Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Best Solution is NO "SOLUTION":Let Recession

When you are faced with no money in your home what do you do? Do you print more money? Do you steal what is not yours and sell it to get cash? {yes I know some criminals do that but most folks do not.] Do you break in someone's dwelling and loot possessions? No, I didn't think so; though again I am aware painfully that bad people do those things. The question is : is the US government a good thing or a bad thing? Does it print more money deflating the dollar when it runs out of money? Or does it cinch in the profligate spending that was never constitutional to begin with like doing away with the billions given to Planned Unparenthood via the Dept of Defense and the US Dept of "Education? Does it clip the wings of those see-Europe-on-taxpayers-dime-Congressmen and women? Does it cease funding fraud by big wheeler-dealers on Wall Street or does it reward them with more money? It is an option to do nothing or better yet, stop the fraudulent spending on programs that depopulate the nation/encourage killing of innocent citizens in the womb.
Here are some quotes to make you think:

"The ugly fact is that there is no painless way out of our financial
mess";and also this quote:

"The bailout bill is a classic example of expediency over
effectiveness. It will purchase dud assets at above-market prices.
It does serve to recapitalize banks, but it rewards the worst
offenders and does nothing to restore trust." She suggests a better
approach:" By contrast, the most successful approach is to let asset
prices fall to discover the extent of the damage, take over failed
banks, recapitalize them, and later sell them back to investors."

This quote from article entitled "The Real Solution to the Financial Crisis:recession"
by Yves Smith at:
6:35 AM 9/30/2008
And this quote from NY Times article entitled "Treasury and the Fed
Looking at Options" by Edmund L Andrews and Mark Landler :
“It’s our view that this package, in a fundamental sense, will not
solve the problem,” said Simon Johnson, a former chief economist
at the International Monetary Fund." Please read entire article at:
6:44 AM 9/30/2008
"In Algeria, a large cartoon on the front page of the newspaper
El-Watan showed Uncle Sam at prayer: "Save us!" he says,
kneeling before a portrait of China's Mao Zedong."
Quote from article entitled, "US Casino mentality blamed for planet's meltdown".
Read article at:
3:54 PM 9/30/2008

/s/ gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bank Monopoly,King Henry still a bad "deal';

Update as of 5:44pm MT:
Text of the Bill that was defeated at this site:
3:30 PM 9/29/2008
Here are the things in that bill that raised questions to me:
1)it includes the US but including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands,
American Samoa, and the Northern Mariana Islands, none of which are
territories or states of US;
2) it says it is to 'make, fund committments to purchase from any financial institution on such
terms and conditions as are defined by Secretary" of Treasury;
3) It creates an Office of Domestic Finance to be headed by an Assistant Secretary
appointed by the President but if he doesn't then by an interim approved by US Senate;
4) It says its consultants are Federal Reserve Board, Comptroller of Currency, Office of Thrift
Supervision, Secretary of HUD.
5) it says it will be able to 'designate financial institutions as financial agents of the federal government';
6) it gives the authority to 'purchase, hold, and sell assets, and issue obligations" [debt] ;
7) it does not define the phrase 'troubled asset' but uses it as the goal;
8) it says premiums collected from the insurance plan it wants to create could be, would be invested in securities;
9) it does not include chapter 11 bankruptcies;
10) it would cover the debts of cities, counties;
11) it would buy debts from developers of multi-family properties;
12) it would create a "special Investigator General of the TARP=Troubled Assets Relief Program' a new federal office;
13) it would create a "Financial Stability Oversight Board with these folks: Chairman of the Board of Governors, Secretary
of the US Treasury, Director of HUD, Chairman of SEC, Secretary of HUD, and they would appoint a "credit review committee";
14) no real end of it established but 'fifteen days after last troubled asset is bought or fifteen days after last insurance
contract is issued; [open ended]
15) Creates reports to Congress of 'all transactions' -- [WOE, a lot of power of confidential info of taxpayers!]
16) Secretary of Treasury may 'sell,enter into securities loans, and repurchase transactions of any troubled asset';
17) Secretary of Treasury may 'waive specific provisions of Federal Acquistion Regulation " for 'minority contracting';
18) it would 'encourage homeowners to take advantage of HOPE for HOMEOWNERS Program under section 257 of
National Housing Act;
19) Could buy 'any mortgage or mortgage-backed security of Federal Reserve Ban, as provided in section 110(a)(1)(c)
of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, or HUD, or 'other federal agencies' [including Congresss???]
20)the golden parachute provisions only kick in if the financial institute sells more than $ 300 million to the US gov't;
21) US government would receive 'non-voting or preferred stocks' in financial institutions or 'senior debt instruments'
[worthless loan papers???}
22) Secretary of Treasury would have the right to prevent disclosure of transactions if he wanted too;
23) establishes a FASTRACK through both houses of Congress with words such as 'motion not debatable', 'motion to
reconsider not in order', 'not subject to postpone', 'limit debate to ten hours', and allows a single quorum. These are
subrogate the US Constitution! Every Senator and every Representative should have the right to debate as long as necessary
and to filibuster it.
24) The "Congressional Oversight Panel' would consists of:
one member appointed by Speaker of House;
" " " " Minority Leader of House'
" " " " Senate Majority leader [notice it is not the President of Senate=VP as is usual]
" " " " Senate Minority leader
" " " " Speaker of House and Majority Leader
and four members=quorum, and get this: this "Oversight Panel' could "secure directly from any department or
agency of the U.S. any info necessary to enable it".
25) It amends the FDIC laws to prohibit false advertising of being covered by FDIC for some financial institutions [who is undefined];
and allows 'affirmative action' to remedy any existing violations of current law;
26) Amends section 203 of Financial Services Regulatory Relief Act to end Oct 1,2008 instead of Oct 1,2011.
27) It allows itself to operate secretively if requested by Chairman of Board of Federal Reserve;
28) It requires 'all reports' to Congressional Oversight Panel; [so much for being free of unreasonable searches and seizures of
confidential financial info!]
29) It amends section 128 (b)(2) of the Truth in Lending Laws [ 15 USC 1638 (b)(2) by saying that if an APR is misrepresented
then the offending company only had to reissue another statement three days after the potential borrower applied
telling what the new APR would be;
30) It says the feds "may not establish a guarantee of money market mutual funds industry";
31) it says the SEC may 'suspend, by rule, regulation, order the application of statement #157 of the Financial Accounting
Standards Board for any insurer, or with respect to any class or category of transaction in Mark to market accounting;
32) It says if after five years, taxpayers suffer a loss then the US President should submit a legislation proposol with his
or her plan to recoup losses [dumps problem on the future President five years from now about how to pay for any of this]
33) it extends subsection (E) of section (108)(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to Jan 1,2013.
34) It says the OMB {Office of Management and Budget of US] shall by Dec 31,2008 submit a report to Congress and President of
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae transactions;
35) It says the GAO and the Comptroller General 'shall have access upon request to ANY information, data, schedules,
books, accounts, financial records, reports, files, ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS, and or other papers, things or
property in use by TARP or any vehicles established by Secretary under this Act and to the officers, directors, employees,
independent public accountants, tax advisors, and other agents or representative's activities on behalf of or under
authority of TARP; {WOW, suspending the US Constitution!} and requires "verifying transactions by depositories,
fiscal agents, custodians"; and may make and retain copies of any of this!!!!!!! BIG BROTHER GOV't in your bank account!
36) Annual audit will use GAAP standards [Generally Acceptable Accounting Principles] except it was those so-called
principles that created the mess in the first place;
37) 'any reports shared with Congress Oversight Panel' of five members;
38 ) No lawsuit against Treasury secretary unless he agreed to it before hand.
39) Secretary of Treasury could appeal to 'high court';
40) increases public debt of US government to: $11,315,000,000,000;
41) establishes new government agency of Office of Special Inspector General of TARP; at pay of level IV of Executive
Schedules under 5315, title 5 US Code; and allows hiring at grade GS-15 of General schedule of section 5332; and gives $50 million
to the administration and set up of that;
42)"Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to authorize public disclosure of information that is (c) part of an
criminal investigation [this would be called a CYA provision";
43) Amends section 257 of National Housing Act [12 USC 1715z-23]

I am not an accountant and there are provisions that are very complex that I am not sure I understand and of course,
that is probably the intent--obfuscation, the character trait of crooks.

And you thought it did nothing! It suspends the Constitution, creates two new Federal agencies, allows them to snoop
into citizen's bank accounts and email, and puts all power into the five appointed by Congress members people; and
postpones the day of reckoning for five years; and allows concealing of financial fraud, and crimes, and probably destroys mutual funds;
and allows secretive operations. THANK GOD it failed!
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203
5:42 PM 9/29/2008

Update as of 11:44am MT:
I am adding this to the top of the pile because I realized suddenly what makes the bill that is being proposed as the 'rescue' so bad. It creates a special privilege for homeowners while denying those who have credit card debts or student loans the same privilege of dumping their debt onto the taxpayers.It is a rotten deal for all Americans for that reason. Either buy up all the student loans of every American and all the credit card debt or vote NO WAY to giving special deals to rich homeowners! There is a concept in American law that all citizens are equal. Where is the equality in the bill being proposed today--the rich bankers, traders, robbers, get richer at the US taxpayer's expense while at the same time, the average American gets what? ZERO, zilch, nada! Stop the bill and stop lying to the American public. Do right by all of us in debt that we were tricked into or that was rewritten after we signed loan documents [the facts for most student loans made decades ago by really poor people]. Either rescue us all from that pervasive debt or do not give special dump-your-mortgage-on-taxpayer-breaks to those who could afford a house.

