a Legal Representative or Guardian until such time as the human in question regains capacity to act in the own best interest of sustaining life and wholeness. Furthermore to stipulate that this Amendment is intended to protect the innocent and not those found guilty in a Court of law of a capitol offense as defined by taking the life of another, with any method, kidnapping including transporting someone else's minor children across state lines for any reason without the parent's consent; assault that is classified as 'deadly' intended to kill, maim or destroy capacity of a human, or conducting medical experimentation on humans that leads to death, dismemberment or maiming with intention to destroy one human to benefit another human.
2) That the U.S. Constitution be amended so that no member of Congress whether Senator or Representative may run for, compete for, campaign for any other office in the nation while actively a member of Congress sworn in to represent a state in Congress; that in the future if a member of Congress wants a better job, he must resign first before campaigning while on the US taxpayer's money as salary that he or she could not possibly be earning while on another competing priority campaign trial. This is intended to inject a sense of duty to those elected to Congress to do what they were sent to do instead of seeing the US Congress as a mere stepping stone to higher office while getting paid, and while having the perqs and staff to conduct a huge campaign particularly advantageous to them and making it difficult if not impossible for an regular citizen at large [not already in some federal office] to compete with them. That would have the bad effect of limiting the role of President to those selected from Congress because there would be no real meaningful competition. That is NOT in the best interest of the nation in any way. The private sector in this nation does not generally allow their paid staffers to work for competing companies while on the payroll of a competitor and the US government should not allow that either. The U.S. Congress has a job to do and the fact that they seldom do it has not changed what they are supposed to do. This Amendment would help them stay focused by eliminating the tempation to step over that task and seek higher office, and then maybe they could accomplish the roles they are assigned by the US Constitution which are well-defined roles and specific duties.
/s/ gloria poole, RN, and also artist, photographer, poet, missionary, Denver CO 80203
footnote * remember that GOD created even the Angel who fell from heaven and was named Lucifer and who was cast out of heaven for trying to steal/commandeer the Kingdom of GOD there. GOD created all humans and all human intellect, and then gave the decision to choose GOD or reject HIM.
Updated Dec 25, 2008 at 6:29am from Denver CO 80203:
This article below in the NY Times exposes more lies of the treacherous Obama President-Elect, of his false promises to end specialized
lobbying interest while putting into top jobs the spouses of lobbyists! Liar Obama and his band of liars:
6:27 AM 12/15/2008
Update as of 9:52 am, Monday, Dec 15th, 2008 at Denver CO 80203:
Madoff made off with the money of millions, and is that a surprise now?
Was he the man the TARP funds were for? Is this the big secret of the
so-called crisis in November that all those scheming Wall Street gurus
tried to hide?
Read article at:
9:48 AM 12/15/2008;
Of course you know that I have complained repeatedly about fraud in high places for about two years. If you read every entry on this blog, you will see that. And I complained about the SEC's lack of concern when there seemed to be theft by conversion or fraud into my accounts in the years 2006, 2007 and 2008. {Not to worry, I have better accounts now].

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NYT, Get over love affair with Obama, report facts

