Thursday, May 17, 2007

My life is like a circus lately

I am STILL in Colorado, and wondering why? I wanted to move long ago, but divorce has been a musical chairs type event of first one Court then another in another County --blah, blah,blah. I am positive my husband thinks he will wear me down and I will won't expect him to make amends for the damages he caused me, but he won't. I have that Univ of GA Bulldawg perserverance! He has never apologized nor repented and therefore I don't have to forgive it. Reparations are in order.

As for my work ? It is continuing no matter where I live ! There are many "things"[facts, statements of truth] that I am certain beyond a shadow of doubt about and one of those is, that the ONLY way for a true born again Christian to view the abortion debate is from the PROLIFE side that all humans with human DNA and human bodies and human emotions and human responses to emotions must have the full protection of the US Constitution to protect them when they are INNOCENT [and surely, babes in the womb are innocent!]; and that the US Constitution must be amended to give innocents protection from destruction at the hands of medical professionals licensed by governments. Think about the truth of that statement. The governments must never license people to kill innocent humans or else we as a nation have a "nazi" type government where the ruling party creates laws to eliminate the opponents. Historically when that has happened, the pogroms and annihilation of the Jewish population followed close on the heels of that government diversion into evil. Read the book of Esther in the Bible and the entire Old Testament for the proof of that.


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