Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stupidest Congress Ever in Financial Meltdown

Here's my question about the 500 BILLION [half-TRILLION] dollar buyout by the US government of bad mortgages to buy houses and property for deadbeats who don't pay their mortgages:
where is that $500 BILLION going to come from? The budget for the US Military? The budget for the public schools? The budget for Social Security that entire generations were forced to participate in when employers held money back from wages to pay for it?? Where? And what makes the US government think that IF the mortgage holders don't pay their mortgages to the banks, that they will pay them to the US government? Is the US now beginning a 'new' phase of communism moving toward guaranteeing a house to every citizen? Because the Constitution and preamble, and Declaration of Independence all established the principle that was is right for one citizen is right for all citizens. Therefore is the US government prepared to buy with the taxpayer budget ALL Mortgages in the US? Because that is what will be required if they put that giant bulldozer of federal buy-outs of bad bad bad business decisions on the Capitol Hill and remove the brake on it? It is going to plow over every mortgage 'investment' bank, and every bad mortgage made in the US. It is stupidity!
I am not deceived. The US Congress is without a doubt one of the stupidest Congresses since there was a Congress. They laid plans to depopulate the nation, teach communism or the "less" version of it named socialism in the public schools, prosecute the innocent babies, turn loose the wicked on the nation, devalue the dollar, forget to rein in the SEC who was supposed to prevent fraud and meltdown on the Stock market, created more and more worthless 'securities', have already devalued the US Treasury Bills, and now plan to bankrupt the entire nation to save the behinds of the wicked in the SEC, Wall Street, the so-called investment brokers that were nothing more than gamblers in the housing markets. I am convinced the US would be better off without Congress or Wall Street.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203
Here's an article with a more common sense approach the words that BIG INVESTMENT HOUSE BROKERS' BANKERS:


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