Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What did Bill Gwatney know about Clintons?

I read in the Google news just now that the Democrat from Arkansas Bill Gwatney has died. I am sad for his family. What I would like to know if he was privy to the rape of Juanita by then-Gov of Arkansas Bill Clinton? And did he know the Arkansas State Police that 'protected' the then-Gov Clinton as he was adulterizing with Gennifer Flowers? And did he have the knowledge that would sink Hillary's career in Politics? He was supposed to be a superdelegate at the Demons Convening this month in Denver, remember that tidbit in the Google report?
Remember that when Bill Clinton was in office as President there were two sudden deaths of men that had been involved in his campaign or Governor's career in Arkansas? I never believed that the so-called suicide of the first dead man was a suicide at all, but that someone had killed that man because he knew too much. Then how about Ron Brown, [I think that was his name] that died in a plane crash suddenly too? He also had inside knowledge about the Clintons.
I am asking the FBI to investigate the death of Bill Gwatney because I believe it was staged to look like an act of a mad-man, when I believe in my spirit it was a planned assassination for political reasons, to hush him up before he got to the DNC.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist,Denver Co 80203


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