Friday, August 08, 2008

1st Prize for stupidity and chameleonism-the Dems

I could not miss this event--the ABC news says tonight that the dems are "distancing themselves from John Edwards" for his adultery and lying; and ALL THE WHILE IN THE SAME NEWS SAYING THAT THE MOST INFAMOUS ADULTERER, LIAR, RAPIST NAMED BILL CLINTON will be giving the important talk at the DNC. If I had been asked to pick a candidate that I thought would totally destroy Obama's chance of winning in November, it would have been that vile Bill Clinton. Way to go Dems, stupid to the end! Bill's so-called help took down Hillary with his wanton lifestyle and GOD willing it will work that well on Obama's chances too. What a sweet victory for McCain, to see that John Edwards has brought to the forefront the issue of the dems so-called 'values' of wayward living, womanizing, lying, and cheating ways,and throwing lots of money of taxpayers at the desired object of sexual desire, [ come on, $100,000 for four 2 minute videos!]. Oh yes and remember that Juanita said Bill Clinton raped her, and that there was Gennifer Flowers, and has anyone really forgotten Monica Lewinsky who was subjected to sexual harassment [being required to perform any kind of sexual 'service' to keep your job is supposedly illegal in the US !] while an intern in an inferior position [no pun intended] to the man who was President. That was sort of like the KING of a nation sending his troops to 'take' a woman as a prize for the KING, --how much decision making authority does she have in that situation? NONE, and neither did Monica. Yet, what have the ever-stupid and immoral Dems done? Decided to attempt to make that wicked, wanton behaviour of Bill, the role model for America's young boys, who are future leaders, and to make the suffering wife, the role model for the future wives??, while pretending to distance themselves from it at the same time. That chameleon behaviour is going to leave you with green skin one of these days! And did I forget to mention that the Clintons trashed the White House, stole computers, stole items given by the governments of other nations to the U.S. for their own personal use of outfitting their taxpayer-provided but not via salaries' homes?
If you try to even think that Bill Clinton has any moral authority, you are either whacked out on cocaine or never heard of GOD, or have no clue about what constitutes moral leadership! Righteous men do not rape, plunder, steal, lie, cheat on their wives. If he cannot be trusted with one woman, how could he be trusted with women surrounding him with oohs and aahs from their thinking of his political power? A man who is not trustworthy in small matters [though a marriage is not a small matter but the testing ground where GOD proves what men are made of, but it is small numbers of people compared to a nation to rule over] how could he then be trusted in matters of great national importance? If he cannot be trusted not to lie, not to cheat,not to swindle, how could the US then send him abroad to reprsent the nation with other world leaders? The Bible says that he that cannot rule over his own household in GOD's ways cannot rule over anything else.
Here's the thing, I am glad Bill Clinton torpedoed Hillary, since she is a prodeather and the nation cannot afford any more of her ilk. And I am praying the same effect washes over Obama like a tsunami, and that he is NOT the next President of the US, and for the same reason. He never once voted prolife, and this nation has already past its prime as far as the continuity of it goes, because the populations in nearly every city are declining rapidly, and there are more deaths than births. A nation that depopulates has no future. It is not rocket science, to figure that out.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist,PS IN case you forgot, I am Republican, and a prolifer.

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