I read the NY Times this am and I realized that they are trying to protect Obama's behind as usual. I have this much to say, get over it, NY TIMES, he is as corrupt as Blagojevich and you know it. And I suspect that if your reporters interviewed the owners of the NY Times they would find some more evidence of Obama's attempts to
control the news and the owners of the news media, channels and content.Furthermore, I think you would have no doubt in your mind that the past election was rigged as surely as Blagojevich has openly admitted too attempting to rig the US Senate with someone pleasing to Obama in return of course for financial perqs for himself. And if you think that Obama 'rose to power' without the Governor of his state's help and without the Party-Politichek of Chicago then you would also believe in black magic,and voodoo. If your reporters had a hunger for the truth instead of merely fine and fancy offices and high salaries, you would be publishing the truth and you would be finding out HOW MANY newspapers' editors and owners received notices from the Obama machinery to silence/censor opposing words, and HOW MANY TV stations' owners were threatened with their loans pulled IF they did not go along to get along with Obama and Krewe? And HOW MANY reporters were paid off? And what scripts were they provided for the so-called news from 2007 to 2008? And yea, about the timing of this FBI sting on Blagojevich: isn't it amazing that it supposedly happened AFTER Obama tipped off the feds that he knows Blagojevich is corrupt and how does he know, because of his own deals with Blagojevich. And the timing is intended to prevent Blagojevich from exposing those 'deals' with Obama to the public, by totally discrediting Blagojevich and his staff. It is an old trick and every average con-man knows it. When my then-husband was trying to annihilate me to steal every thing I owned, even my very name, he tried to get his catholic connections to certify me as insane, all the while they ignored my physical injuries he caused me, so my testimony against him would not be listened too [he thought].The Inner City clinic of Denver run by and financed by Diane DeGette [according to brochures handed out there and pasted to wall in 2006]who is known sympathizer to those who kill innocents, totally ignored my complaints of crushing chest pain, irregular heart beat { I am a RN and I know the symptoms of heart attack} and shortness of breath and wanted me to take drugs to alter my mind and memory, and provided zero support for heart attack,and told me I was 'too young to have a heart attack' while ignoring all evidence to the contrary. Then the other catholic run 'clinic' ignored the surgery on my leg/ankle and the nails in my ankle and leg, and my pain from it, and my difficulty breathing along with chest symptoms and tried again to put me on prescribed drugs to make me forget and fog my brain more than it was from pain, heartache, suffering of physical attacks by then-husband, and tried to dump me on the welfare system in order to 'save' my then husband's money so he could buy more cocaine and pay big buck lawyers.Oh yea, and I almost forgot that when I reported the abuse and told the P.A. that I had to summon up strength to defend myself from the physical attacks of my then-husband he tried to word the report as if I were also responsible for violence when all I did was try to survive and not let that wicked man kill me--self defense in other words. The P.A. working in the catholic 'clinic' for the poor was clearly trying to protect the catholic abuser not help me. Hitler also did those type of manuevers to his political enemies and so did Stalin, and Krushchev, and Clintons, and every wicked and amoral person who ever got elected to office by hook or by crook. My point in this case is that Chicago is also a catholic stronghold run by corrupt catholic leaders who never even heard the Ten Commandments and who were taught as Samuel Alito testified too, to lie and deceive. How do you think it came to happen that catholic Joe Biden became the VP after Obama paid a visit to the Vatican and after that deal was made? It irks me when news papers are deliberately obtuse and intent on not writing the news but manipulating it.
Here are the articles that prompted me to write this today:
NY Times trying to excuse Obama who knew enough firsthand to 'tip' off
the feds and ask for 'ethics reform' conveniently after he benefitted
from Blagojevich's corruption.
6:27 AM 12/10/2008
So David Axelrod was lying but which time was he lying :
I quote:“I know he’s talked to the governor,” Mr. Axelrod said in
an interview with “Fox News Sunday” on Nov. 23. “And there are
a whole range of names, many of which have surfaced.”

On Tuesday, Mr. Axelrod said he had been wrong. “They did not
then or at any time discuss the subject,” according to his statement.[end quote]
Sounds sort of contrived to me-- that he suddenly remembered he was not
supposed to tell that Obama was involved in the scandal and in the
efforts to hand-pick his successor and for what reason?
To have more control over the state and the nation via the Congress.And how did his memory of the so-called truth occur, because Obama drew him aside and told him to recant his testimony. It does not take a genius to figure that out.