I quickly read many articles this morning and there is still no plan to help homeowners or to help the nation, but instead it is designed to help build a banking monopoly giving unconstitutional powers to the head of Treasury Dept. There is no plan still that is written or revealed to the public that would help the average
homeowner! Creating a monopoly of mega-banks and financial dictators will ruin America. Read the article below and pray, because the future of whether the US
will be a nation that encourages free enterprise, and small business and liberty to
try to build a business even if you fail too, or big government run institutions including controlling every cent you have, is what is at stake.Remember that in the first hundred years of this nation, every founding father opposed a nationalised bank
except one, [I have forgotten who though but I remember studying his arguments against it.]

Monopolizing banking:
"The sale would further concentrate Americans’ bank deposits in
the hands of just three banks: Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase
and Citigroup. Together, those three would be so large that they would dominate the industry,
with unrivaled power to set prices for their loans and services."
quote from NY Times article entitled,"Citigroup Buys Banking Operations
of Wachovia" at this site:
7:27 AM 9/29/2008
And this quote:"There was no assurance that the bailout plan
would work as intended to ease financial turmoil and economic

Indeed, the reckoning in the finance industry has a long way to go,
said Nouriel Roubini, an economist at the Stern School of Business
at New York University." from the article,"Bailout Plan is only one
step on a long road", by Steve Lohr, in the NY Times today at:
7:30 AM 9/29/2008. Another quote from that same article highlights
the reality:"Yet that pruning of the banking industry must take
place, economists say, and it is the government’s role to move it
along instead of coddling the banks if the financial system is going
to return to health."
Here is an article that speaks to the issue of the nations who have
really fought a war and have suffering on a day to day basis;because it
helps put the US 'crisis' in perspective. Though
I have often disagreed with Roger Cohen, I would like the whole
world to read this particular article of his in the NY Times today,
entitled, "The Most Dangerous Job on Earth" at this site:
7:40 AM 9/29/2008
And the European Nations are dealing with the nuclear fall-out from
the US bad banking also, according to this quote:
"In the latest sign of trouble to hit Europe from the global credit
crisis, the Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg governments announced
Sunday a partial nationalization of the Belgian-Dutch financial
conglomerate Fortis, involving a combined injection of 11.2 billion euros, or $16.1 billion,
from the three governments, which took a 49 percent stake. "
in article entitled, "European Regulators move swiftly to rescue Lenders"
by Matthew Saltmarsh and Landon Thomas, Jr, in the NY Times business
7:45 AM 9/29/2008
And too much power to the Treasury Secretary as noted in this quote:
"The draft legislation, which will be put to a House vote on Monday,
gives Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. and his successor
extraordinary power to decide how the $700 billion bailout fund
is spent." and in this quote from same article:
"Rarely if ever has one man had such broad authority to spend
government money as he sees fit, with no rules requiring him
to seek out the lowest possible price for assets being purchased."
from article in NY Times' business section at:
7:48 AM 9/29/2008
Here are some details in the BBC that were not in the NY Times:
I quote:"Banks that accept bail-out money will have to hand over
shares in return, which allows tax payers to benefit from the banks' recovery."
and another quote: "Four agencies will monitor the deal, including an
independent Inspector General and a bipartisan oversight board .

Banks will be obliged to join an insurance programme to protect
them against the losses of mortgage-backed securities." [end quote]
Oh yea? Do they mean like that fraudulent insurance company AIG that the government also bailed?
And do you sincerely think that four agencies will add anything of
significance to the problems since the US already has the FDIC,
the SEC, the Anti-trust dept, the Congress, the blah,blah,blah agencies
that all failed? Will siphoning off more money to more inept
agencies help or more impoverish the average american? And what
good are shares that are worthless? They are not worth the paper
they are written on, if the bank has no money on deposit to pay them.I am convinced
what will do more good than anything else the government could do is prosecute
the criminals who defrauded the citizens routinely and who packaged their worthless
debts to sell abroad to unsuspecting banks and investors, while disguising that they were worthless papers. Send those crooks to the federal prison for violating of
banking rules and SEC rules and then watch how fast the rest
clean up their business dealings!

Read article at BBC business news:
8:06 AM 9/29/2008
This quote from MarketWatch today:

"Freddie Mac (FRE:Freddie Mac
said it received a grand-jury subpoena from the U.S. Attorney's
Office for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan,
seeking documents relating to accounting, disclosure and
corporate-governance matters for the period from Jan. 1, 2007,
to the present.
The company also said it's received notice that it is the subject
of a probe by the Securities and Exchange Commission, directing
it to preserve documents."
Read entire article at:
9:27 AM 9/29/2008
Update :
This quote from Bloomberg News:
"On the other hand, ``the Fed's balance sheet is about to explode.''
spoken by Chris Rupkey, chief financial economist at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd.in New York. And also this quote from same source:
"Banks and brokers have slowed lending as they struggle to restore
their capital after $586 billion in credit losses and writedowns
since the mortgage crisis began a year ago." Read entire article
about the US Fed pumping in $630 Billion into banks and also banks abroad to recapitalize them at:
10:06 AM 9/29/2008
This quote from article, 'who wins, who loses under proposed bailout plan?"
by Tom Raum, AP writer:
"It doesn't deal with the fundamental problems that gave rise to
the problem -- or alleviate the credit crisis," said Peter Morici,
an economist and business professor at the University of Maryland."
Read entire article at:
12:04 PM 9/29/2008
And from The Washington Post this quote from NY Mayor Bloomberg:
"The problem is that nobody knows what any institution owns and
what the terms of the securities they own are and what they're
worth," New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Sunday on
"Meet the Press."
Please read the entire article named, " A Lesson the Markets ignored"
by Richard Cohen, for Tuesday, Sept 23,2008 at this site:
12:14 PM 9/29/2008

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Example of a Cause of Financial "meltdown"

I have often noted this ad in The Denver Daily News that seems to me one of the most flagrant causes of the mortgage mess [the company who placed ad, not the Denver Daily News]:
I am quoting the words of the ad in yesterday's paper and that was also in the Sept 19th paper,2008:
"Get the lowest mortgage possible!
Lending nationwide
FREE credit report
Free Appraisal
No out of pocket costs loans
100% Financing with NO PMI [note; my explanation PMI=private mortgage insurance]
All Credit levels welcome
No income verification
Interest only loans
No surprises
We keep it simple
FHA/VA loans 30 yr fixed rate with 6.125%APR
Jumbo 5/1 ARM 5.625%/5.54%
30 yr Fixed payment for $100,000=$583.57
ARM payment for $100,000=$575.66
[end quote]
That was not all the ad and I am not going to put their name here because I am NOT advertising that fraud [predatory lending,dishonest risks,dishonest advertising] for them, but I want you to see how the mortgage mess happened. I am sure it is not just mortgages that caused the near collapse of the banking system but dishonest people, crooks, swindlers and some people who were trying to comply with government regulations about "redlining." I first heard of that when I lived in Augusta GA and it was in the news.
The obvious intent of that ad above is to entice people to agree to credit who have no way of paying it back and it was bad business from the get-go. When a potential home-buyer has no investment in the house at all, he has no incentive to stay in it or make the payments. In other words if he loses nothing why should he not walk away? Read the following article also for more insight into this :
A quote from a most excellent analysis of the situation and article:

"The roots of this crisis go back to the Carter administration.
That was when government officials, egged on by left-wing activists,
began accusing mortgage lenders of racism and "redlining" because
urban blacks were being denied mortgages at a higher rate than
suburban whites.

The pressure to make more loans to minorities
(read: to borrowers with weak credit histories) became relentless..." from:

8:05 AM 9/28/2008
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203
Update as of 8:44am,MT:
This quote from the article in the NY Times today, entitled, "Behind Insurer's Crisis, Blind
Eye to a Web of Risk":
"In 2004, without admitting or denying accusations that it helped
clients improperly burnish their financial statements, A.I.G.
paid $126 million and entered into a deferred prosecution
agreement to settle federal civil and criminal investigations. "
Read entire article at:
And this quote from this excellent analysis in the NY Times entitled,
"The Lost Tycoons' at:
"The death of Wall Street has been a long-running, slow-motion
crisis, barely discernible to participants who had still booked huge
profits in recent years. Beneath the razzle-dazzle of trading desks
and the wizardry of esoteric finance lay the inescapable fact that
these firms had shed their original reason for being: providing
capital to American business." Please read entire op-ed article at:
8:54 AM 9/28/2008
Update as of 9:10 am,MT:
This quote from French Finance Minister Ms LaGarde about what France requires to buy a house:
"But France still believes in strict rules and regulations,
Finance Minister Christine Lagarde says.

"Expect two conditions - a down payment of 20% of the value
of the house plus mortgage [repayments] which will not
exceed 30% of income." [end quote]
Read the entire article and compare it to the free-wheeling attitude
of finance debt with debt that even the US government is planning to do momentarily.
Article at:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7635327.stm/
9:12 AM 9/28/2008
Update :
This quote from article in NY Times today:
"The last six months have made it abundantly clear that voluntary
regulation does not work,” he said in a statement. The program
“was fundamentally flawed from the beginning, because investment
banks could opt in or out of supervision voluntarily" according to
Christopher Cox who shut down the volunatary enrollment program.
Read article at:
11:35 AM 9/28/2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008

WaMu collapses when <10% withdrawn???

