Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Best Solution is NO "SOLUTION":Let Recession

When you are faced with no money in your home what do you do? Do you print more money? Do you steal what is not yours and sell it to get cash? {yes I know some criminals do that but most folks do not.] Do you break in someone's dwelling and loot possessions? No, I didn't think so; though again I am aware painfully that bad people do those things. The question is : is the US government a good thing or a bad thing? Does it print more money deflating the dollar when it runs out of money? Or does it cinch in the profligate spending that was never constitutional to begin with like doing away with the billions given to Planned Unparenthood via the Dept of Defense and the US Dept of "Education? Does it clip the wings of those see-Europe-on-taxpayers-dime-Congressmen and women? Does it cease funding fraud by big wheeler-dealers on Wall Street or does it reward them with more money? It is an option to do nothing or better yet, stop the fraudulent spending on programs that depopulate the nation/encourage killing of innocent citizens in the womb.
Here are some quotes to make you think:

"The ugly fact is that there is no painless way out of our financial
mess";and also this quote:

"The bailout bill is a classic example of expediency over
effectiveness. It will purchase dud assets at above-market prices.
It does serve to recapitalize banks, but it rewards the worst
offenders and does nothing to restore trust." She suggests a better
approach:" By contrast, the most successful approach is to let asset
prices fall to discover the extent of the damage, take over failed
banks, recapitalize them, and later sell them back to investors."

This quote from article entitled "The Real Solution to the Financial Crisis:recession"
by Yves Smith at:
6:35 AM 9/30/2008
And this quote from NY Times article entitled "Treasury and the Fed
Looking at Options" by Edmund L Andrews and Mark Landler :
“It’s our view that this package, in a fundamental sense, will not
solve the problem,” said Simon Johnson, a former chief economist
at the International Monetary Fund." Please read entire article at:
6:44 AM 9/30/2008
"In Algeria, a large cartoon on the front page of the newspaper
El-Watan showed Uncle Sam at prayer: "Save us!" he says,
kneeling before a portrait of China's Mao Zedong."
Quote from article entitled, "US Casino mentality blamed for planet's meltdown".
Read article at:
3:54 PM 9/30/2008

/s/ gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203


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