Friday, December 28, 2007

Protesting Gov't Censorship,Police Harassment & gov't hacking

Visit the link above to my Bloglines blog and read why I am posting it. I am very tired of government censorship and illegal interference into my computer and software programs by Hillary Clinton and other notorious and wicked campaign "staffers" who are employed by the State of Colorado.

I believe the pen or computer keyboard is mightier than the sword and I encourage the ideal set forth by the US Constitution of liberty of press to report the truth. I believe absolutely in the First Amendment and also in the truth of GOD that the killing of innocents is always a WRONG. All of you who are intending to vote in the coming elections, remember this: THE BIBLE says in Galatians 6:7 "be not deceived. GOD is not mocked, for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap." IF you vote for those who believe that killing is a so-called "right" then what is to stop them from killing you, if you disagree with them?

My bloglines entry of today is to document government harassment, government censorship,in order to protest that. Also, to state for the public the ownership of my works online for the sake of truth and integrity. I am certain that immoral and unscrupulous persons have stolen my US mail with the USPS staff help from my old PO Box and I am certain that since the USPS inspector was complicent [he was notified several times that my mail was being given to unauthorized persons] in that there is a conspiracy in Denver to attempt to pump up by whatever fraud they think they can get away with, the demon-crats. This entry and that one on my bloglines is to protest communistic tactics in Denver Colorado.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Denver Post still censoring public debate

I am posting this here because the website supposedly open to the public today for public comments at the Rocky Mountain News for the article about preserving evidence, censored these words and refused to allow me to post them on their so-called public website. I want to know for what reason they are censoring me? Because I am a woman, because I am prolife, [and they are the political 'arm' of the abortion industry in Denver], because I am Republican, because I am Christian?
Here is what I tried four times to add to the Rocky Mountain "NEWS" open-to-the-public website of course, as a registered user of that service with their own supposedly computer-generated password:

There should be laws regarding the handling of criminal evidence. It is common sense but sense is not common in Colorado. Only a very few seem to have any sense in this State. Of course, if there were rules about the handling of evidence then those servants of the rich would not have an "out" when they break the laws of the state
or the nation. Then the poor citizens of the state would have a chance to have real justice instead of the bought-and-sold-to- the-briber type of
justice. The way the Courts are at present a criminal [and no doubt the public will know which criminal I am referring to here--my ex-husband] is "allowed"[wink-wink-hand-out] by the system to bribe the keepers of the evidence and then they [Probation Officers, Police,Court Clerks, any on the take] "hide" evidence, or remove it from the Court file, or invent a new name for the person pressing charges, or add digits to the case number or remove digits from the case number, or refuse to clock in evidence,or change the name of the criminal so that it does not match the documents, or any of various and sundry methods of falsifying documents in order for a criminal not to go to prison.
I sat in on a Court room case in Arapahoe County,Colorado,as an observer, in October, to hear the debate between the lawyer for the prosecution of those accused of murder, and the defense team for those accused.The male defense team lawyer
made scoffing remarks, and actually LAUGHED at the female lawyer who asked to have the state's evidence preserved that consisted of a bloody car. His
attitude that the female lawyer for the State couldn't be serious in her request to PRESERVE evidence in a murder trial, made me realize then and
there, that my case is not the real crisis in Colorado.
My case for justice in a domestic violence situation where permanent harm was done to me by my now ex-husband's law-breaking, was a puzzle to me
until I sat in on that Case-- how he could be arrested three times,[twice for domestic violence and once for cocaine possession] and then when I called 911 numerous times for help, after those events, he was
NEVER punished.
Should Colorado come into the truth of GOD on the issues of justice for the innocents, or should it continue the wild-west gunslinger attitude
of those with the big bucks and no conscience, making the rules?
It seems obvious to me, but of course,I am a prolifer! And don't believe that killing of innocents is a so-called right anywhere. Nor do I believe
that pampering criminals should be the state's priority but instead the protection of the innocents in each case.
signed gloria poole RN previously known by my then-married [for five years]
name of gloria poole pappas. 1:20 PM 12/1/2007