Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hillary & Obama too wicked, Obama lacks common sense

I reckon that Obama must be trying to rig the election too to throw it to that jezebel Hillary, by giving the losers Clinton the prime spots in the Demons-Convening coming up. Hillary is wicked as the Jezebel in the Bible that believed in killing off the rightful owner of something to get what she wanted. Read that Bible story in I Kings 16:31- II Kings 9:37 and then the summary in Revelation 2:20 of what type woman she was. But go figure Obama. Now you know that I am NOT a fan of either of those baby-kiliing doers and believers and want them to lose the election! If you know anything about my life and works then you know that. I am absolutely opposed to the killing of innocents in any form but especially with methodical intent to systematically annihilate them by the millions [abortuaries=gas ovens] and at the same time, annihilate the future of America.

I think on Politics often to apply the principles of GOD to those situations, yet I cannot understand why Obama would be so accomodating to a woman who would kill him physically and politically if she could. Answer me that question? Why give her the opportunity to hijack his nomination with her speeches or give an inch to that demon from hell, named Bill Clinton, either? That combo is like the devil himself. But here's the real question, does the U.S. want a demon for President? NO! No! NO!

But splitting the demoncrats will be to the advantage of Republicans so let Rumpelstiltskin pull Obama into two factions and split the demoncrats. Best thing that could happen from the voters standpoint and for Republicans too! A win-win for Republicans. You go Obama --you are not man enough to even hold your own at your own Nomination Party! We, the citizens of this country, do not want anyone representing this nation as Commander in Chief who cannot make up his mind on even whether he wants to be President or not. I want and pray for a PROLIFE President and that will NOT be either Obama or Hillary! Don't be fooled by their so-called 'centrist' politics that are nothing but spins on words to fool the fools into thinking that something changed. That duo of baby-killers have not changed. Look at how they voted in every debate concerning the issue of human life. Here is what Jeremiah the prophet said on the topic of being a chameleon-like entity: 'can the Ethiopian change his skin,or the leopard his spots? [if that were possible] then may ye also do good that are accustomed to do evil." Jeremiah 13: 23
For more on this topic please visit these sites of mine:
http://onlineeducator.bravehost.com [medical facts about how babies develop in womb]
http://vote-prolife.info [US Constitutional issues with that awful Roe decision]
http://prolife-activist.info [Scriptures about human life to guide you]
http://children-are-blessings.info [Scriptures that teach that truth that children are blessings and not curses to be killed!]
http://gloriapoole.com/defiant [my comments to illegal efforts by Denver to deny First Amendment liberties to everyone, but particularly prolifers!]
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver Co 80203

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