Wednesday, September 24, 2008

$83 MILLION Annual Salary=1 Executive??

I am opposed to the 'bail-out' =buy-out=socialised control of Banks and I am opposed to unlimited authority by any one person in the US and I am opposed to violations of the US Constitution and I am also opposed to fraud and greed. Having written that, here are the significant quotes that should be taken into reasoning in the debates about IF taxpayers should reward fraud, greed, mismanagement and law-breaking in the disguise of baiing out Wall Street. I vote NO that taxpayers should not do that ever:

"In 2007, the total compensation of chief executives in large
American corporations was 275 times that of the salary of the
average worker, the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal research
organization, estimates. In the late 1970s, chief executive
pay was 35 times that of the average American worker."
Quote from Article in NYTimes, entitled, "In Bailout Furor, Wall
Street Pay Becomes a Target'. by Steve Lohr at this site:
and another quote from that article:
“This financial crisis is a direct result of the compensation
practices at these Wall Street firms,” said Paul Hodgson, a senior
analyst at the Corporate Library, a governance research group."
And from the UN this quote via NYTimes:
We must not allow the burden of the boundless greed of a few to
be shouldered by all,” said President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of
Brazil in an opening speech that reflected the tone of the gathering."
Read entire article at:
and another quote with a demand for international response :
"President Nicolas Sarkozy of France described the crisis as the
worst financial mess since the Depression of the 1930s and the
financial system as “insane.” He called for a summit meeting in
November to determine how to address the problems and
to develop greater international regulations of financial markets."
8:58 AM 9/24/2008
And while you are reading, please read this article:
and scroll to the one entitled, "British Banks Shorted" and read the part
about John Paulson of NY company, "Paulson and Co" and asks yourself
what is the relationship between John Paulson and Henry Paulson?
And read the part about Warren Buffett's buy into Goldman Sachs.
Also read this article, "Taxpayers Recapitalize Banks" ' and be MAD:
Quoting it:"Chairman Bernanke said that the Treasury would
attempt to buy these debts from banks at close to their
"hold-to-maturity" value, not the market value.

In practice, it means banks who sell their debts to the Treasury
would receive cash equivalent to something like twice the value
in their books of these poisonous assets. In other words banks
would book a profit from selling to taxpayers!

It would represent a massive injection of new capital into the
US banking system - for which taxpayers would receive nothing
in return;"
" Read whole article at:
And from Scotland:
"According to Simon Thompson, [The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland chief executive] the credit crunch has left the
banking profession "not in credit, but discredited".Read article entitled
"Call for Higher Banking Standards" at:
Also read this article entitled, "Key Finance Firms probed by FBI" and
this quote:" Investigators are reportedly examining possible fraud
by mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the failed bank
Lehman Brothers and insurer AIG.

Top managers at those firms are also being investigated,
the reports say." at this site:

and this quote from US Senator:
"The committee's chairman Democrat senator Chris Dodd,
speaking after the hearing, said: "What they have sent us
is not acceptable." and again,And Chris Dodd said the "economic
maelstrom" stemmed from a mixture of "private greed and
public regulatory neglect". Read the entire article entitled "Bail-out Fears Return to Markets" at:
/s/ gloria poole, Denver CO 80203
Update with my letter written to HHS Sec Mike Leavitt today in response to request for public comments on whether the US should force MDs, RN's,Pharmacists,Pharmacies,etc to participate in killing:

9:47 AM 9/24/2008
Sir, I am opposed to the US government demanding that licensed health care
providers participate in any form of killing whether that includes prescribing
abortifacients [ some so-called 'contraceptives'] assisting with abortion,
administering drugs that kill, withholding food and water and life-giving care, or
smothering them, or placing them in a metal tray to die alone, or starving them, or
shredding them or gassing them, or any method known to any diabolical mind, or
being complicent with those deeds in any whatsoever. I am a Registered Nurse of
many years and I adhere to the Commandments of GOD particularly the 'thou
shalt not kill' Commandment.

Furthermore, I believe it is not the duty of the US government to ever license
medical assassins. Nor is it the duty of the US government to implement public
laws that depopulate the nation. Furthermore when the word gets out that certain
states have hospitals that do perform such evil killing events, their population will
eventually learn of that through the grapevine and they will have no customers
except those seeking death. Is that the kind of 'health care' you envision--kill 'em
and burn 'em? [many cities now have crematoriums much as existed in Nazi
Germany]. It sickens me to think of the US becoming that type of nation, and I
ask you to oppose such with all your heart and ability.
When a nation, any nation legalizes killing, it becomes a 'convenient' method of
legally disposing of those who annoy you. Remember again the Nazi German
medical ranks that assigned Jews to death until a brave 100 member group of
Doctors said "NO" we will not participate in this; and some of them went to prison
because of it. But it turned the tide because the world's attention became focused
on the testimony of the medical doctors of conscience and courage.
Please I beg you Sir, allow medical doctors and nurses to opt out of any event
that involves killing.
signed gloria poole RN and artist, Denver CO 80203
Also avoid these states listed in this article because they believe Doctors and nurses and pharmacists should be forced to kill:
9:47 AM 9/24/2008
-----------Posted at the website today to protest such evil as medical killing in the first place, and to protest it as a Registered Nurse who is not ever going to participate in any form of killing. The deadline to reply to this public enquiry is tomorrow. To read how to do that go to one of my blogs at:
http;// and read today's entry info about that.
--Update as of 10:50 am MT:quote from Jimmy Carter:
"It's only three pages of outline. It gives him dictatorial power with no supervision," Carter said."[end quote]
from article at:;_ylt=Ag.HSEjlFjxNi9rMO8Xap_XMWM0F
--update at 11:35 am MT:
"Beazer dropped its mortgage arm early this year after an
internal investigation - prompted by a Charlotte Observer
investigation - found "evidence that employees violated [federal]
regulations ... back to at least 2000." The company said it is
cooperating with the federal investigation." Beazer is an Atlanta -based
home builder. And another quote from same article:
"As the mortgage industry began to unravel, the FBI, with assistance
from the IRS, launched a broad investigation into mortgage fraud.
In June, its Mortgage Fraud Task Force arrested more than 400
mortgage brokers, lenders, appraisers and other industry insiders
who, it said, were responsible for more than $1 billion in losses."Read
entire article at:
11:38 AM 9/24/2008


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