Read article at:
6:44 AM 12/10/2008
Updated at 8:00 am after reading this article:;_ylt=AsHnbsA_HoZBUPe7OzA770kGw_IE/ about how Obama is trying to 'distance himself' from Blagojevich.
And it begs the question, that IF Blagojevich knew Obama to be so pure as he is trying to say now [won't give anything but appreciation remark] then IF he knew that, why did he approach him in the first place as happened according to David Axelrod. Anyone who is not corrupt sees through that pretense. If Blagojevich believed Obama to be pure he would not have approached him to ask for his suggestion for the Senate replacement. Blagojevich knows Obama is NOT pure and that is precisely why he asked for his 'suggestions' and help 'replacing" Obama's go along to get along attitude toward leadership in Chicago or anywhere else particularly the US Senate. And if Obama were pure as Blagojevich is trying to insinuate now at what costs to the catholic church, he would have suggested an ethics bill last year when the evidence was there that he made some kind of deal with Sam Zell regarding the Chicago Tribune. No, Obams is not pure and he knew all along of Blagojevich and Party-Politichek of trying to control,buy Senate power, for Obama and for others, and he himself made the deal with Sam Zell of Chicago Tribune according to many, many people who saw or knew of the tape connecting Obama to Muslim unpopular [questionable terrorism links] men, and that Sam Zell suppressed it from the LA Times and Chicago papers intentionally. Also it is a worldwide known fact that Muslim people are not inclined to respect catholics because catholics bow down to idols, dolls of wood, stone, metal, gold that are called icons or ikons in some churchs to pray too, and worship the dead with. [The apostles and Mary the mother of Jesus have been dead for 2000+ years but catholics pray to them continuously.]Everything the muslims believe about GOD is violated by the false catholic religion so how do you explain that a muslim Obama would pick a catholic for his VP? Could you spell M-O-N-E-Y?? And the rigging of the election via the catholic stronghold shadow governments of Denver, Boston [the Kennedys ] and Chicago. Wake up America, smell the coffee, and read the handwriting on the wall. Unless you want socialism and the sort of corruption Blagojevich and Obama mutually benefitted from for the next 70-400 years. [Numbers of 70-400 were in the Bible, 70 years when the people repented quickly of disobeying GOD but the young children had learned corruption first hand and it took a couple generations to undo it; and 400 years when they stubbornly refused to submit to GOD's words and plan, and it took wiping out the entire nation and starting over before they listened to the words of GOD.]
Updated at 8:39 am after researching some info that I knew bits about and want the world to know them too:
ABN AMRO Bank Holding of catholic church
via the Royal Bank of Scotland: and enter the info as if you were an investor from Italy to get the page;
and also :
And involvement of Fortis and Deutsche Bank of Germany
And how the State Bank of Pakistan was renamed the Royal Bank of Scotland at;
and also:
"Richest diocese in the world is.." and how they are involved in stem cell research at;
8:33 AM 12/10/2008
Search on Google with the words in quotes "ABN AMRO + Vatican" for pages of their connections.
And Colorado's catholic Ritter visited the Vatican in April 2008 before the Denver DNS,according to:
And after you research this some and see that the catholic church is the driving force behind abortion and the stem cell phony research that profits from abortion, and how the billions of US government money on the so-called bail-outs went to the catholic church in a round about way of course, in return for the catholic church's help to pull strings to get Obama elected in return for Joe Biden as VP to go along with Samuel Alito on US Supreme Court and John Roberts also, and Nancy Pelosi,in US House, and Ted Kennedy in US Senate but since GOD is removing him they are trying to pull strings to get his family lack of values back into the Senate again, from the same family that believes that killing of innocents in the womb and shredding them for money is a 'right'; when GOD said it is a wrong.
Updated at 9:10 am after reading this article in Yahoo News:;_ylt=AteVzljbguLSRSPvC8qcqVms0NUE/
about how the very same companies now with their hands held out for government TARP money and "bail-outs" for dishonest dealings are also the same companies that were giving hand over fist via lobbyists and 'donations' to the Democrats and Republicans before the election. Oh yea, where are those lies of Obama now about how he was going to clean up Washington and not allow lobbyists? He is helping them gain BILLIONS, lying, deceit, treachery and murders are the tell-tale signs of those who do not serve THE LIVING LORD, according to John 10:10 in Bible. The CEOs appearing before Congress are lobbyists [but not registered ones because it is not their main line of work but it is apparently their customary way of 'doing business'], since they are asking for special perqs and money from the US Treasury to benefit them exclusively. The worst sort of lobbyists have been parading there for months with their special causes and their attempts to paper over their fraud and corruption all the while asking US taxpayers to pay the bill for their crimes.

