Sunday, September 21, 2008

NO King Henry and NO King Ben either!

I am mad! I was mad before I read this BBC article about how Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson are planning a takeover of the US but now I am furious. Read this and then get madder:
And look at the photo of President Bush in their announcement of their attempt to hijack the US budget and the nation, and you will know it is not the President's idea to hijack the taxpayers for the donkey of the wicked; nor does it meet with his approval. It is a scam from the get-go. A scam intended to help those who defrauded millions out of millions of people and who are corrupt, dishonest, gamblers and evil in every sense of the word.

Those liars,including Ben Bernanke who seems to think he is running the government and that was said first in the NY Times, is not telling the truth about anything. There may be some so-called 'toxic mortgages' but I am positive it is not the reason that they are trying to rush through a bad bad bad legislation. It is because the gamblers in the stock market who bet on phony so-called medical research that involved shredding, chopping and dicing and selling human babies from the womb, found out that their gamble was a loser--that is it is a fraud intended to make fake scientists and planned unparenthood richer, and worst than a fraud, but criminal because it violates the RICO provisions of anti-racketeering laws. And yea,there was an component of the losses that mounted from that pyramid scheme of e*Trade that was siphoning off money from real accounts after luring people in with the offer of opening an account with a dollar. But should the entire US government budget be hijacked to cover the sins of the wicked? Should not those bad deals be allowed to fail and shouldn't those guilty be prosecuted for fraud, racketeering, violation of SEC laws, cybercrime etc? Yes they should, therefore
VOTE NO! to that scam by Bernanke and Paulson! Vote NOT to self-crowned Kings and fraudsters!

Also, I want to ask which of those scheming men is laying his golden egg, and which company are they planning to head up after January? The US public has a right to know that. Read this quote from the Houston TX Chronicle:
News at :
9:16 AM 9/21/2008 this quote:
"Paving the way for today's financial supermarkets was, to be sure,
a bipartisan affair. The law was signed by Bill Clinton, and
Clinton's Treasury secretary, Robert Rubin, now sits atop Citigroup.

The new law blurred the lines among financial institutions,
allowing them to dabble in home lending, stockbrokering,
wealth management, investment banking, commodities trading,
insurance and a slew of other activities that swirled into the
miasma from which the current crisis grew."[end quote]

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203
--Update as of 12:39 Mountain Time: This quote from article in the Bloomberg News regarding Paulson's plan to ruin America:
"He's asking for a huge amount of power,'' said Nouriel Roubini,
an economist at New York University. ``He's saying, `Trust me,
I'm going to do it right if you give me absolute control.'
This is not a monarchy.''
12:37 PM 9/21/2008
quote from Bloomberg article today:
Update as of 1:15pm Sunday, an article in Politico entitled "Economists are Skeptical.." :;_ylt=AmGNIKnLRaAY9f2nPTZquyWs0NUE/
Though 'skeptical'is not the word I would have put there. I AM FURIOUS that Congress would even spend one minute contemplating such a hare-brained idea, let alone, discuss and debate it. It is unconstitutional on the face of it. Period. If the enemies of America had put their heads together to figure out a way to ruin the nation totally by implementing socialized finance and banks, that would be the Paulson-Bernanke plan ./s/ gp
Update as of 5:05pm : [Quote:]
"But new Fannie Mae CEO Herbert M. Allison Jr., who was
chairman of investment firm TIAA-CREF, has contributed
to Republicans and Democrats, including Democratic
presidential nominee Barack Obama. New Fannie Mae
Chairman Philip Laskawy, who served as chairman and CEO of accounting firm Ernst & Young, has given most of his contributions to Democrats. And new Freddie Mac Chairman John Koskinen, former president of
the U.S. Soccer Foundation, worked in the Clinton White House."[end quote]
Aren't the dems the same corrupt group that criticizes Sarah Palin for
being a soccer man while at the same time appointing a soccer director
to run Fannie Mae? And here's the obvious question, since Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are both GOVERNMENT entities that failed also, why does the same government think the failing formula will work but with higher stakes to the nation? Is the government take-over of all real property an indicator of communism? If you read the Communist Manifesto, you will see that it is.
From this article in the LA Times today about how incompetent the US government
is as CEO, and the connection between the Dems and the diastrous plan:,0,1355734.story?page=2/


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