Friday, September 05, 2008

Here is the Post that RMN censored to avoid truth

Today I wrote several replies to the ongoing debate on the Rocky Mountain News forum article about John McCain, and the RMN removed them several times because:
1) they are a socialist propaganda tool usually, and don't like Republicans;
2) they are sponsored by Planned Unparenthood, and they don't want to offend them with the truth;
3) they are in the pocket of the Jews that run the Lake Steam Baths massage parlor and orgy center on Colfax. Take your pick for their reasons or all of the above.But here is what I want you to know:
As to what qualifies John McCain as President it is his perserverance in times of stress, his endurance under life-threatening conditions, the torture and interrogation he received as a P.O.W. that built his endurance to beyond the normal human capacity for most US citizens, the dedication to the nation to stay true to the Military goals, the committment to do more for America and the Military training that has served him well.
Point 2 that I answered but will answer again: to the posters of that forum and the world, the US borrows about a billion dollars per day from countries like China, Japan, and the Middle East oil rich nations and have done that since the 80's. Those of you who think that any President could eliminate the US debt are fools.The Congress would have to change a lot of laws about imports, exports, and trade laws and the borrowing status of the US. And the US would have to recognize that it is a dying nation because it is depopulating and then they would have to change all that too, by passing a Constitutional Amendment to protect the future citizens who are also future taxpayers.
Point 3 is that there is no such right as the right to health care. The socialist try to fool all the fools all the time but it never works. There is no such right in American law. Those running for the socialist positions have discovered that they get a lot of attention when they mention that, but they cannot do it; and neither has any country done it sucessfully. Get the facts. Hospitals because they could not make ends meet started importing foreign nurses about 20 years ago because they work for way less than Americans, and the hospitals get tax breaks because of it.
Point 4: John McCain is a maverick because he disagrees with that wicked prodeath Congress that the USA is unfortunately stuck with until then next election.
Point 5: Tax cuts help all especially those rich enough to own businesses and need employees. The less tax they pay the more they could invest in their businesses and in employee wages. The Congress mandated perqs and benefits have bankrupted many businesses. The Union demanded fees of $40-50-60 per hour in industries like the auto industry has driven that industry completely abroad. There is no competitive auto industry in the US that is domestic HQ based.
Point 6) I have not heard or read of any "plan' of Obama except to depopulate the nation, a loser plan for everyone.
Point 7) Regardless of who is President, the jobs will go overseas because that is the only factor that makes any US business competitive. The laws demanding higher and higher perqs and benefits for Americans has made US companies non-competitive. They almost have to move their locations abroad to make a profit. The larger companies are required to provide high wages, health insurance, sick pay, time off, holidays, parking lots, and the costs of those added in perqs adds between $8000-10000 or more annually. Whereas if the companies move those jobs abroad, they get labor for $1-2 per shift not $500 per shift and the people in those poor countries win too, because they have wages for the first time in their lives. It is an economic reality but most people educated in the US have no concept of economics, or any maths, or any finance or any science classes but nonsense coursework.
And while I'm at it, if as the poster on that forum said that Obama's two pieces of federal legislation consisted of 'relief for Africa" and 'disarmament of the US' then he should not be President or even in Congress. Africa is not a state in the US and the people there do not vote and they do not pay taxes and it is not the duty of American citizens to pay them from the federal taxpayers' pocket. And also Obama did not make it on his own as one ignorant poster wrote but went to Harvard on affirmative action which is a US government program that forces a University to admit because of skin color. That is a huge problem in most people's eyes.
Also as to why the Prolife President Bush was not able to accomplish more is because the Congress is the worst Congress money could buy and is prodeather and that wicked Bill Clinton has the blood of millions of innocents on his hands from his failure to do anything to help them and from his lifting the ban on fetal research thus violating the Nuremberg laws about human research, and resulting in many more deaths of innocents in the womb.
And to sum up, I am a prolifer and I oppose killing. It is the prodeathers, the proaborts that kill innocents in the womb. Also my legal name is Gloria Poole and I am divorced and no matter how many times that wicked demonic exhusband of mine tells you otherwise, I am still divorced from him and removed his name of Pappas from my name. He is from hell.
signed gloriapoole, RN and artist,Denver CO 80203


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