Thursday, August 21, 2008

Were there any Superdelegates on Spanish plane?

I read the sad news about that plane crash in Spain, and I am sorry for the families left behind. Here is what I would like the 'investigators' to ask and to publicly state: the passenger list of people killed and match it up with the superdelegates list for the Demons-Convening in Denver in a few days. Any more superdelegates mysteriously killed who planned to support Obama and not Hillary? There are two down and out already, the guy from Arkansas and the woman Tubbs Jones.

Yea, I know what your are thinking about Tubbs Jones. I also know that a woman who would kill or hire a killer would also pay big money to the person who poisoned their opponent to falsify medical records. Don't tell me it is not done, because I am a Registered Nurse and I have much real world experience. I was told years ago by the doctor in charge to falsify a medical record in order to not cause flak with the State Senator.Also, I was told years ago, by the Charge Nurse to falsify a medical record by adding the diagnosis of 'diabetes mellitus' to it 'so that HCFA [then] would pay more of the bill". I did not do either of those and those are some of the reasons why I am not hireable. Honesty is not something that hospitals that kill [organ transplants, abortions, euthanasia] put a value on. They just don't hire honest people and prolife people at those places.

Here's what I think: the guy in Arkansas was assassinated. Did the fact that that vile Bill Clinton cracked jokes at his funeral give you pause to reflect on what I said? And I think Tubbs Jones may have been poisoned and died before getting to hospital, or en route to it; and the news was told a lie to attempt to create the appearance of a natural event saying she had not died, while they kept her on a vent ,for the doctor and family to be notified.That is done all the time! And I suspect that there was either a superdelegate on that plane who vote against Hillary in her planned takeover, or an enemy of the Clintons who knew the details about Bill and Hillary's evil. Publish the names, Spanish Investigators of who was on that flight, please.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203


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