/s/ gloria poole, 'gloriapoole' Denver CO 80203, etc

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"For Sale" Sign on US Senate X 2 :ILL & NY

The news today in the NY Times and all the world is that Illinois Governor was arrested today along with his staffer in a corruptions-fraud-rigging-politics set of charges,and that is good i.e. that the FBI arrested him and exposed it. But where is the story on the buying-selling of Hillary and her Senate seat and the money/terms/perqs that have already exchanged hands for that seat? The millions of free publicity for the Kennedy corrupt name at the DNC in Denver in an effort to put another corrupt Kennedy into the US Senate? And the millions of free "Hollywood star" publicity endorsements to put Obama in White House and another corrupt Kennedy in the US Senate over the course of the campaign that was nothing more than a billion dollar scam? And what about the FEC requirements to disclose 'gifts in kind' to federal candidates? Where is the public FEC disclosure about how much the value of those Hollywood endorsements was to Obama-Clinton-Kennedy-political-corruption-machinery-rolling-over-Americans? And why is the obvious question of what role the Governor of Illinois played in the Obama rigged election,ignored by the NY Times, about Obama-Ill Governor plan to rig the news by financial manipulation of the Chicago Tribune and its auxiliary companies to suppress words that did not favor Obama and his band of thieves,hackers and con-men and con-women?? Why not follow the billion dollar 'candidate" and expose his part in the Chicago political machinery rolling along like an earth moving equipment plowing down every decent American effort with massive buy-outs, and bribes, and tricks/treachery/deceit/computer manipulation of votes/bribes/corruption/fraud?
I am glad the FBI is arresting the crooks and I am waiting to see the headlines when Obama is one of them, and I am sure that day will happen. And also when Hillary and her evil husband-accomplice are tried for crimes also.
Added at 9:43 am, MT:
For starters, begin with this article about the connection between Sam Zell
who owned the LA Times and who bought the Chicago Tribune in
2007 conveniently before the big-push of Obama's campaign, and then used the money-finances to suppress news about link between Obama and Muslim groups?
9:28 AM 12/9/2008. All links courtesy of Google search engine today with typing in 'Sam Zell + Obama" to get pages and pages of articles on their connection.
And this one:
9:29 AM 12/9/2008
And this one:
9:30 AM 12/9/2008
And this one:
9:31 AM 12/9/2008 with this quote about Sam Zell:
"Sam's $315 million didn't go to buy Tribune stock, which will
likely end up nearly worthless. Sam's $315 million went for
subordinated debt with a warrant to buy 40% of the company
if and when he chose to do so. For obvious reasons, Sam hasn't
chosen to do so. This means that Sam is standing far ahead of
common shareholders in the line as the company gets chopped up."
Does this explain the so-called 'financial meltdown' some and the
promised 'bail-out' from Obama IF Sam Zell would suppress
anti_Obama news??
And this one:
9:34 AM 12/9/2008
And this one:
9:35 AM 12/9/2008
And this one:
9:36 AM 12/9/2008
And this one with quote 'if I help him, he's going to help me' about Obama:
9:39 AM 12/9/2008
And this one:
with this quote and question:"I don't know much about big business, but would it really be normal for the
CEO of a conglomerate to overrule industry practices and stated policies of a department of a subsidiary on a
whim on mere days' notice? Would it even be easy?

