Thursday, September 25, 2008

Auraria Campus, Co, Ignore Lynne Paltrow!

Auraria Campus in Denver Colorado, ignore speaker Lynne Paltrow scheduled there at 12:30 pm today. Better yet cancel her propaganda from Planned Unparenthood speech ! She is from an obvious proabort group deceitfully named 'National Advocates for Pregnant Women [seeking abortion; no doubt from her words in that article.]". That woman has NO clue what she is talking about. In the US' medico-legal climate and laws, no person, woman or man, could be forced into any surgery legally. It is a violation of existing law to force surgery on any one,and that is why there are informed consent laws. The Denver Daily News reported today in article "Personhood's Side Effects?" that wicked woman 'Lynne Paltrow' as saying Amendment A-48 would 'force women to have C-Sections" if voters voted it into law. That is an outrageous and egregious distortion of the truth. Amendment A-48 is to define personhood of all humans in the womb with human DNA, and yes, GOD willing it will help give them legal protections in the laws of Colorado and in the nation. And Yes, GOD willing it will become law, because it is the right thing to do.
Amendment A 48 is designed to add truth of medical facts to the legal status of unborn children by stating in the public law, what medical doctors have known for decades if not centuries, that a human from a human man and human woman, is HUMAN and must have legal protection and not be appointed to destruction by medical assassins [abortionists]. Please vote YES to Amendment A 48! Let Colorado define the preborn/unborn as human and protect the human species.
signed gloria poole, RN Denver CO 80203
Update as of 12:34pm MT on the issue of deal-making by Congress and crooks:
Frank expressed scorn at McCain's decision to take part
in the Washington maneuvering. "All of a sudden, now that
we're on the verge of making a deal, John McCain airdrops himself in to help us," Frank said. "Frankly, we're going to have to interrupt a
negotiating session tomorrow . . . and troop down to the
White House for their photo op". Well, well, well, Barney Frank does not want a leader there who opposes sodomy and sin --too bad! Barney Frank is in my opinion not a force to be reckoned with, or dealt with in any fashion, but an abominable man*;
there on the so-called strength of the gay-lesbian BIG MONEY LOBBYING
groups. What's in the 'deal' for that wicked group?
Tell the truth Senators and Reps. What do you really know about
what companies you are supposedly 'saving' by your so-called
rescue? We, citizens, know what you are all trying to save is your
million dollar-billion deal-making alliances with the legion of devils of
planned unparenthood, abortuaries, phony medical research labs,
Gay-Lesbian perversions, that you all invested in on the insider track
via your duties in the US Congress. That is why the so -called 'urgency"
factor is there--you are all about to lose your jobs and your fake investments
that were more gambling than investing. Be ashamed of yourselves
for trying to hoodwink the public.
Above quote from this article in the LA Times:,0,32401.story?page=2/
12:32 PM 9/25/2008
Footnote and updates:
*Leviticus 18:22 is written, to men: 'thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind; it is abomination."
Update as of 1:35 PM MT:
While I am on the topic of deal-making by crooks, felons and so-called Congressmen and women, I want to make it perfectly clear why I oppose that "deal" in Congress being bandied about as a panacea to all manner of fraud,deceit and corruption.
I oppose it on these principles that are my life long to this point principles and beliefs:
1) it is always wrong to reward criminal behaviour; and the Wall Street firms that defrauded their shareholders,churned stocks and lied on their prospectus' are criminal by US law.
2) It is always a violation of the US Constitution for Congress to delegate all power to an individual regardless of who that person is.
3) It is always wrong to allow a person who stands to gain millions {Paulson and Bernanke will return to Wall St most likely in four months time]create or control policy while an obvious conflict of interest exists, i.e. lack of ethics in who or what he is representing. Neither of those men are doing what is good for the nation but trying to create a golden parachute for themselvses and 535 other Congressmen and women who most likely will lose in the coming election.
4) For the US Congress to make deals with the devil of 'the love of money' turns my stomach. They disgust me every one of them . .they have no integrity and no honor.
5) They have no plan either. Not one detail is forthcoming about who would benefit from government paid for mortgages--the rich?? The congress? The Wall Street banker's millionaire homes?? Obama?? Would the mortgage bankers then renegotiate all mortgages they hold or merely the politically correct mortgages of the rich and powerful??
6) They are using smoke and mirrors of the type once used in country fairs for the house of mirrors and distortion to try to trick the American public in going along; but we are not as stupid as they think. Being in Congress for decades has melted their brains.
7) Buying out at someone else's expense [taxpayers] "worthless" mortgages [if that were the case they would not be worthless--real property has real value] at future prices for the gain of only one segment of the nation and that is Wall Street not main street, to pump up con-men, liars, theives and reprobates sends what message to the future generations--the bigger your fraud, the more money you get from Congress.WHAT kind of message is that? Should the US ever reward law-breaking, fraud, corruption. NO!
8) It is unconstitutional on the face of it.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203


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