This quote from Bloomberg News today: "WaMu had its banking unit seized Sept. 25 by government regulators after customers withdrew $16.7 billion over 10 days.
JPMorgan Chase & Co. became the biggest U.S. bank by deposits
when it bought WaMu's branches with a $1.9 billion payment to
the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

WaMu had fallen 98 percent over the past year on losses tied to
subprime lending before trading was halted on news of the FDIC
seizure. The company was one of the financial firms the U.S.
Securities and Exchange Commission protected from short selling
this month as part of an effort to stabilize equity markets.
WaMu's bank had $188 billion in deposits. "[end quote]
Read entire article at:
7:01 AM 9/27/2008
Then ask yourself why customers withdrawing less than ten percent of the supposed deposits would cause a complete collapse of the bank? Look at the figures in that quote,$16.7 billion was withdrawn by depositors in a run on the bank but supposedly leaving WaMu with $171.3 Billion on deposit, so why did it fail? What is wrong with the stats, and who are they fooling, and where was the fraud?
And admission by SEC that they failed in this quote from article, "SEC
points a finger at itself' in BloggingStocks, by Douglas A McIntyre, today:
"Adding to the disdain is a report from inside the SEC itself issued by
the agency's monitor of internal controls. According to The Wall
Street Journal. "Inspector General David Kotz said it is
"undisputable" that the SEC "failed to carry out its mission in its
oversight of Bear Stearns." Kotz says the SEC was aware
of the threats posed by subprime mortgages and did nothing."{end quote}.
Read entire article at:
Read about how the other items on the US budget stack up to that monster proposal
to bail Wall Street, beginning with this quote:
"The measure is fueled by a need to pass stopgap funding to
keep the government running past the current budget year
ending Sept. 30. The stopgap measure is needed because of a
breakdown in the budget process this year, and under it,
domestic agencies would be funded through March 6 or until
their regular budgets pass.

The measure is dominated by $488 billion for the Pentagon,
$40 billion for the Homeland Security Department and $73
billion for veterans' programs and military base construction
projects — amounting to about 60 percent of the budget work
Congress must pass each year."[end quote]
Read that article entitled, "Pentagon Bill Poised to Clear Senate Hurdle"
at this :http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080927/ap_on_go_co/congress_spending;_ylt=A0wNcwXIMN5IvYMAQyOs0NUE/
Chinese Bank Regulators hit the nail on the head with this remark:
"When U.S. regulators were reducing the down payment to zero,
or they created so-called `reverse mortgages,' we thought that
was ridiculous," Liu said at the World Economic Forum in this
eastern Chinese city. He said debt in the United States and
elsewhere rose to "dangerous and indefensible" levels."[end quote]
It is common sense to not get into much debt even for nations.
Read the entire article entitled, "Chinese Regulator Calls US Lending
'Ridiculous' ' in the Yahoo News today.
7:26 AM 9/27/2008
I am posting quotes here on this blog of mine to help you viewers understand and
also hopefully the US Congress that there is something that is not being told the public and that something is what is going to sink the nation. IS the entire US bankrupt? IS the US able to meet its obligations?
The real issues are not if Wall Street survives and the big monied bankers, but if the nation has so indebted itself as to implode??
If there is not money in the Treasury Dept, then what?
signed gloriapoole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203
7:26 AM 9/27/2008
Update as of 7:37 am, MT:
This important quote:
“You were being asked to choose between financial meltdown on
the one hand and taxpayer bankruptcy and the road to socialism
on the other and you were told do it in 24 hours,” Representative
Jeb Hensarling of Texas, head of the conservative group, said.
“It was just never going to happen.” Read the entire article entitled
"Conservatives View Bailout Plan as Last Straw" [include me in that
opinion also] in the NY Times today at:
Update at 7:55am MT:
This quote from article entitled, "Wachovia Looking for Help, turns to Citigroup"
in the NY Times today:
“The Treasury Department plan will not prevent more bank failures,
” said Chip MacDonald, a lawyer who advises banks at the law firm
Jones Day. “The plan proposes to make purchases based on market
prices, which are likely to be at a loss to the sellers. Such losses will
deplete the sellers’ capital, which only strongly capitalized
institutions can absorb without
raising additional capital or a merging with a stronger bank.”
Read entire article at:
And this quote :[Senator McCain] then suggested an across-the-board
spending freeze except for defense, veterans’ care and entitlements.
“Senator Obama has the most liberal voting record in the United
States Senate,” he said. “It’s hard to reach across the aisle from
that far to the left.” in NY Times article entitled, "On Wall St, Rivals
Pivot to More Familiar Turf" at this :
8:06 AM 9/27/2008
Update as of 8:11am, MT:
This quote from British Prime Minister Gordon Brown per the BBC news
article entitled, "Brown Backs US Bank Bail-out Plan": "Mr Brown earlier called for an end to the "age of irresponsibility" in the global financial sector." [end quote]
Read article at:
8:13 AM 9/27/2008
And about last evening's Presidential-candidate debates:
"But in the foreign policy section of the debate, it seemed to me John
McCain emerged a clear winner...", That quote from this article entitled
"McCain and Obama Spar in First Debate" in the BBC news today at:
8:26 AM 9/27/2008
Also I want to reiterate that I am absolutely opposed to any government forcing
any person in any occupation to participate in killing of innocents. There is no such right as the right to kill innocents in America* or anywhere, because GOD wrote in stone, 'thou shalt not kill', and those who believe in and adhere to the
words of GOD will not kill for jobs, for money, for political power or for any reason. Neither the US government as it exists or IF it becomes socialist-leaning-toward communist [the redistribution of assets is from The Communist Manifesto] nation, will have the power to force righteous people to kill innocents. Righteous people in health care will flee the system rather than participate in medical killing. Then the so-called health care industry will be left with those who kill for money. Does that sound appetising to you, because it turns my stomach!
*footnote: I am referring to the ongoing debate by the Health and Human Services about whether they 'should' force medical providers to provide abortion [a deliberate act of premeditated murder of an innocent human], refer for
it, participate in it, assist with it, or prescribe it; or prescribe abortifacients that kill fertilized eggs of human women, or withhold food and water from patients, or actively or passively assist with forced 'dying' of the sick, injured, elderly,
poor, minorities, 'unwanted', politically incorrect, Jews, Muslims, blacks, browns,
yellows, reds,ignorant, insane, immoral, or any other grouping intended to dehumanize humans for the purpose of gaining money or power from their blood or tissues, or cells, or body parts, or teeth, or bones, or gametes, or brains, or any tiny one cell of theirs, or their assets, or their name or whatever. I am absolutely
opposed to the killing of human people, by other humans if they are innocent [and babies are always innocent] of capital crimes as
defined in the US as murder, aggravated assault with intent to murder, kidnapping,etc, when tried in a Court of Law, and allowed defense and questioning their accusers, [all civil liberties]; and even then it is the government's duty to punish, not the individual humans'. But for medical professionals to kill?? -->HORROR! That is always a wrong, not a 'right'.

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Plan if there must be a financial 'bail-out"

I still do not think it wise to rescue the bad companies, or the criminal element from Wall Street.I also know that the mortgage issue has more to do with the facade of respectability that is the carrot for Congress to go along to get along. I also know that the Congress is not usually concerned with morals when doing business with crooks and thugs and does that normally, so I am realistic. If they were moral and righteous people there would be no lobbying favors, no perqs from corporations for voting this way or that way, and no kow-towing to the $$$$. Being Christian, I am opposed to rewarding evil.
IF there is to be 'plan' for Wall Street maintenance here is the plan I would suggest:
1) that when a home-buyer buys a property with a mortgage [loan backed up by the real tangible property] then these conditions exist: no reselling of the mortgage afterwards to another lender without home-buyers consent and after disclosing how terms of mortgage would be affected. Some Americans do not like the idea that their home they dwell in is financed with foreign money. Also the home-buyer gets to veto the resale of their mortgage for any reason. In other words the home-buyer is a participant since expected to make the payments and should have the final word of whom they will transact business with. That takes away the ugh factor in finding out you are making payments to a company you disagree with vehemently.
2) There would be no executive bonuses if any publicly traded company had a loss in any quarter of the fiscal year.
3) Executive salaries would be capped at ten times the annual salary of the highest paid staffer. IF GOD is content with ten percent of your increase as tithes, the executives could be also.
4) Any money given from the US Treasury to 'bail-out' is handled as a bona-fide transaction with the title to the property changing hands to the US taxpayer collectively, and with preference of resale to US taxpayers only.
5) No selling of stocks that a person does not own! Ever!
6) SEC on-site analysis of publicly traded companies at least annually.
That on-site inspection is a routine requirement for medical facilities and what is good for the goose is good for the gander, as my grandmother always said.
7) Bankruptcy Judges to be allowed to rewrite mortgage payments but not below market value of the property and not below resale value of it, and based upon facts of the income not the 'word' of liars and politicians.
8) No mortgages [loans for real estate] made on any property that does not appraise at the full value of the loan.
9) No mortgages made based solely on political connections, or as perqs to a Congressman or woman, or as a lobbying enticement to vote a certain way.
10) No handing over a blanket waiver of the US Constitution to anyone.
11) No delegating the US budget to any one person's control.
12) No powers of law-making delegated to an unelected Agency head of any agency.
13) No gambling with other folks' money or stocks, i.e. no churning of stocks [already the law as I understand it] to increase commissions, no 'short-selling' [selling what you do not own], no selling of stocks held by shareholders without their explicit consent.
14) If a company makes a profit that exceeds the needs and expenses by greater than 200% dividends will be paid to shareholders. At present whether they pay dividends o not for any reason, is the companies' option, yet investors should reap the rewards of their investments.
15) All mortgages will be subject to these same rules for any group of citizens and for any level of income. All mortgages will be entitled to be rewritten in bankruptcy court, all home-buyers have the right to refuse the resale of a mortgage that they consented to based upon a specific lender,and all home-owners and future home-owners get the same opportunity to default and the government buy their property for them and rewrite the loan to favorable to the home-owner terms.
This is a starter package. I have to think on it more.
16) Companies that willfully, knowingly made mortgage or any loans based upon a desire to defraud the customer, lose all their equity and their license to operate as a financial institution.
17) prosecute the fraudsters!
18) No money to abortion "clinics" or 'medical research' that chops and dices humans; or gay-lesbian events, or planned unparenthood by any name, no sodomy promotion, nor killing-of-innocents.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203 And UGA alum!
Update :
Good for John McCain; stick to the no-deal with crooks, plan of no bail-out! Read article:

8:11 AM 9/26/2008

Washington Mutual's failure has to do with the way it treated its customers, and an
arrogant attitude that shareholder's money was their political slush fund, is my opinion from having had accounts with them for two years previously; but there is an article in the Yahoo News today saying it was because of their 'bets' on mortgages.
update as of 10:51 am MT:
Union protests of bailout on Wall Street;
and this quote:
"If such consideration is not given, a large majority of Republicans
cannot — and will not — support" the administration's plan,
Boehner wrote.
Read article entitled "Congress restarts troubled" in the Yahoo news today.
10:53 AM 9/26/2008
Update as of 4:07 PM, MT:
This quote about NY's Cuomo:
"Cuomo is turning to the massive credit-default swap market,
which he believes may have been manipulated in order
to give the impression that certain companies were in trouble."
from article entitled "Official: Cuomo expands short selling probe" written by
Micheal Gormley; subpoenas were served to Depository Trust and Clearing Corp, and Markit Group, LTD, and Bloomberg LP. Read article at Yahoo News today.
4:02 PM 9/26/2008
Update: Notice to the Public; the six or seven ads that were put on my blog for travel nurses were put there by disreputable hackers. I do not endorse travel nurses and did not give them permission to add content to my blog. I do not have any affiliation with them and vice versa. They are hackers apparently and should be prosecuted for cybercrime. I have never given any one the password to this blog but me! I want you to know that the ads in the pretense of newsletters were not added by me nor authorized by me and that travel nurses has no authority to add content to my blog or any writings of mine. Notice to public: I do not ever endorse products and I would not endorse any nurse's group that hacks into others emails or blogs or steals content. Don't be deceived. signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203 I suspect that was done by Hillary's hackers or Obama's to try to prevent the public from seeing a particular blog entry I wrote. Also contrary to what the illegal mexicans think I am not spanish speaking nor Hispanic! They seem to think my prevous married name [but now divorced] of Pappas was a mexican name whereas I was told when I married into that family, that it was Greek, but only GOD HIMSELF knows at this point. I would appreciate it and find it easier to respect the Hispanic people as a class if they were not always on the take.
4:02 PM 9/26/2008
update as of 6:16pm MT:
Quote from article in the NY Times:
"Before flying to Mississippi for the first presidential debate,
Mr. McCain met on Friday morning at the Capitol with the minority
leader, Senator Mitch McConnell, and with House Republican
leaders, who then installed Mr. Blunt of Missouri
to replace Spencer Bachus of Alabama as their lead negotiator." and also
this quote:" Senator Richard C. Shelby of Alabama, the senior
Republican on the banking committee and a critic of the plan,
said the proposal had to change before it would win support of Republicans."

Read article at: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/27/business/27reax.html?hp
6:17 PM 9/26/2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Auraria Campus, Co, Ignore Lynne Paltrow!

Auraria Campus in Denver Colorado, ignore speaker Lynne Paltrow scheduled there at 12:30 pm today. Better yet cancel her propaganda from Planned Unparenthood speech ! She is from an obvious proabort group deceitfully named 'National Advocates for Pregnant Women [seeking abortion; no doubt from her words in that article.]". That woman has NO clue what she is talking about. In the US' medico-legal climate and laws, no person, woman or man, could be forced into any surgery legally. It is a violation of existing law to force surgery on any one,and that is why there are informed consent laws. The Denver Daily News reported today in article "Personhood's Side Effects?" that wicked woman 'Lynne Paltrow' as saying Amendment A-48 would 'force women to have C-Sections" if voters voted it into law. That is an outrageous and egregious distortion of the truth. Amendment A-48 is to define personhood of all humans in the womb with human DNA, and yes, GOD willing it will help give them legal protections in the laws of Colorado and in the nation. And Yes, GOD willing it will become law, because it is the right thing to do.
Amendment A 48 is designed to add truth of medical facts to the legal status of unborn children by stating in the public law, what medical doctors have known for decades if not centuries, that a human from a human man and human woman, is HUMAN and must have legal protection and not be appointed to destruction by medical assassins [abortionists]. Please vote YES to Amendment A 48! Let Colorado define the preborn/unborn as human and protect the human species.
signed gloria poole, RN Denver CO 80203
Update as of 12:34pm MT on the issue of deal-making by Congress and crooks:
Frank expressed scorn at McCain's decision to take part
in the Washington maneuvering. "All of a sudden, now that
we're on the verge of making a deal, John McCain airdrops himself in to help us," Frank said. "Frankly, we're going to have to interrupt a
negotiating session tomorrow . . . and troop down to the
White House for their photo op". Well, well, well, Barney Frank does not want a leader there who opposes sodomy and sin --too bad! Barney Frank is in my opinion not a force to be reckoned with, or dealt with in any fashion, but an abominable man*;
there on the so-called strength of the gay-lesbian BIG MONEY LOBBYING
groups. What's in the 'deal' for that wicked group?
Tell the truth Senators and Reps. What do you really know about
what companies you are supposedly 'saving' by your so-called
rescue? We, citizens, know what you are all trying to save is your
million dollar-billion deal-making alliances with the legion of devils of
planned unparenthood, abortuaries, phony medical research labs,
Gay-Lesbian perversions, that you all invested in on the insider track
via your duties in the US Congress. That is why the so -called 'urgency"
factor is there--you are all about to lose your jobs and your fake investments
that were more gambling than investing. Be ashamed of yourselves
for trying to hoodwink the public.
Above quote from this article in the LA Times:
12:32 PM 9/25/2008
Footnote and updates:
*Leviticus 18:22 is written, to men: 'thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind; it is abomination."
Update as of 1:35 PM MT:
While I am on the topic of deal-making by crooks, felons and so-called Congressmen and women, I want to make it perfectly clear why I oppose that "deal" in Congress being bandied about as a panacea to all manner of fraud,deceit and corruption.
I oppose it on these principles that are my life long to this point principles and beliefs:
1) it is always wrong to reward criminal behaviour; and the Wall Street firms that defrauded their shareholders,churned stocks and lied on their prospectus' are criminal by US law.
2) It is always a violation of the US Constitution for Congress to delegate all power to an individual regardless of who that person is.
3) It is always wrong to allow a person who stands to gain millions {Paulson and Bernanke will return to Wall St most likely in four months time]create or control policy while an obvious conflict of interest exists, i.e. lack of ethics in who or what he is representing. Neither of those men are doing what is good for the nation but trying to create a golden parachute for themselvses and 535 other Congressmen and women who most likely will lose in the coming election.
4) For the US Congress to make deals with the devil of 'the love of money' turns my stomach. They disgust me every one of them . .they have no integrity and no honor.
5) They have no plan either. Not one detail is forthcoming about who would benefit from government paid for mortgages--the rich?? The congress? The Wall Street banker's millionaire homes?? Obama?? Would the mortgage bankers then renegotiate all mortgages they hold or merely the politically correct mortgages of the rich and powerful??
6) They are using smoke and mirrors of the type once used in country fairs for the house of mirrors and distortion to try to trick the American public in going along; but we are not as stupid as they think. Being in Congress for decades has melted their brains.
7) Buying out at someone else's expense [taxpayers] "worthless" mortgages [if that were the case they would not be worthless--real property has real value] at future prices for the gain of only one segment of the nation and that is Wall Street not main street, to pump up con-men, liars, theives and reprobates sends what message to the future generations--the bigger your fraud, the more money you get from Congress.WHAT kind of message is that? Should the US ever reward law-breaking, fraud, corruption. NO!
8) It is unconstitutional on the face of it.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

$83 MILLION Annual Salary=1 Executive??

I am opposed to the 'bail-out' =buy-out=socialised control of Banks and I am opposed to unlimited authority by any one person in the US and I am opposed to violations of the US Constitution and I am also opposed to fraud and greed. Having written that, here are the significant quotes that should be taken into reasoning in the debates about IF taxpayers should reward fraud, greed, mismanagement and law-breaking in the disguise of baiing out Wall Street. I vote NO that taxpayers should not do that ever:

"In 2007, the total compensation of chief executives in large
American corporations was 275 times that of the salary of the
average worker, the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal research
organization, estimates. In the late 1970s, chief executive
pay was 35 times that of the average American worker."
Quote from Article in NYTimes, entitled, "In Bailout Furor, Wall
Street Pay Becomes a Target'. by Steve Lohr at this site:
and another quote from that article:
“This financial crisis is a direct result of the compensation
practices at these Wall Street firms,” said Paul Hodgson, a senior
analyst at the Corporate Library, a governance research group."
And from the UN this quote via NYTimes:
We must not allow the burden of the boundless greed of a few to
be shouldered by all,” said President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of
Brazil in an opening speech that reflected the tone of the gathering."
Read entire article at:
and another quote with a demand for international response :
"President Nicolas Sarkozy of France described the crisis as the
worst financial mess since the Depression of the 1930s and the
financial system as “insane.” He called for a summit meeting in
November to determine how to address the problems and
to develop greater international regulations of financial markets."
8:58 AM 9/24/2008
And while you are reading, please read this article:
and scroll to the one entitled, "British Banks Shorted" and read the part
about John Paulson of NY company, "Paulson and Co" and asks yourself
what is the relationship between John Paulson and Henry Paulson?
And read the part about Warren Buffett's buy into Goldman Sachs.
Also read this article, "Taxpayers Recapitalize Banks" ' and be MAD:
Quoting it:"Chairman Bernanke said that the Treasury would
attempt to buy these debts from banks at close to their
"hold-to-maturity" value, not the market value.

