Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Prolife Comments Censored by RMN today

Here are my comments I wanted to add to the article in the RMN today about abortion, that their censors blocked:
This debate is not going to go away until abortion is illegal. It is exactly the same issue as when the Klu Klux Klan was stringing up black folks who were innocent of capital offense crimes and never found guilty in a Court of law. Killing of innocents, regardless of their age,skin color, religion, or where they reside [in the womb or out of it] or any other factor, is a sin against GOD who wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill' as one of HIS laws. It must also be a crime.
I follow the prolife arguments to a great extent but whether I read about them or not, I write and paint, and 'work' to end that horrible massacre of innocents that is happening in the abortuaries of the U.S and the so-called first world nations, and around the world, where the idea is forcibly exported by the U.S. ngos. I am a Registered Nurse and I am also an artist. I create websites to try to persuade all people to know the truth of GOD. I ask you to read these websites of mine and see my painting there entitled 'birthing a baby' . Visit, for the medical facts about how humans develop in the womb, and also with the image of my original painting, and my words as a Registered Nurse who assisted at births when pregnant women presented in an E.R. I worked in years ago.
The end-killing-or-extend-killing-of-innocents is the debate. Since a human in the womb is human from the one cell, that ingests nutrition, excretes waste, moves about, crosses even cell barriers, then that one cell, whether gamete cell or otherwise, must be protected by the laws that protect innocent human life. To do less than that,makes the U.S on the level of the ancient Roman Soldiers who went through city after city, and the countrysides, running children through with swords, to accomplish the will of the Caesar.
Either the US is barbarian, or it is civilized. The barbarian nations kill innocents, the civilized do not. Who is more innocent than the tiniest of humans in the womb? Who is more vulnerable than that class of humans? Who needs big, strong men, to defend them more than them? Who? Tell me that. Because I sometimes feel sick to my stomach when I visualize in my mind's eye those images I have seen before, of tiny humans shredded,decapitated, chopped into thighs, femurs,brains, cells on agate plates. If you ever saw that sight that those without GOD protest as being "too graphic" all the while they do not think the horrible event of doing that is 'too graphic", you would most likely vomit! And if you did not, then you should seriously question the state of your soul. Because if that did not disturb you on the most gut level, you are already lost to perdition, unless you repent.
And as for what GOD wrote the Commandments,the answer is THE GOD. There is ONLY ONE GOD, even JESUS HIMSELF said so, in John 10:30, KJV. And let me tell you something else, if you who say you believe in the killing of innocents as a "right" feel so strongly about that, then will be all right if someone who considers you an inconvenience* chops off your head, pulls out your entrails, and grinds up your tissue as their so-called right? I did not think so! And I am certainly not advocating any such right for you either. I am trying to make you think of how evil such deeds are, and make you rethink your politics. Because in the long run, GOD will win this battle as HE won the one in Nazi Germany and as HE won the battles since the beginning of time recorded by humans. Abortion will end, and I pray that is in my lifetime. The only questions are when, and how and what will the "price tag" be in the terms of lives lost to the US? Which side of right and wrong are you on?
I advise you to get on GOD's side because HIS is the winning side.

*Inconvenience is the reason given for most abortions.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, 'gloriapoole' [end quote of myself]
Also I did add comments today about the Al Jazeera News being at the DNC and you might want to read my comments on that article, if they are still up. The RMN sometimes lets me comment if I am not writing on the prolife issue, but so far, to date,they have blocked my comments every time I tried to write on an article that is about ending abortion.


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