Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Public Notice: of my phone to prevent slamming

This is another desperation notice to the Public and lenders and places that sell TMobile products,the phone numbers of 720-231-2591 and 720-278-6527 belong to me, Gloria Poole of Denver CO 80203. Somebody is trying to slam my phone and through cybercrime steal not only the number but the last payment made on the 10th of this month to it. Please be aware that these phone numbers are registered to me with TMobile and paid for by me, and that there is no one else authorized on either of these accounts but me. Don't be defrauded and please do not defraud me. I have not moved and I have not cancelled either phone of mine and I have two cell phones plus a landline because my then-husband stalked me three times the last year of 2007 [divorced since Oct 29,2007] and I want to be sure I always have a phone. My exhusband does not represent me nor my LLP's; and is not on any account of mine. Don't be deceived by him. He is a con-man from the get go and tells people he is a MD or a physical therapist when his only license was as a masseuse. The last name I knew him by was Pappas but that was probably a stolen name from what I know about him now. My name is Gloria Poole.
Update as of 7:43 pm: this entry the Dems did not want you to read which is why my cell phone was hacked today* is the one below entitled 'Full Blown Financial Meltdown on Dems watch'. Make sure you read to see what they were trying to prevent me from adding too when they hacked my phone. Also read my blog at for tonight's entry about Obama's hackers hacking into Gov Palin's email on Yahoo. *They think it's a blackberry with email sending capability but it's not--I don't send email with any phone. I learned my lesson last year when Hillary's hackers were trying to get her elected. This year they teamed up with Obama's hackers; therefore Republicans look out! The demons are on the loose --raise up the Cross of JESUS before you, quick!


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