In practice, it means banks who sell their debts to the Treasury
would receive cash equivalent to something like twice the value
in their books of these poisonous assets. In other words banks
would book a profit from selling to taxpayers!

It would represent a massive injection of new capital into the
US banking system - for which taxpayers would receive nothing
in return;"
" Read whole article at:
And from Scotland:
"According to Simon Thompson, [The Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland chief executive] the credit crunch has left the
banking profession "not in credit, but discredited".Read article entitled
"Call for Higher Banking Standards" at:
Also read this article entitled, "Key Finance Firms probed by FBI" and
this quote:" Investigators are reportedly examining possible fraud
by mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the failed bank
Lehman Brothers and insurer AIG.

Top managers at those firms are also being investigated,
the reports say." at this site:

and this quote from US Senator:
"The committee's chairman Democrat senator Chris Dodd,
speaking after the hearing, said: "What they have sent us
is not acceptable." and again,And Chris Dodd said the "economic
maelstrom" stemmed from a mixture of "private greed and
public regulatory neglect". Read the entire article entitled "Bail-out Fears Return to Markets" at:
/s/ gloria poole, Denver CO 80203
Update with my letter written to HHS Sec Mike Leavitt today in response to request for public comments on whether the US should force MDs, RN's,Pharmacists,Pharmacies,etc to participate in killing:

9:47 AM 9/24/2008
Sir, I am opposed to the US government demanding that licensed health care
providers participate in any form of killing whether that includes prescribing
abortifacients [ some so-called 'contraceptives'] assisting with abortion,
administering drugs that kill, withholding food and water and life-giving care, or
smothering them, or placing them in a metal tray to die alone, or starving them, or
shredding them or gassing them, or any method known to any diabolical mind, or
being complicent with those deeds in any whatsoever. I am a Registered Nurse of
many years and I adhere to the Commandments of GOD particularly the 'thou
shalt not kill' Commandment.

Furthermore, I believe it is not the duty of the US government to ever license
medical assassins. Nor is it the duty of the US government to implement public
laws that depopulate the nation. Furthermore when the word gets out that certain
states have hospitals that do perform such evil killing events, their population will
eventually learn of that through the grapevine and they will have no customers
except those seeking death. Is that the kind of 'health care' you envision--kill 'em
and burn 'em? [many cities now have crematoriums much as existed in Nazi
Germany]. It sickens me to think of the US becoming that type of nation, and I
ask you to oppose such with all your heart and ability.
When a nation, any nation legalizes killing, it becomes a 'convenient' method of
legally disposing of those who annoy you. Remember again the Nazi German
medical ranks that assigned Jews to death until a brave 100 member group of
Doctors said "NO" we will not participate in this; and some of them went to prison
because of it. But it turned the tide because the world's attention became focused
on the testimony of the medical doctors of conscience and courage.
Please I beg you Sir, allow medical doctors and nurses to opt out of any event
that involves killing.
signed gloria poole RN and artist, Denver CO 80203
Also avoid these states listed in this article because they believe Doctors and nurses and pharmacists should be forced to kill:
9:47 AM 9/24/2008
-----------Posted at the www.regulations.gov website today to protest such evil as medical killing in the first place, and to protest it as a Registered Nurse who is not ever going to participate in any form of killing. The deadline to reply to this public enquiry is tomorrow. To read how to do that go to one of my blogs at:
http;//G-L-O-R-I-A.name/ and read today's entry info about that.
--Update as of 10:50 am MT:quote from Jimmy Carter:
"It's only three pages of outline. It gives him dictatorial power with no supervision," Carter said."[end quote]
from article at:http://news.yahoo.com/story/ap/20080924/ap_on_re_us/carter_bailout;_ylt=Ag.HSEjlFjxNi9rMO8Xap_XMWM0F
--update at 11:35 am MT:
"Beazer dropped its mortgage arm early this year after an
internal investigation - prompted by a Charlotte Observer
investigation - found "evidence that employees violated [federal]
regulations ... back to at least 2000." The company said it is
cooperating with the federal investigation." Beazer is an Atlanta -based
home builder. And another quote from same article:
"As the mortgage industry began to unravel, the FBI, with assistance
from the IRS, launched a broad investigation into mortgage fraud.
In June, its Mortgage Fraud Task Force arrested more than 400
mortgage brokers, lenders, appraisers and other industry insiders
who, it said, were responsible for more than $1 billion in losses."Read
entire article at:
11:38 AM 9/24/2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

French, Iranian Pres's Have Opinions of Meltdown

French President Sarkokozy says to punish those who caused financial meltdown in this article:
7:31 AM 9/23/2008
Iranian President Ahmadinejad believes meltdown is due to Military operations inadequately funded and warns in this article in Yahoo News
from the United Nations. I quote: "If anyone allows himself to commit even a tiny
offense against Iran's legitimate interests, borders and sacred land,
our armed forces will break his hand before he pulls
the trigger," Ahmadinejad said during a military parade Sunday."[end quote]

7:36 AM 9/23/2008
And ask yourself if all delinquent student loans of poor American students are going to be bought up to salvage the credit of those people; and not just the bad debts of the 535 Congressional "investors" in abortuaries,fake medical research labs, casinos, companies that buy/sell short [not owned] stocks, and other 'investors' into evil.
Also here's a quote from a prominent Republican, and I am glad to hear Republicans opposing the socialistic idea of putting the
US government in charge over all financial institutions with a broad, undefined, unlimited powers being given to unelected and
unaccountable persons [Henry Paulson and Ben Bernanke]:
"Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama, the top Republican on the
Senate Banking Committee, blasted the emerging plan
as "neither workable nor comprehensive."

"In my judgment, it would be foolish to waste massive sums of
taxpayer funds testing an idea that has been hastily crafted
and may actually cause the government to revert to an
inadequate strategy of ad hoc bailouts," Shelby said" [end quote]; from Yahoo news article today.
7:46 AM 9/23/2008
Also remember that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were always government run, and did that prevent them from failing AGAIN? Should we trust the same people who jacked up rents of poor people in Denver Colorado from $30 / month to $500 per month in a period of 3 months time? Could any private landlord get away with such an trick?
signed gloriapoole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203
Update as of 8:57 am MT: from MarketWatch today. This added info from this article by MARK HULBERT
"Bloodied but still bullish
Commentary: Markets' problems haven't deterred corporate insiders" at:

10:41am 09/23/2008
According to Vickers, a "high 'plus' value generally reflects
relatively heavy insiders buying,"while a "high 'minus' value
generally reflects heaving insider selling."
Here are several financial companies that have been in distress
lately, along with their Vickers Insider Index readings in the
July 23, 2007, issue:
American International Group, Inc.
(AIG:American International Group, Inc

Last: 5.53+0.81+17.08%

10:56am 09/23/2008

AIG 5.53, +0.81, +17.1%) : -566
Bear Stearns: +23
Lehman Bros. Holdings, Inc. (LEH:Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc

Last: 0.15-0.04-21.62%[end quote]

LEH 0.15, -0.04, -21.6%) : -24
Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. (MER:Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc

Last: 27.12-0.93-3.32%

10:56am 09/23/2008

MER 27.12, -0.93, -3.3%) : -97
Washington Mutual Inc. (WM:Washington Mutual Inc

Last: 3.34+0.01+0.30%

10:56am 09/23/2008

WM 3.34, +0.01, +0.3%) : -24
---And this:
Quote from the Chicago Sun Times article entitled and dated
"Illinois Governor To Obama: Governors Make Decisions, Legislators Debate" first published onThursday, September 11, 2008:
“The reality is, governors every day have to make decisions
for better or for worse. That’s part of the job. It’s an executive
position. And it’s a position that is like what you’re going to do
when you’re president. Legislators, they do different things.
They debate and they pass their bills back and forth,” he said."
8:24 AM 9/23/2008
Read article at:
--And this :
These quotes from the NY Times article today entitled "Following the Bail-out
Hearing" by Mike Nizza at this link:
I quote from that article:
Don’t Overdo This, 10:58 a.m. “We must prevent panic both in
the markets and in our government,” said Sen. Wayne Allard,
Republican of Colorado. “Overreaction, in the long run, will be
worse for our economy.”
Against God’s Timetable, 10:55 a.m. The Associated Press reported
a Congressional zinger on whether rushing to a decision would be
“Just because God created the world in seven days doesn’t mean
we have to pass this bill in seven days,” said Rep. Joe Barton,
R-Texas.[end quote]
--And this opinion that seems spot on to me:
An excellent article entitled 'Cash for trash' by Paul Krugman
in the NY Times today at this link:
--And this updated at 10:05 am MT by me, gloria poole:
--And from NY Times editorial today, this quote:
Balancing those complex mandates is made more difficult by the
fact that Mr. Paulson hails from Wall Street and could,
if he wanted to, return to Wall Street.

The only way to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest
is for Mr. Paulson to welcome full and transparent legislative
and judicial review. [end quote]. Read that article at:
--And this quote from article entitled "A Second Opinion?" by Bob Herbert
"His {Paulson's] eyes, as he hopped from one network camera to
another, said, as salesmen have been saying since the dawn of time:
“Trust me.”

With all due respect to Mr. Paulson, who is widely regarded as a
smart and fine man, we need to slow this process down."... and then
another quote very correct it seems to me:

"Lobbyists, bankers and Wall Street types are already hopping up
and down like over-excited children, ready to burst into the
government’s $700 billion piñata. This widespread eagerness
is itself an indication that there is something too sweet about
the Paulson plan.

