Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Rocky MTN news censored today.

Part III to the two parts posted on the comments I wrote to the Rocky Mountain News in an article about protestors,see those also please:
I added this but the censor deleted it so I am typing it again because
it is important. I have no supervisor and no boss and type from my
home and from my personally owned and private computer. Illegal
spying through the DNC is rampant. Big Brother GOVERNMENT via illegal
use of the Patriot Act by Congress is watching you!
I am writing it again because it is relevant to this discussion of what
part the Press plays in any society. In May of 2006, Judge Christopher
Cross of Littleton Colordo put a mandatory restraining order against
my then husband for two years and told him to get off drugs. That occurred
after he was arrested for trying to abduct me in the parking lot of the
Arapahoe County Courthouse after I had testified of events caused by
my then-husband. In July 2006,the Victim's Advocate called me to tell
me to flee the state because he was still testing positive for cocaine.
I said if that were the case, why was he not in prison since cocaine use
is a violation of federal law, and he was on Probation? She said,
'the purpose of Probation is not to punish the offender.' I was shocked.
My then-husband was furious and made threats to me to kill me,and
also to kill his Probation officer in Littleton since I had told her he
was violating the restraining order against him. I told her that also,
that he threatened to kill me and her also. After that the Littleton Police
called me at home in Aurora to 'follow up' they said and asked me if
I knew if he had any weapons. I said no, I did not because I had never seen
any weapons but he was very secretive in many ways. Later the man he lives
with told me he had two shotguns over at his house. Neither the Aurora
Police nor the Littleton Police did anything to protect me from harm.
My then-husband was furious and had a plan to kill me [he said] and
'make it look like an accident'. He was living in the apt in Aurora with
me even though the Judge told him to move out. On the last Sunday of
July, 2006 he came in after getting off work at Lake Steam Baths, in a rage.
Because I had told him I was going to GA to my niece's wedding. He
said I was not going. I said I was.He said, 'we'll see'. I said he was not
supposed to be there, restaining order against him and he said, 'no Judge
is going to tell him what to do.'. After several hours of that, I crashed down the
stairs and could not bear weight on my leg that I landed on. I knew my ankle
was broken because of the excruciating pain and the way I landed.
My then-husband took off at first saying if he was caught there, he'd go
to prison,then after I bumped up steps on my behind and crawled into apt,
he came back in as I was calling for help, and twisted my ankle
like unscrewing a lid off a jar after I told him it was broken; and told me if
I told anyone what happened, he would kill me. He stayed there all that night
to prevent me calling 911 but when he left the next day, I did call 911.
I had surgery to repair those fractures,and I had much suffering. And still
have much suffering from painful ankle, swelling in entire leg after walking about
and some kind of something that seems to blank out my mind at times. Weeks
of hysterical crying, disordered mind, unable to think enough to even
get myself any food and if not for the intervention of GOD I would be dead.
My then-husband abandoned me without money, without food,
without a way to get down 28 steps, and went to Comcast and turned off
the voip phone we had at that time so I could not call for help.
I am telling some of this,and here, because it is necessary to protect other women and the public from him. He is the type of man that uses women and women are attracted to him but he is a terrible man.
And the reason for posting it here, is because
Denver and Arapahoe Counties will not enforce the laws and neither will
Judges. My exhusband was told by three Judges to pay me for injuries and
now he is trying to bankrupt out of that to try to escape any consequences
of his law-breaking. IF the press had been present when that restaining
order was put against him and photographed him and put it on the front page
of the news,then his expensive lawyer and his Probation Officers would not
have been able to conceal what he did or the fact that the restraining order
existed for my protection.
One of the most important functions of the Press is to warn the people, is it
not? When a city has corrupt Police Officers it becomes even more important
for the Press to do what it is supposed to do,because they have to be the
counterbalance against evil taking over. Corrupt Police Officers are not the
only ones but if they are allowed to continue they contaminate the
whole lot in the public's eye. Public confidence is important for any government
to succeed.
Also I am telling it here because there has to be a Constitutional Amendment
to protect the innocents and to punish the wicked. And I want that
US Constitutional Amendment to include those humans in the womb
with human DNA who cannot ask the
Judge to protect them from destruction, or run away, or escape from the government
licensed abortuaries. Those 100 MILLION innocents killed in the womb must be remembered and they must not have died in vain. There has to be a Judgement Day on these:
Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi,
Ted Kennedy, Charles Schumer, Charles Lewis, Barbara Boxer, the 2 Salazars and
Diane DeGette of
Colorado, and the other 524 Congress men and women, who gave their
seal of approval to crimes against humanity. The nation has to rewrite the Amendments
to protect the innocents including those in the womb.

signed gloria poole,RN and artist,Denver CO 80203
9:16 AM 8/26/2008
The Rocky Mountain News is online at http://RockyMountainNews.com and read the article about the protestors who were arrested last evening and then read my comments to it.Also at 10:20 am the RMN prevented me from adding this as a comment to the article about the Aurora Police arresting people who may not have been a threat to Obama,[that was the gist of the article] and these are the comments I wanted to add, but RMN censorship blocked:
This should be reported no question. It is the duty of the Press to inform the citizens. What other purpose do they serve? My question is this: would the Aurora Police have done this if the threats had been made to an ordinary citizen? I say no, they would not have. I know that for certain in fact.
So that raises the question of is there a mulit- tiered law enforcement in this nation? Top tier for President, Next tier for Wannabe Prez, Next tier for Police Officers, Next tier for rich people, Next tier for working/employed, bottom rung of ladder for poor,disabled, elderly, young [think of the preborn and infants in that category as well as the under 18]?

Remember in our US Constitution or it might be the Preamble, that says 'all men are created equal" . Is Obama more equal than the ordinary citizen in Aurora or Denver? Or any of the Candidates? Or how about Police Officers? I am not advocating killing here, you know that but what I am advocating is a righteous system that treats all in the law by the same set of rules. Should Police Officers be treated as if their lives were more important than say, a Registered Nurse' s? or a Journalist's? or an Artist's, or a Disabled person's? Why? Did they not willingly go into a dangerous field knowing that it is fraught with risks? They are not conscripted into Police duty. Therefore I do not understand how if a police officer is threatened [a very great risk in that profession no doubt] there is an alert and the state's enforcement kicks in overdrive, but if an ordinary citizen is threatened, the Law Enforcement will tell you things like 'flee the state' as if being forced to move suddenly and leave all your worldly goods is your solution when in reality it means they are protecting the wicked person who made the threats because it is what is easy for them.
Also this whole thing could have been because some people resent [and I am one of them] having Secret Service Protection for those who are not President. That was intended to be for the Commander in Chief and not for every body who thinks they are important. I think the US is the only nation in the world that continues to give the perqs of President to those who are not President any longer or were never President. So that 'threat' could have been to create a sense of danger to the Candidates in order to get more Police Funds from Homeland Security. That is also a real possiblity. signed gloria poole,RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

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