Friday, August 15, 2008

Obama's a Fool if he thinks plane event an accident

I tried to listen to the news article about Obama's plane being forced down over St Louis by mechanical problems and all I have to say to that is that he is a fool if he thinks that was an accident! Hillary and Bill are known for killing off their enemies! And hacking into privately owned computers too. This morning when I first signed into my computer my sound system was working on it. But after that news article aout Obama's plane being forced down that must be listened too, { I usually do listen and read it also but this time no words, only audio,} which seems to have been disabled my Microsoft AGAIN. Microsoft has repeatedly disabled my computer --it is their illegal contribution to the demons of the demoncrats named Hillary and Bill Clinton that Bill Gates sucks up to every chance he gets. The article about the Obama plane being forced down recently was posted by Yahoo news,but the sound is guess what? DISABLED by illegal interference also known as "hacking" by Hillary's paid hackers no doubt, who hacked my then-Apple Computer [three different computers since last Feb 2007 when that happened] last year trying to destoy my blog at Link not working either. More of that Microsoft illegal stuff I wrote about in and read the Microsoft page on the link there. You may have to do that copy and paste thing since the links on my Microsoft are disabled also. There was a surreptious download that I did not ask for last evening as I was logging off my computer that called itself a Microsoft "update" which I have learned is their code word for 'we're disabling your computer because you are Republican" . There is one thing I have learned about Microsoft updates. They ae as likely to disable your computer as to enable it. They are some bad programs! And always not coincidentally timed to disable your computer IF you are Republican and IF that witch HIllary is running for something at the same time. Or appearing in Demonic Denver where the coven is meeting soon.
Anyway read my blog and scroll down to the mess her hackers made on that blog where I was opposing her because of her ties to Planned Parenthood and her baby-killing agenda for the world. Please do not vote for Obama or Hillary--they are bad people who believe in killing. IF Hillary assassinated Obama it would not surprise me, she is desperate to win at any costs to the nation. She did in that guy in Arkansas and Obama would be a fool not to be wary of her!
signed gloria poole RN and artist


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