This is not supposed to be a good deal for business.
“The idea is that you’re coming here because you would be
going bankrupt otherwise,” said Mr. Baker. “You’re coming here
because you have no alternative. You’re getting a bad deal,
but it’s better than going out of business. That’s how it should be
9:43 AM 9/23/2008
And this quote from an article entitled "Bubblenomics" by
David Leonhardt in today's NY Times:
"As late as 2004, financial services firms earned 28.3 percent of
corporate America’s total profits, according to Moody’s Economy
.com. That was somewhat lower than it had been over the previous
few years, but still almost double the financial sector’s average
share of profits throughout the 1970s and ’80s. By 2007, the share
had fallen only marginally, to 27.4 percent." Remember that the
so-called bail-out plan equals the budget of the Defense Dept, the
US Dept of Education, and the Social Security Dept for a segment of
the economy that is less than a third of the earners and presumably the
Read that article with particular attention to the last two paragraphs
in it, at:http://www.nytimes.com/2008/09/21/weekinreview/21leonhardt.html
And this quote pointing out that it is the LACK of regulation that was
already law that created this mess, so why trust MORE regulation:
"So the conversion into banks by Goldman and Morgan may perhaps
be redolent of the greatest failure of global financial regulation
over the past decade or so." in article entitled "Bye-Bye Bulge-Bracket"
by Robert Peston in the BBC news today at this link:

And this shocking news:

from Americas,from


Market Data, from

BBC World Service

Page last updated at 06:45 GMT, Tuesday, 23 September 2008 07:45 UK

article entitled "Fed relaxes bank investment rules"

The US central bank has relaxed the rules governing investors who
take minority stakes in banks, a move that could
encourage greater investment.

The US Federal Reserve said investors can now take a 33% stake
in a firm without incurring regulatory hurdles, up from the
previous limit of 25%.[end quote]. Read the article at:
10:04 AM 9/23/2008
And this update at 10:42 am MT: this quote:
"This massive bailout is not a solution, It is financial socialism
and it's un-American," said Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky. [end quote]
and this quote:
"Added Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., "I am emphatically against it.",
and this quote:
Dodd said the administration's initial proposal would have allowed
the Treasury secretary to "act with utter and absolute impunity
— without review by any agency or court of law" in deciding how to
administer the envisioned bailout program.

"After reading this proposal, I can only conclude that it is not just
our economy that is at risk, Mr. Secretary, but our Constitution,
as well," Dodd said.

Those quotes from this article:
10:39 AM 9/23/2008
Update at 12:07 pm MT:
A quote from an article entitled, "Lead financial services lawmaker
defends trading" written by
By BEN EVANS [quote:]
WASHINGTON (AP) — The top Republican on the House Financial
Services Committee struck paydirt on a stock option last year after
betting that a Chinese advertising company would jump in value.

In a single transaction on Dec. 10, Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama
made up to $15,000 off an investment he had held for just two weeks,
according to his congressional financial disclosure statement.[end quote]
Read that entire infuriating from a standpoint of betrayal of the American people article at :
12:05 PM 9/23/2008
Update as of 5:06 pm MT:
"Yesterday, the Webmaster of a Georgia-based proxy service
confirmed that his server logs showed the intruder used an IP
address belonging to an Illinois Internet service provider
that serves the Knoxville apartment complex where Kernell lives"
quote from Computerworld article entitled "Federal Grand Jury Meets on Palin hacking case" by Gregg Keizer, today at:
2:22 PM 9/23/2008
And more about Financial meltdown:
These quotes: "Passing legislation of this magnitude in a one-week
period of time is a tall order," said Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.).

"You have a very divided House right now," he added. "Right now,
the votes aren't there."

"I don't know anyone who's sold on this rescue plan," said
Rep. Wally Herger (R-Chico"[end quotes] from LA Times' entitled "Congress Balks at
Treasury's Plan for Wall Street" at:
Update at 5:02 pm MT:And here's the dumbest worst financial plan in history, buying something at the price it 'might be worth' in a year or two. Common sense tells even the most ordinary citizen not to pay future prices for something at present. Would you buy a house or a car at what inflated price it might be in a year or two? That is gambling! Yet read this quote:
"Bernanke suggested buying the assets at a "hold-to-maturity" price
, which would be based on an estimate of what the securities would
eventually be worth as payments came in over the years." That quote from
this article "Dire [Economic] Warnings Fail to Persuade Senators" at:
5:03 PM 9/23/2008

Quote from article "FBI investigating companies at heart of meltdown" in the Yahoo News: "Two law enforcement officials said the FBI is looking at
potential fraud by mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and
Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., and insurer
American International Group Inc." from this article:
5:23 PM 9/23/2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Voices of Reason--Whoa! To Socialized Banks

I am opposed to what is happening in Congress. The go along to get along Democrats trying to salvage the election are pretending that they are getting "oversight" on how the $700 BILLION bail-out of wicked, and corrupt leaders in the financial markets would be spent when as yet, there seems no "agreement"
with Treasure Sec KING Henry as he seems to think he is. IS he running the US government? Is he elected to office or appointed? IS he given authority by the US Constitution to make policy? NO to all three questions. Here is a quote by Republican Senator John McCain:
"Never before in the history of our nation has so much power
and money been concentrated in the hands of one person,"
McCain said at a town hall meeting in Scranton, Pennsylvania."[end quote]
That quote is from this article today:
11:09 AM 9/22/2008/
I am not a CNN fan for several reasons and I want to state them here so you know I have a bias against their reporting but I believe that they reported McCain accurately. When I was abroad some years ago, the people in the EU nations told me and showed me that they get CNN on their TV and they talked excitely about what they saw there as being a true representation of events in America that made them think badly about American citizens. However, I am from Georgia, and was living there at the time; and I knew that the events in Atlanta GA were not as bad as they were in Sarajevo at the time. In other words I knew the reality of life in America and they knew it as they saw it on CNN. I suspect it is the same in other nations of the world also, that the bad news is the 'news' and the good news is seldom reported, though I think the BBC is usually better at reporting peace talks etc, than the NY Times, or CNN.
I also remember reading years ago how the bill of false goods of taxing US citizens came about and how the Congress was pressurized to vote on what turned out to be a blank rolled up 'bill' with nothing on it, but a blanket waiver of the right of citizens to control how and where and when their money was spent. In the beginning of the US government and Constitution there was no right to tax citizens for anything. In fact, if you remember history the emigrants from England came to the 13 colonies to escape taxation without representation and opposed taxes of any kind on commodities of tea, sugar, stamps. Remember the Boston Tea Party, and the Stamp Act that caused revolt? it is time for another citizen revolt. Say no to take-over by the Treasury Dept of the functions of Congress and to take-over of the US taxpayer's budget by Henry Paulson. Vote NO to that bill about bailing out wicked and corrupt financial institutions that defrauded customers, pushed mortgages that they could not pay as a 'right' or an easy to do endeavour on people who had no way of paying them. I think it is called 'red-lining' but not sure, but I know it is already illegal. If they are to reform the credit lending then start with the fees that they charge and the churning of accounts [SEC is supposed to regulate that already], the fact that some institutions did not encrypt passwords, and encouraged online banking etc. Reining in the scam of bad business brokers has to be goal not just handing billions to gamblers.
signed gloria poole RN and artist Denver CO 80203
Update as of 12:41 pm Mountain Time:
China worried about financial tsunami and are unlinking the yuan to the dollar:
12:23 PM 9/22/2008
From Reuters NY News today, this quote from Richard Kovacevich, Chairman
of Wells Fargo Bank :
"Such problems may pale relative to those at some banks,
and Kovacevich chided rivals that took on too much risk
without amassing enough capital. "It's kind of Finance 101,
but apparently they didn't learn," he said."[end quote]
12:30 PM 9/22/2008
And this article including a warning quote by Warren Buffett about 'credit default swaps' where companies that are not insurance companies 'guranteed' repayment with sums that no where approximated the debts for instance a 'guarantee' of $4.6 million for a $1.3 BILLION* dollar debt:
"Brown is hardly alone in her criticism of the derivatives.
Five years ago, billionaire investor Warren Buffett called
them a "time bomb" and "financial weapons of mass destruction"
and directed the insurance arm of his Berkshire Hathaway Inc
(BRKa.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) to exit the business.{end quote}
That quote from this article:http://www.reuters.com/article/newsOne/idUSN1837154020080918/
12:33 PM 9/22/2008/
and another quote:" And in those deals, they sold protection as often
as they bought it -- although they rarely set aside the reserves
they would need if the obligation ever had to be paid. "[end quote]
and another quote:"This is the derivative nightmare that everyone has been warning about,"says Peter Schiff, the president of Euro Pacific Capital at the
author of "Crash Proof: How to Profit From the Coming Economic Collapse."[end quote]
*Remember a million has six zeroes after it, and a billion has nine zeroes after it.
Update as of 3:44 pm MT:
This info from a Marketwatch article in today's news:
From the article in MarketWatch, "Short-sale ban list expanded to include GE, GM":

The other additions are:
1. GLG Partners Inc. (GLG:glg partners inc com

4:01pm 09/22/2008

2. Ocwen Financial Corp. (OCN:ocwen finl corp com new

4:05pm 09/22/2008
3. KBW Inc. (KBW:kbw inc com

4:01pm 09/22/2008
3:45 PM 9/22/2008

4. Guaranty Financial Group Inc. (GFG:guaranty finl group inc com

4:01pm 09/22/2008

5. Mizuho Financial Group Inc. (MFG:mizuho finl group inc sponsored adr

4:06pm 09/22/2008

6. First Mercury Financial Corp. (FMR:first mercury financial corp com

4:05pm 09/22/2008

7. Stewart Information Services Corp. (STC:Stewart Information Services Corporation

4:05pm 09/22/2008

8. First Commonwealth Financial Corp. (FCF:First Commonwealth Financial Corporation

4:04pm 09/22/2008

9. M&T Bank Corp
10. Discover Financial Services (DFS:discover finl svcs com

4:02pm 09/22/2008

11. Bank of Montreal (BMO:Bank of Montreal

4:04pm 09/22/2008

12. Toronto Dominion Bank (TD:Toronto-Dominion Bank (The)

4:03pm 09/22/2008

13. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM:Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