Item: The next administration will therefore have at least half a trillion greenies to hand out to anyone
it deems worthy of being bailed out. Anyone — there are no hard and fast rules."[end quote]
9:41 AM 12/9/2008
Also I want to state for the record that I am always opposed to crooked politicians and always opposed to those who trade in the blood-human tissues [abortionists and their promoters-with-hands-out-for-kickbacks] to get political power. And to remind you that Obama is now throwing the Chicago Tribune and the Rocky Mountain News under the bus, because they suppressed the news to get financial rewards from him, especially during the DNC; and I know that to be fact, because they suppressed virtually every comment that opposed him with facts, or from prolifers; and they know too much now and are therefore dangerous to his cause of implementing socialism and takeover of US Treasury budget. So the same corrupt methods that netted Obama that billion dollar 'campaign' fund from raiding internet banking to give him clout to manipulate newsrooms and newspaper owners with threats of closure and calling their loans,[all with Obama's grandmother's help of knowledge of how internet banking is done and the specifics] is going to bring him down. Pray!
Added at 11:45 am MT:
I just scanned/read quickly the news that Microsoft is trying to entice search engines to 'purge' their search results after six months and I have these comments:
-do you Microsoft donkey of Obama think we are so stupid as to NOT know why now you are suddenly wanting to purge the requests for information via MSN search engines? Could it possibly be the kickbacks, promises and perqs Obama and Machinery offered you to delete any info on file that would implicate them?
--And Google don't fall for it. Stay true to the publishing of the truth in all situations.
-And anyone with any political comprehension or saavy knows that this article about Microsoft being willing to purge their caches IF the other news search engines would also, is a build up, run up too, the effort by Obama-Chicago-Machinery-run-by-the- wicked-catholics-there-with-help-of-Joe-Biden-and-Kennedys-and-the-wicked-Clintons, to try to get the public to not notice the intent to eliminate proof, by holding out the carrot to go along with the deceptive 'news' of Obama Socialist government.
Updated at 4:02 pm, MT:
"The governor discussed on a phone call later in the day whether
Obama could get his wife a job on a corporate board immediately,
according to the document." from article in Fox News today at:
3:12 PM 12/9/2008
Standard & Poor's downgrades Tribune Co owner of the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune,
the Baltimore Sun, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune,
Baltimore Sun, Sun Sentinel (South Florida), Orlando Sentinel,
Hartford Courant, Morning Call and Daily Press,"The Red Eye," and WGN-AM and WGN America and tabloid news, and 3 Spanish language newspapers,
and radio, and cable news, and 23 TV stations*, and "Chicago" magazine.
The broadcasting info is:"Tribune Broadcasting owns and operates
23 major-market television stations and reaches more than 80
percent of U.S. television households. The group is anchored by
WGN America, which can be seen in more than 70 million
U.S. households via cable and satellite services. Thirteen Tribune
stations are affiliates of
The CW, America's new fifth network. Seven are FOX affiliates." from the Tribune website
at Article about downgrading credit rating at:
*TV stations are:
Tribune Company Business Units and Websites includes 7 Fox, 1 ABC, 2 MyNetwork and 12 CW affiliates:

National Cable


Television Stations






















And this news about Tribune trying not to call attention to its CW holdings:
but the CW stations in Colorado are: at Grand Junction, Denver [KWGN] and
Colorado Springs/Pueblo [KXTU]; and for California they are located at:
Yuma {KSWT 13.2], Santa Barbara [Central Coast], San Juan [WSJP],
San Francisco {KBCW], San Diego [XETV],Sacramento [KMAX],
Palm Springs, [Palm Springs 5], Monterey-Salinas [Central Coast]
Los Angeles [KTLA], Fresno [KTLA], Eureka [Eureka CW] Chico-Redding [CW 10]
and Bakersfield, [Bakersfield CW]. For NY they are :
Watertown {North Country], Utica {Central NY}, Syracuse {WSTQ}
Rochester, {WHAM-DT}, New York, {WPIX}, Elmira [Elmira, Corning],
Buffalo {WNLO}, Binghamton {Binghamton CW}, Albany-Schenectady, [WCWN].
for Boston the "Rome' of America, they are: Springfield Holyoke [Pioneer Valley]
and Boston {WLVI}. For Pennsylvania they are:
Wilkes-Barre-Scranton [WSWB], Pittsburgh {WPCW], Philadelphia {WPSG]
Harrisburg {WLYH}, and Erie {Northwest Penn}.For Texas they are:
Sherman-Ada [Texoma CW], San Antonio {KCWX], San Angelo {San Angelo CW]
Odessa-Midland {Permian Basin CW} Lubbock [22 KLCW], Laredo {Laredo CW}
Houston {KIAH}, Harlingen-Wslco-Brns {Rio Grande Valley CW},
El Paso {KVIA-DT}, Dallas {KDAF}, Corpus Christi {South Texas CW}
Beaumont {Southeast Texa}, Austin {KNVA},Amarillo {Amarillo CW}
Abilene [Abilene CW]. For Virginia they are:
Tri-Cities [CW4], Roanoke {WWVCW}, Richmond {WUPV},Norfolk [WGNT}
Harrisburn {CW 29}, Charlottesville [CW 29]. For Georgia they are:
Savannah, [CW 13], Macon {Central Ga CW], Columbus [66-WLGA]
Augusta {CW Augusta}, Atlanta {WUPA}, Albany {Albany CW}. For
Hawaii, Honolulu [KHON]. For Florida, they are:
West Palm Beach [WTVX], Tampa-St Pete {WTOG}, Tallahassee [Tallahassee-Th]
Panama City [Panama City CW], Orlando [WKCF], Miami {WSFL]
Jacksonville [WSWJ], Gainesville [Gainesville CW], and Fort Myers {WXCW]
For Alaska they are: Juneau {Juneau CW}, Fairbanks {Fairbanks CW}, and
Anchorage [Anchorage CW]. For Connecticut, at Hartford {WTXX], Delaware at
Wilmington [20-WTXX],and in virtually every state, and in District of
Columbia [WDCW] and Puerto Rico.For Illinois they are:
Rockford [Stateline CW], Quincy-Hannibal [Tri-States CW], Peoria -Bloomington
{Peoria, Bloomington], Chicago [WGN], Champaign-Springfield {WBUI]. For
Maryland at Baltimore, [WNUV] and at Salisbury {Delmarva CW}.
Remember that supposedly the FCC controls the number of networks and newspapers
that one entity could own to prevent monopoly on the news.It seems that they were
on the Obama payroll too?? Also remember that "affiliates' carry the same news as
the owned-outright stations do.

