Thursday, September 18, 2008

I got my phone back & here's some relevant news

I got my phone back after posting the public notices that it is my phone; and complaints about hacking into my account. And thank GOD! But I am upset still that the articles mentioning the hackers into Gov Palin's email seem to be focusing on whether she as a private person has the 'right' to have a private email if she is a Government official and if she has the 'right' to privacy. I say she does have the right to the guarantees of the US Constitution as would any citizen. Those who run for office in this country do not become owned by the media! They do not surrender their Constitutional protections at the door in exchange for being a public servant, nor do they waive them by running for office. It was out of bounds for that group of cowards working for Obama, no doubt, or Hillary wannabee Prez, to hack her private email and to display it on the web. Her private photos if decent and apparently they were,[as in not in violation of federal decency laws] should be private, considering that we, citizens, in the USA, supposedly are guaranteed the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures by any agent of the government. Is Obama a US Senator an agent of and for the US Government? IS Hillary Clinton an agent of the US government who both have the means [via usurpation of power through Patriot Act] to order government intrusion into privacy of personal computers [mine] software on cell phones, [mine] Yahoo or any email account [mine; and also Gov Sarah Palin's from media reports] ?? I am sure that the group 'anonymous' cowardly thieves that they are, or Secret Service employees, did what they did to 'help' Obama but I am also sure it won't help him but defeat him.
Here are the articles I would like for you to read today and my comments with them:
[quote :]
Roll Call says White House aides "heatedly reject suggestions
by Democrats that Bush has not sought to regulate the financial
sector, eagerly pointing to a list of initiatives they say Bush pressed for and Democrats resisted." White House Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto said,. "It's absurd to make
the claim that somehow we failed to put in strong regulations."[end quote]
quote from:
9:42 AM 9/18/2008
NYTimes article:Financial Crisis Enters New Phase
Accurate assessment by McCain:
As for Wall Street, Mr. McCain blamed the meltdown on “unbridled corruption and greed.” [end quote]that is from opinion piece in NY Times, today.
Here's one of the reasons there is a financial crisis in the US: other nations are competing causing socialised auto dealers and other US companies to fail:
And why are not the hackers into Gov Palin's private email to be prosecuted for theft of personal info andbreaking into email not owned by them, a violation of federal US cybercrime laws? Read article at:
Also there is NO mention of the hacking into her private email in the NY Times today! Astonishingly, but you know that if a Republican group hacked Obama's email it would be splashed all over the front page in every news paper in the world. But thank GOD for the courage of the BBC in reporting it as fact.
Good Article on risks in financial markets:
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203. I do have a physical address but don't post it as a general rule.
Update as of 5:05 PM:
I think the news report that John McCain said he would fire Christopher Cox of the Securities and Exchange Commission is a light in a dark tunnel of the mess of the Wall Street Meltdown. Where has Cox been for the past 2 years while the Dems controlled Congress?? In Brazil drumming up support for Obama?? Get a grip. Any private CEO whose company lost so much money from bad decisions and gambling [the stock market] and bad phony investments with profits generated only by churning, would be fired on the spot by the Board of Directors. While you're at it, fire these folks too: Ben Bernanke, Karl Rove and the entire SEC Board of Directors and staff. It is clear they were not doing their job! Also, the US does not need another federal agency! Please!--don't create more federal agencies-- that would only cost taxpayers more and do less. The more talking heads you have in a decision after a certain point produces nothing but chaos, and generic wishy-washy, wordy non-decisions with no teeth in them. The Resolution Trust created after the SEC failed in the 80's did not stop the failure of Washington Mutual, and you know why? Washington Mutual was spending its money on promoting sodomy and 'gay rights' instead of creating dividends for shareholders. Fools that they are, and they hire really stupid managers. The Manager in Denver told me she would call the Denver Police because I asked her why she closed my accounts in good standing for no reason in 2006? and she did that in a lobby filled with customers,who saw and heard what I said and what she said; but not to worry I don't think that lobby has been filled with customers since then, because I walk by there often. There's a sure fire way to win customers to your side, threaten your 2 year long customers with Police harassment! Two government agencies existed to stop fraud in Trust companies at that time but neither of them did anything that I know of to stop WaMu from defrauding customers or shareholders. The SEC had a wink-wink attitude because it seems that WaMu only harasses the Republican account holders. Get a grip on this by firing the culprits not by giving them billions of taxpayer's money!


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