3:59pm 09/22/2008

14. First Marblehead Corp. (FMD:first marblehead corp com

4:02pm 09/22/2008

15. Banco Bilbao Vizcaya SA (BBV:Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A.

4:01pm 09/22/2008

16. BanColombia SA (CIB:bancolombia s a spon adr pref

4:05pm 09/22/2008

17. Legg Mason Inc. (LM:Legg Mason, Inc

4:02pm 09/22/2008

18. National Financial Partners Corp. (NFP:national finl partners corp com

4:01pm 09/22/2008

19. American Express Co. (AXP:American Express Company

4:00pm 09/22/2008

20. CIT Group Inc. (CIT:CIT Group Inc

4:05pm 09/22/2008

21. Hartford Financial Services Group (HIG:hartford finl svcs group inc com

4:04pm 09/22/2008

22. Alliance Data Systems Corp. (ADS:alliance data systems corp com

4:01pm 09/22/2008

23. Allied Capital Corp. (ALD:allied cap corp new com

24. RAIT Financial Trust (RAS:rait financial trust com

4:02pm 09/22/2008

25. Doral Financial Corp. (DRL:doral finl corp com new

4:00pm 09/22/2008
26. Flagstone Reinsurance Holdings (FSR:flagstone reinsurance hldgs shs

4:06pm 09/22/2008

27. Moody's Corp. (MCO:Moody's Corp.

4:01pm 09/22/2008

28. Capital One Financial Corp. (COF:Capital One Financial Corporation

4:03pm 09/22/2008
[end quote]
Did you notice that two of these so-called financial companies who sold stocks that they did not own=gambling companies are located in Argentina and Columbia, South America? Have you ever noticed them doing business in your neighborhood? Because I have never seen any form of financial entities with those names any where in any of the several states I have lived in. Also what about Citibank of the Rockefellers, and Moody's, and Doral Cigarettes,Hartford Insurance and American Express [who gave hundreds of millions to planned unparenthood for decades], GE of course is well known for its financial 'gifts' to sodomy, and GM of course is looking for a run-around to getting loans for automakers [via GMAC].
More of this type of disclosure before confiscating dollars from taxpayers. Some of us, and most especially me, do not want to support the Communist governments in Argentina or Columbia South America, nor cigarettes, nor gambling by the Rockefeller owned Citibank, or American Express. Those companies who gave millions of shareholders money to wicked groups should not be bailed.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

NO King Henry and NO King Ben either!

I am mad! I was mad before I read this BBC article about how Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson are planning a takeover of the US but now I am furious. Read this and then get madder:
And look at the photo of President Bush in their announcement of their attempt to hijack the US budget and the nation, and you will know it is not the President's idea to hijack the taxpayers for the donkey of the wicked; nor does it meet with his approval. It is a scam from the get-go. A scam intended to help those who defrauded millions out of millions of people and who are corrupt, dishonest, gamblers and evil in every sense of the word.

Those liars,including Ben Bernanke who seems to think he is running the government and that was said first in the NY Times, is not telling the truth about anything. There may be some so-called 'toxic mortgages' but I am positive it is not the reason that they are trying to rush through a bad bad bad legislation. It is because the gamblers in the stock market who bet on phony so-called medical research that involved shredding, chopping and dicing and selling human babies from the womb, found out that their gamble was a loser--that is it is a fraud intended to make fake scientists and planned unparenthood richer, and worst than a fraud, but criminal because it violates the RICO provisions of anti-racketeering laws. And yea,there was an component of the losses that mounted from that pyramid scheme of e*Trade that was siphoning off money from real accounts after luring people in with the offer of opening an account with a dollar. But should the entire US government budget be hijacked to cover the sins of the wicked? Should not those bad deals be allowed to fail and shouldn't those guilty be prosecuted for fraud, racketeering, violation of SEC laws, cybercrime etc? Yes they should, therefore
VOTE NO! to that scam by Bernanke and Paulson! Vote NOT to self-crowned Kings and fraudsters!

Also, I want to ask which of those scheming men is laying his golden egg, and which company are they planning to head up after January? The US public has a right to know that. Read this quote from the Houston TX Chronicle:
News at :http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/business/steffy/6012610.html
9:16 AM 9/21/2008 this quote:
"Paving the way for today's financial supermarkets was, to be sure,
a bipartisan affair. The law was signed by Bill Clinton, and
Clinton's Treasury secretary, Robert Rubin, now sits atop Citigroup.

The new law blurred the lines among financial institutions,
allowing them to dabble in home lending, stockbrokering,
wealth management, investment banking, commodities trading,
insurance and a slew of other activities that swirled into the
miasma from which the current crisis grew."[end quote]

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203
--Update as of 12:39 Mountain Time: This quote from article in the Bloomberg News regarding Paulson's plan to ruin America:
"He's asking for a huge amount of power,'' said Nouriel Roubini,
an economist at New York University. ``He's saying, `Trust me,
I'm going to do it right if you give me absolute control.'
This is not a monarchy.''
12:37 PM 9/21/2008
quote from Bloomberg article today:
Update as of 1:15pm Sunday, an article in Politico entitled "Economists are Skeptical.." :
Though 'skeptical'is not the word I would have put there. I AM FURIOUS that Congress would even spend one minute contemplating such a hare-brained idea, let alone, discuss and debate it. It is unconstitutional on the face of it. Period. If the enemies of America had put their heads together to figure out a way to ruin the nation totally by implementing socialized finance and banks, that would be the Paulson-Bernanke plan ./s/ gp
Update as of 5:05pm : [Quote:]
"But new Fannie Mae CEO Herbert M. Allison Jr., who was
chairman of investment firm TIAA-CREF, has contributed
to Republicans and Democrats, including Democratic
presidential nominee Barack Obama. New Fannie Mae
Chairman Philip Laskawy, who served as chairman and CEO of accounting firm Ernst & Young, has given most of his contributions to Democrats. And new Freddie Mac Chairman John Koskinen, former president of
the U.S. Soccer Foundation, worked in the Clinton White House."[end quote]
Aren't the dems the same corrupt group that criticizes Sarah Palin for
being a soccer man while at the same time appointing a soccer director
to run Fannie Mae? And here's the obvious question, since Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are both GOVERNMENT entities that failed also, why does the same government think the failing formula will work but with higher stakes to the nation? Is the government take-over of all real property an indicator of communism? If you read the Communist Manifesto, you will see that it is.
From this article in the LA Times today about how incompetent the US government
is as CEO, and the connection between the Dems and the diastrous plan:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stupidest Congress Ever in Financial Meltdown

Here's my question about the 500 BILLION [half-TRILLION] dollar buyout by the US government of bad mortgages to buy houses and property for deadbeats who don't pay their mortgages:
where is that $500 BILLION going to come from? The budget for the US Military? The budget for the public schools? The budget for Social Security that entire generations were forced to participate in when employers held money back from wages to pay for it?? Where? And what makes the US government think that IF the mortgage holders don't pay their mortgages to the banks, that they will pay them to the US government? Is the US now beginning a 'new' phase of communism moving toward guaranteeing a house to every citizen? Because the Constitution and preamble, and Declaration of Independence all established the principle that was is right for one citizen is right for all citizens. Therefore is the US government prepared to buy with the taxpayer budget ALL Mortgages in the US? Because that is what will be required if they put that giant bulldozer of federal buy-outs of bad bad bad business decisions on the Capitol Hill and remove the brake on it? It is going to plow over every mortgage 'investment' bank, and every bad mortgage made in the US. It is stupidity!
I am not deceived. The US Congress is without a doubt one of the stupidest Congresses since there was a Congress. They laid plans to depopulate the nation, teach communism or the "less" version of it named socialism in the public schools, prosecute the innocent babies, turn loose the wicked on the nation, devalue the dollar, forget to rein in the SEC who was supposed to prevent fraud and meltdown on the Stock market, created more and more worthless 'securities', have already devalued the US Treasury Bills, and now plan to bankrupt the entire nation to save the behinds of the wicked in the SEC, Wall Street, the so-called investment brokers that were nothing more than gamblers in the housing markets. I am convinced the US would be better off without Congress or Wall Street.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203
Here's an article with a more common sense approach the words that BIG INVESTMENT HOUSE BROKERS' BANKERS:

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I got my phone back & here's some relevant news