Obama is involved, :;_ylt=AsBCCCmNiAnlKWkpcTUgOcKs0NUE/
4:11 PM 12/9/2008
Added at 8:44pm,MT:
Yea, here is the story about Obama throwing Blagojevich under the bus too, after having benefitted from the same type
wheeling-dealing that helped him gain access to "middle eastern financiers': Read the entire article and you will
conclude that
Obama uses people then discards them like abortionists do, sucks out their blood money then kills them off, politically or
otherwise? 8:40 PM 12/9/2008 Here is a quote from that article:
"The New York Times reported last year that when he was entertaining Middle Eastern financiers at a Four Seasons
hotel in Chicago, he arranged for Mr. Blagojevich and Mr. Obama to drop by, separately and on different occasions,
to impress his guests.

Mr. Rezko derived his political influence mainly from his close relationship with Mr. Blagojevich, who relied on him
to recommend loyal campaign contributors for state appointments to boards and commissions, according to the
complaint unsealed on Tuesday. But as Mr. Rezko’s legal troubles escalated, Illinois politicians who had previously
found him useful, including Mr. Obama, disavowed him and started returning his campaign donations." [end quote]
Added at 9:22 pm, MT:news story in ABC's Nightline with the full affadavit detailing the schemes, and 'deals' of Gov Blagojevich, Rezko, Gov's Staffer and 'others',including the threats to Chicago Tribune to withhold necessary state approvals unless they fired the Board of Chicago Tribune for criticizing Blagojevich:

3:18 PM 12/9/2008

signed gloria poole, RN, and also artist, photographer, writer, poet, and missionary, Denver CO 80203

Monday, December 08, 2008

FEC:Why not 'gifts in kind' poli contrib of Streisand?

I read in the Google news today how Kennedy Center is rewarding those 'stars' who sponsored his candidate Obama with 'awards' that a lot of us would call graft and fraud. Why does not the FEC require reporting of endorsements by Hollywood 'stars' for political campaigns especially when it becomes obvious that there was some deal made of 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'?? How much does a campaign ad go for these days? And how many millions of dollars worth of free political campaign endorsements did the "stars" like Steisand and those rewarded by the Kennedy Center give Obama? That must be disclosed IF the US government does not want the US citizens to think the Federal Elections Campaigns office is in the pocket of the Kennedy-Clinton-Chicago political machinery.

