Friday, August 29, 2008

My Reply to Mike Rosen re: 'Moderate' Politics

Here is my reply to the article by Mike Rosen in today's Rocky Mountain News that the RMN kept trying to censor:
I wrote a lengthy reply and the Obama campaign or the RMN news deleted it. I am writing it again. I agree with Mike Rosen in this article. The word moderate is a verb to me, and not a descriptor for political leanings. It is sort of like the word 'average'. Let me explain 'average' to you so you better understand the word moderate. If you average two numbers together you add them, then you divide them by two, the total of the numbers you added. A simple easy to work with set of numbers will help you understand the concept. If you 'average' 800 +0 you add 800 and 0=800 then you divide 800 by 2 [the total of the numbers you added] then you get 400. If you are talking about two peoples' income then you have a meaningless figure. The 'average' or the 'moderate' term is often used to put a spin on truth. For example in that situation,one person earns $800 per month and the other person earns $0 per month,and neither earns $400 per month,so what does averaging two unrelated events tell you? Nothing. The same is true with the word 'moderate' --it means nothing. It is a way the wicked attempt to hide the reality of any topic. They take a lot of topics add them all up, mash them together and then stick a label on them, and then say they solved it with fancy words without any plan that would work, and slogans.
The facts that they want to hide is that in this nation there is no way to unify the nation. That is precisely because there are two very different beliefs operating in this nation. One of those held by GOD-fearing people is that it is always wrong to kill innocent people especially with premeditation and deliberation, and those of us who believe that oppose: abortion, medical killing, killing off the sick, the injured, the disabled, the Down's children, the elderly. The other faction operating in this nation is the group that believes that they have the so-called right to kill innocents for pay, money, political power, or convenience. Those are diametrically opposite ideas and cannot co-exist. They are mutually exclusive ideas also because if one of them is right, then the other of them is wrong. The idea that it is wrong to kill is from GOD's Commandment of 'thou shalt not kill'. Exodus 20:13. The idea that it is a right to kill is from the devil. A 'house divided ' does not stand, according to JESUS.
There is no "moderate" policy in this area. It is either always wrong to kill or it is always right to kill. If it is always right to kill, then why prosecute whoever killed that D.A? If it is always right to kill, then why provide Secret Service protection to the wannabees? If it is always right to kill, why have hospital? Why not just shoot them all when they get sick? OF COURSE, I am not advocating killing; in fact, the opposite, saying it is a wrong to kill, always. And saying I am not a moderate, but a 'radical prolifer' who believes that if it takes a war on the soil of the US to dislodge the U.S. from the wicked stronghold of evil, that is abortuaries, and their supporters, promoters, and killers, then so be it. The issue of ending premeditated slaughter of innocents in the womb is not going away, and will not be swept under the rug of fancy smooth talking shysters. signed gloriapoole,RN and artist, Denver CO 80203


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