I got my phone back after posting the public notices that it is my phone; and complaints about hacking into my account. And thank GOD! But I am upset still that the articles mentioning the hackers into Gov Palin's email seem to be focusing on whether she as a private person has the 'right' to have a private email if she is a Government official and if she has the 'right' to privacy. I say she does have the right to the guarantees of the US Constitution as would any citizen. Those who run for office in this country do not become owned by the media! They do not surrender their Constitutional protections at the door in exchange for being a public servant, nor do they waive them by running for office. It was out of bounds for that group of cowards working for Obama, no doubt, or Hillary wannabee Prez, to hack her private email and to display it on the web. Her private photos if decent and apparently they were,[as in not in violation of federal decency laws] should be private, considering that we, citizens, in the USA, supposedly are guaranteed the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures by any agent of the government. Is Obama a US Senator an agent of and for the US Government? IS Hillary Clinton an agent of the US government who both have the means [via usurpation of power through Patriot Act] to order government intrusion into privacy of personal computers [mine] software on cell phones, [mine] Yahoo or any email account [mine; and also Gov Sarah Palin's from media reports] ?? I am sure that the group 'anonymous' cowardly thieves that they are, or Secret Service employees, did what they did to 'help' Obama but I am also sure it won't help him but defeat him.
Here are the articles I would like for you to read today and my comments with them:
[quote :]
Roll Call says White House aides "heatedly reject suggestions
by Democrats that Bush has not sought to regulate the financial
sector, eagerly pointing to a list of initiatives they say Bush pressed for and Democrats resisted." White House Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto said,. "It's absurd to make
the claim that somehow we failed to put in strong regulations."[end quote]
quote from:http://www.usnews.com/usnews/politics/bulletin/bulletin_080918.htm
9:42 AM 9/18/2008
NYTimes article:Financial Crisis Enters New Phase
Accurate assessment by McCain:
As for Wall Street, Mr. McCain blamed the meltdown on “unbridled corruption and greed.” [end quote]that is from opinion piece in NY Times, today.
Here's one of the reasons there is a financial crisis in the US: other nations are competing causing socialised auto dealers and other US companies to fail:
And why are not the hackers into Gov Palin's private email to be prosecuted for theft of personal info andbreaking into email not owned by them, a violation of federal US cybercrime laws? Read article at:
Also there is NO mention of the hacking into her private email in the NY Times today! Astonishingly, but you know that if a Republican group hacked Obama's email it would be splashed all over the front page in every news paper in the world. But thank GOD for the courage of the BBC in reporting it as fact.
Good Article on risks in financial markets:
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203. I do have a physical address but don't post it as a general rule.
Update as of 5:05 PM:
I think the news report that John McCain said he would fire Christopher Cox of the Securities and Exchange Commission is a light in a dark tunnel of the mess of the Wall Street Meltdown. Where has Cox been for the past 2 years while the Dems controlled Congress?? In Brazil drumming up support for Obama?? Get a grip. Any private CEO whose company lost so much money from bad decisions and gambling [the stock market] and bad phony investments with profits generated only by churning, would be fired on the spot by the Board of Directors. While you're at it, fire these folks too: Ben Bernanke, Karl Rove and the entire SEC Board of Directors and staff. It is clear they were not doing their job! Also, the US does not need another federal agency! Please!--don't create more federal agencies-- that would only cost taxpayers more and do less. The more talking heads you have in a decision after a certain point produces nothing but chaos, and generic wishy-washy, wordy non-decisions with no teeth in them. The Resolution Trust created after the SEC failed in the 80's did not stop the failure of Washington Mutual, and you know why? Washington Mutual was spending its money on promoting sodomy and 'gay rights' instead of creating dividends for shareholders. Fools that they are, and they hire really stupid managers. The Manager in Denver told me she would call the Denver Police because I asked her why she closed my accounts in good standing for no reason in 2006? and she did that in a lobby filled with customers,who saw and heard what I said and what she said; but not to worry I don't think that lobby has been filled with customers since then, because I walk by there often. There's a sure fire way to win customers to your side, threaten your 2 year long customers with Police harassment! Two government agencies existed to stop fraud in Trust companies at that time but neither of them did anything that I know of to stop WaMu from defrauding customers or shareholders. The SEC had a wink-wink attitude because it seems that WaMu only harasses the Republican account holders. Get a grip on this by firing the culprits not by giving them billions of taxpayer's money!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Public Notice: of my phone to prevent slamming

This is another desperation notice to the Public and lenders and places that sell TMobile products,the phone numbers of 720-231-2591 and 720-278-6527 belong to me, Gloria Poole of Denver CO 80203. Somebody is trying to slam my phone and through cybercrime steal not only the number but the last payment made on the 10th of this month to it. Please be aware that these phone numbers are registered to me with TMobile and paid for by me, and that there is no one else authorized on either of these accounts but me. Don't be defrauded and please do not defraud me. I have not moved and I have not cancelled either phone of mine and I have two cell phones plus a landline because my then-husband stalked me three times the last year of 2007 [divorced since Oct 29,2007] and I want to be sure I always have a phone. My exhusband does not represent me nor my LLP's; and is not on any account of mine. Don't be deceived by him. He is a con-man from the get go and tells people he is a MD or a physical therapist when his only license was as a masseuse. The last name I knew him by was Pappas but that was probably a stolen name from what I know about him now. My name is Gloria Poole.
Update as of 7:43 pm: this entry the Dems did not want you to read which is why my cell phone was hacked today* is the one below entitled 'Full Blown Financial Meltdown on Dems watch'. Make sure you read to see what they were trying to prevent me from adding too when they hacked my phone. Also read my blog at http://G-L-O-R-I-A.name for tonight's entry about Obama's hackers hacking into Gov Palin's email on Yahoo. *They think it's a blackberry with email sending capability but it's not--I don't send email with any phone. I learned my lesson last year when Hillary's hackers were trying to get her elected. This year they teamed up with Obama's hackers; therefore Republicans look out! The demons are on the loose --raise up the Cross of JESUS before you, quick!

Full-Blown Financial Meltdown on Dems' Control

Well, I am writing this with some trepidation. The news today of the US federalizing one of the largest insurers of property [AIG] at what may be the expense of those dependent on Social Security and Disability incomes, is staggering in a bad way. It is a bad and dangerous precedent because the US taxpayers cannot bail out every insurer and every bank in the US--it is not the duty of taxpayers and it is not feasible. Also, the news that the FDIC is experiencing its lowest level while at the same time the numbers of banks failing are hitting high marks, is more evidence that the Democratic Control of Congress since 2006 was a fiasco! You could read the article about the FDIC that I read on this link from earthlink news, business section:

What makes this an ominous sign in my way of thinking is the absolute unwillingness on anyone's part to admit that socialised risk is a HUGE failure. The insurance companies around the world have depleted all their money paying for Katrina, Ike, Hanna, that bridge collapse in the North,the flooding in the Midwest this summer. They have had one natural act of GOD after another and yet they still don't get it. They fail to realize that you cannot insure against acts of GOD; and they fail to realize that you cannot insure against human stupidity either. Acts of GOD are meant by HIM no doubt to be catastrophic, cataclysmic, world-changing. And they do, inevitably accomplish that. It is written, 'behold, a whirlwind of THE LORD is gone forth in fury, even a grievous whirlwind, it shall fall grievously upon the head of the wicked." [Jeremiah 23: 19,KJV] Governments trying to insulate the wicked from the wrath of GOD end up impoverishing the nation. The human acts of stupidity are trying to build cities on blood, or in the ocean, [New Orleans]. It is easy to see why GOD would have been angered at New Orleans. The same weekend of Katrina was the decadent, immoral, abomination of sodomy on parade, and voodoo and idolatry are rampant there. And why those cities built on blood to use the Bible's words, are hit with the wrath of GOD also. It is written also, 'woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city by iniquity." Habakkuk 2:12
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203 [whether I sign this or not it is my blog and my writings,always.]

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reply to Roger Cohen NYT's mocking article today

I am replying to the comments section of the NY Times article today entitled "The Seventh Year' that is a mocking version of The Holy Bible, written by him. It is clear he is a Demon-crat. Here are my comments that I wrote but they deleted because they are Republican remarks. I am going to write my version of the demoncrats' bible as I have observed it to be after 4 yrs and 10 months of marriage [now divorced] to one of the devil's agents;
So saith the demon to his 'agents of change' the buzz phrase of Planned Parenthood:
1) thou shalt not mock the Democrats;
2) thou especially shall not criticize or mock the agent of the devil named Bill Clinton or his wife Hillary, or Obama, the mockers of GOD's words.Because if you do, we will fry your computer or ruin your life, send demons to steal from you, use the Courts to harass you when you did nothing wrong, and give legal permission to threats and terror against your life, and send demons to try to kill you.
3) thou shalt not point out the sins of the demon's agents;
4) thou shalt not try to stop killing of the Jews or anybody, since Jews would rather be rich heathens than righteous people of GOD;
5) thou shalt profit off the blood and tissues of the preborn humans in the womb;
6) thou shalt dishonor the true HOLY BIBLE and substitute in the fake bible of the infidels like Cohen, clearly a Jew and the devil's own.
7) thou shalt dishonor the NAME and WORD of GOD because the devil hates those;
8) thou shalt hate those who love GOD and work to defeat them so that thou mayest earn your place in hell;
9) thou shalt mock Christians who believe in JESUS the Messiah, and see if you could crucify them again with fake 'medical reports' of insanity and ignoring the real truths of physical injury and suffering caused by a Jewish slave.
10) thou shalt not attempt to write Christian comments on the NY Times or the Rocky Mountain News because both of those are tools of propaganda for killing of innocents;
11) thou shalt worship your gold and silver money and your stocks, and your paper money [certificates backed up by nothing] instead of the real GOD, and you shall lie,cheat, steal, swindle, kill to get it, and promote those activities as being 'rights' through multiple media channels of electronic propagandizing to increase your profits.
12) thou shalt remember your deeds on the earth, when the devil comes to collect your soul and cast you into the pit (sheol for you Jews)
[END ]
I hope you get my point-- I intend to defy the devil and I intend to defeat the devil by the blood of THE LAMB of GOD who is JESUS.It is written,'and they overcame him [the devil] by the blood of THE LAMB and by the word of their testimony*.." Revelation 12:11. "Be not deceived. GOD is not mocked; whatsoever a man [or a nation ]soweth that shall he also reap", it is written in Galatians 6:7. Also the other Scriptures that are GOD's warning about what happens when a nation sheds the innocent blood [as in the US where abortions exceed 100 MILLION dead] are in Psalms 9:12,Jeremiah 26:15,Ezekiel 16:36,22:1-16,23:45-49,35:5-9; and Proverbs 6:16-17, and Joel 3:19.21, and I quote Habakkuk 2:12: 'woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city by iniquity. " The real Commandments of GOD are available on one of my websites at:
The Jews have not changed one iota since they crucified JESUS, but HE rose from the dead, and HE will defeat them.
* Read my testimony at http://I-Am-Christian.info and http://profession-of-faith.info
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203