Friday, September 26, 2008

My Plan if there must be a financial 'bail-out"

I still do not think it wise to rescue the bad companies, or the criminal element from Wall Street.I also know that the mortgage issue has more to do with the facade of respectability that is the carrot for Congress to go along to get along. I also know that the Congress is not usually concerned with morals when doing business with crooks and thugs and does that normally, so I am realistic. If they were moral and righteous people there would be no lobbying favors, no perqs from corporations for voting this way or that way, and no kow-towing to the $$$$. Being Christian, I am opposed to rewarding evil.
IF there is to be 'plan' for Wall Street maintenance here is the plan I would suggest:
1) that when a home-buyer buys a property with a mortgage [loan backed up by the real tangible property] then these conditions exist: no reselling of the mortgage afterwards to another lender without home-buyers consent and after disclosing how terms of mortgage would be affected. Some Americans do not like the idea that their home they dwell in is financed with foreign money. Also the home-buyer gets to veto the resale of their mortgage for any reason. In other words the home-buyer is a participant since expected to make the payments and should have the final word of whom they will transact business with. That takes away the ugh factor in finding out you are making payments to a company you disagree with vehemently.
2) There would be no executive bonuses if any publicly traded company had a loss in any quarter of the fiscal year.
3) Executive salaries would be capped at ten times the annual salary of the highest paid staffer. IF GOD is content with ten percent of your increase as tithes, the executives could be also.
4) Any money given from the US Treasury to 'bail-out' is handled as a bona-fide transaction with the title to the property changing hands to the US taxpayer collectively, and with preference of resale to US taxpayers only.
5) No selling of stocks that a person does not own! Ever!
6) SEC on-site analysis of publicly traded companies at least annually.
That on-site inspection is a routine requirement for medical facilities and what is good for the goose is good for the gander, as my grandmother always said.
7) Bankruptcy Judges to be allowed to rewrite mortgage payments but not below market value of the property and not below resale value of it, and based upon facts of the income not the 'word' of liars and politicians.
8) No mortgages [loans for real estate] made on any property that does not appraise at the full value of the loan.
9) No mortgages made based solely on political connections, or as perqs to a Congressman or woman, or as a lobbying enticement to vote a certain way.
10) No handing over a blanket waiver of the US Constitution to anyone.
11) No delegating the US budget to any one person's control.
12) No powers of law-making delegated to an unelected Agency head of any agency.
13) No gambling with other folks' money or stocks, i.e. no churning of stocks [already the law as I understand it] to increase commissions, no 'short-selling' [selling what you do not own], no selling of stocks held by shareholders without their explicit consent.
14) If a company makes a profit that exceeds the needs and expenses by greater than 200% dividends will be paid to shareholders. At present whether they pay dividends o not for any reason, is the companies' option, yet investors should reap the rewards of their investments.
15) All mortgages will be subject to these same rules for any group of citizens and for any level of income. All mortgages will be entitled to be rewritten in bankruptcy court, all home-buyers have the right to refuse the resale of a mortgage that they consented to based upon a specific lender,and all home-owners and future home-owners get the same opportunity to default and the government buy their property for them and rewrite the loan to favorable to the home-owner terms.
This is a starter package. I have to think on it more.
16) Companies that willfully, knowingly made mortgage or any loans based upon a desire to defraud the customer, lose all their equity and their license to operate as a financial institution.
17) prosecute the fraudsters!
18) No money to abortion "clinics" or 'medical research' that chops and dices humans; or gay-lesbian events, or planned unparenthood by any name, no sodomy promotion, nor killing-of-innocents.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203 And UGA alum!
Update :
Good for John McCain; stick to the no-deal with crooks, plan of no bail-out! Read article:
8:11 AM 9/26/2008

Washington Mutual's failure has to do with the way it treated its customers, and an
arrogant attitude that shareholder's money was their political slush fund, is my opinion from having had accounts with them for two years previously; but there is an article in the Yahoo News today saying it was because of their 'bets' on mortgages.
update as of 10:51 am MT:
Union protests of bailout on Wall Street;
and this quote:
"If such consideration is not given, a large majority of Republicans
cannot — and will not — support" the administration's plan,
Boehner wrote.
Read article entitled "Congress restarts troubled" in the Yahoo news today.
10:53 AM 9/26/2008
Update as of 4:07 PM, MT:
This quote about NY's Cuomo:
"Cuomo is turning to the massive credit-default swap market,
which he believes may have been manipulated in order
to give the impression that certain companies were in trouble."
from article entitled "Official: Cuomo expands short selling probe" written by
Micheal Gormley; subpoenas were served to Depository Trust and Clearing Corp, and Markit Group, LTD, and Bloomberg LP. Read article at Yahoo News today.
4:02 PM 9/26/2008
Update: Notice to the Public; the six or seven ads that were put on my blog for travel nurses were put there by disreputable hackers. I do not endorse travel nurses and did not give them permission to add content to my blog. I do not have any affiliation with them and vice versa. They are hackers apparently and should be prosecuted for cybercrime. I have never given any one the password to this blog but me! I want you to know that the ads in the pretense of newsletters were not added by me nor authorized by me and that travel nurses has no authority to add content to my blog or any writings of mine. Notice to public: I do not ever endorse products and I would not endorse any nurse's group that hacks into others emails or blogs or steals content. Don't be deceived. signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203 I suspect that was done by Hillary's hackers or Obama's to try to prevent the public from seeing a particular blog entry I wrote. Also contrary to what the illegal mexicans think I am not spanish speaking nor Hispanic! They seem to think my prevous married name [but now divorced] of Pappas was a mexican name whereas I was told when I married into that family, that it was Greek, but only GOD HIMSELF knows at this point. I would appreciate it and find it easier to respect the Hispanic people as a class if they were not always on the take.
4:02 PM 9/26/2008
update as of 6:16pm MT:
Quote from article in the NY Times:
"Before flying to Mississippi for the first presidential debate,
Mr. McCain met on Friday morning at the Capitol with the minority
leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, and with House Republican
leaders, who then installed Mr. Blunt of Missouri
to replace Spencer Bachus of Alabama as their lead negotiator." and also
this quote:" Senator Richard C. Shelby of Alabama, the senior
Republican on the banking committee and a critic of the plan,
said the proposal had to change before it would win support of Republicans."

Read article at:
6:17 PM 9/26/2008


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