Don't ever let it be said that the US FEC is a partisan office intent on making sure only Democrats get elected or reelected or nominated for jobs like Sec of State, because then it would be sort of equivalent to the way the communist countries conduct elections. That sort of trick that appears to be an election but was a rigged and decided beforehand event, is not becoming to a REPUBLIC. But of course it is the modus operandi of communist countries.
Added at 12:01 pm, MT after reading how the national cybersecurity fake team wants Obama to stop the very set of purposely fraudulent 'security' problems that got him fraudulently elected. Though "TGDAily" asked for public comments, they did not want comments from those opposed to fraud and corruption Obama-style so they censored them. But I am adding them here for the world to read:
"Asking Obama who got elected by exploiting the continent-sized
holes his team of experts created, to prevent hacking is equivalent
to asking a wolf to guard the hen house. You people are appallingly
stupid, or is that a pretense to appear as if you are addressing the
issues all the while, helping
Obama get elected by rigging election with computer con-games?? "
My comments to article that were censored because not complementary
to con-man Obama, on TGDaily ;
11:58 AM 12/8/2008
/s/ gloria poole, RN, and also artist, photographer, writer, and missionary, Denver CO 80203

Thursday, December 04, 2008

IF Health Care was Run by Lawyers..

If health care was run the way the legal profession is
by Gloria Poole, RN, 'gloriapoole'

I have given this some thought because of being a victim in a series of events that were deliberately staged by a violent con-man, and then having had to endure the so-called legal profession and their specialized set of con-men.
And I have come to these conclusions, that if health care was run the way the 'legal' profession is run, this is what you could expect:

1) When you called to make an appointment with a MD you would be told 'sorry I cannot give you medical advice, you'll have to talk to the doctor."
2) And then when you called back to make an appointment directly with the MD himself he would tell you he cannot talk to you unless you first pay him $5000 upfront cash. And if you could not afford the $5000 and you do your best to treat yourself you would be treated with contempt,ignored, made fun of, and tricked because you have the audacity to need medical attention and be poor at the same time. And the MD's there in the place where health care is supposed to be like an ER, would tell you that you are not allowed to take aspirin or try methods of getting pain relief because you are not a MD.
3) Then if you did pay him that $5000 to talk to him, he'd spent a few minutes with his para-pro or assistant telling them what forms to pull from their computer and what to fill into them and then he'd show up with in the operating room, and there would be no real effort to find out what you need or why. The legal profession is built upon a set of forms for each situation and the paralegals fill them in,and print them out.And if medical doctors merely used a set of forms and had a one size fits all approach all their patients would probably die, but that is the goal of the "new" Obama kind of phony health care.
4) There would be no investigative studies to find out what the real situation is, but your doctor would take your word for whatever you say is wrong with you, and not do any xrays or blood studies, or lab tests, but ASS-U-ME that you are expert enough to know what is wrong with you.
5) And if you were really sick and did not have the time nor the $5000 and had to represent yourself in an emergency room, you would be told by all the staff there that 'they are not there to give you medical advice, you will have to consult your MD" and sit around and talk to each other while you try to figure out what you need.
6) And you would be sent a summons to appear for mandatory questioning if anyone in your immediate family was sick because after all that is what the legal system does, it summons to court those who are not guilty of crimes in an effort to find some way out of the mess those for those who are guilty of crimes. It would be like the MD summoning you to his office with a sheriff's demand with a penalty for not appearing if your spouse got sick or if he developed some kind of deviant behaviour, sort of like when the court summons the innocent wife to Court to testify even though the Deputy saw what happened and also testified [supposedly] . The medical profession would want to make sure that you were properly intimidated by all those brilliant minds and knew your proper place.
7) And if you left the MD's office thinking your next appointment was such and such a day, then your ex-husband secretly told them you were sick and could not come that day because he did not want you to talk to them,and then nobody tells you that the appointment was changed so you show up when you were told too, because you trusted the system; but the receptionist took the $20 bribe he held out to her, and changed the appointment to make it look as if you were unreliable and did not keep your appointment.
8) And if you were actually scheduled for some surgery to help you, and you arrived and the check-in person at the front desk was difficult and said what is your medical record number? and you did not know it, and then she told you she could not find you on the schedule and "are you sure you were supposed to be here?', and then after you produced some kind of proof of your appointment she would say, 'oh, I guess I was mistaken" and then remind you again, 'we're not here to give you medical advice'.
9) And then when you were in what would be the equivalent of the proving ground for medical doctors equal to the Court system, the MD would tell you that 'you don't have rights because you are not a felon, therefore we don't have to be nice to you, or follow the standard acceptable procedures for this procedure because after all you don't count here, you are not a felon".
10) And of course the MD in charge in the operating room, sort of like the Judge is in a Courtroom, would tell the anesthesiologist that he had better watch you because you might be 'dangerous' because you are poor and you had the nerve to bring your pocketbook with you today, and it is in the locker in the preop area and you should be treated as a "suspicious person'.
11) and of course, let us not forget that if health care was run the way the legal profession is you would have to strip down to your underwear for every event and take off your shoes and your belongings and run them through the conveyor xray machine and be frisked with a wand if you had nails in your ankle or leg, and put up with strange men patting you down and observing you in a state of undress, and allowing staff to search and seize your belongings like nail clippers or nail files, and being totally embarrassed and humiliated before you see the MD so that he will think you are not in your right mind because you got angry at the invasion of your privacy.
12)And you would have to leave your phone at home so you cannot call for help or tape record what the MD tells you because after all he does not want you to really comprehend what happened there,or call for help if you are badly treated; and there would be no record of what happened in the operating room unless you asked for it ahead of time, and was willing to pay extra fees for a 'transcript' of the events that you were a participant in willingly or otherwise.
13) And when you cried for pain, you would be told "this is not the place to do that" and "it upsets the staff for you to cry" and they would shun you and make you feel worst, and then tell you that they are 'not here to give you medical advice',that you will have to see your $5000 MD or his para-pro if you are in pain.
14) And there would be a multitude of decisions all written in medico-legal jargon, that required a sixteen year college prep special degree for and when you asked questions, the MD would say, "I cannot give you medical advice".

If you realize what health care would be like if LAWYERS ran it, you would not be in favor of socialized medicine. We in the US have socialized legalism and it is horrible.
Today's date is Dec 4,2008 at 7:41 pm, MT
/s/ gloria poole, RN, Denver CO 80203
Update Friday at 3:123 pm MT:
I read about the 'new' KGB form of Obama-government in today's news-- that cronyism thing where one con-politician picks another con-politician and they are all sort of in the slime together about how Hillary who promoted the Kennedys in Denver while trying to hijack Obama's socialist plan for herself, bailed on her job with the US Senate and guess what? Just in time to promote another baby-killing crony from NY to her spot named Kennedy. Those ungodly and vile Kennedy's--will we NEVER be rid of that group of killers nor of the even more ungodly and vile Clintons?? All you who pray and who believe that there is a GOD pray HE gets rid of those wicked killing groups!
Also I almost forgot to tell you that there is a so-called 'virus' named Patrick Kenedy that is sent to the emails of Republicans by the Kennedy family, to trace their ip provider to bounce/prevent messages being added to blogs. It was in three of my emails early this am and as I deleted them, my emails were bounced for a while [about 8 hrs] until just after the planned Clinton-Kennedy bypass of citizen's electing their so-called 'senators' to offer, was 'announced' in the news as a done deal. History is replete on the use of spying and subertuge to accomplish evil. History will prove the connection of the cybercrime-guru-Obama and his band of thieves, murderers, cyber-hackers, liars, and con-men and con-women.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Harvard would have honored Hitler for his research

If there is news in today's news that makes me want to throw up, it is the news that Harvard University that was founded to be Christian is honoring one of the worst men in the history of the US! That vile Ted Kennedy who murdered a woman at Chappaquiddick and who has been the driving force in killing/dicing/slicing human beings in the womb for 40 years. He should be hung from a gallows along with Hillary and Bill Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi, and Barbara Boxer, and John Lewis, and a whole slew of others for the 100 MILLION dead US citizens on their watch and with their help. They are all guilty of crimes against humanity according to the definition of that.

And Christian parents,do not send your kids to Harvard. Pull out all stops to prevent your kids from going to that horrible University because Harvard will brainwash your kids until they think perversion is a so-called right, and that humans are for chopping and dicing for phony research labs. Remember that the abominable Hitler also did 'research' and justified his killing that way for several years, but in the end, his 'ways and means' were discovered and he killed himself rather than face trial. Harvard U, you are a disgrace to the name christian, and you belong more appropriately to those nations who kill so tell people of your true intent instead of lying and deceiving. The so-called 'values' of Harvard are killing innocents, parading perverts, and swindling taxpayers.
signed gloria poole, RN, artist, Denver CO 80203