Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Overcoming AGAIN

I am still alive and still working-painting with oils and acrylics on a ethnic series of paintings to raise money for a new computer. My computers were hacked BIG TIME by either the US government or comcast or Arapahoe County Colorado or Denver City Council, and almost destroyed but I am not quitting the prolife work. I have also had pneumonia, what they call the "WALKING PNEUMONIA" but for about a week I could almost not do that --I was sick! Antibiotics have their place and some times they are just what the doctor ordered. I am alive and still protesting those who kill in the US government and also protesting those who demand the right to kill in the pretense of "women's rights". There is NO such thing as the right to kill innocents in the US and there never was, nor is there any authority in the US Constitution for the US Supreme Court to authorize the killing of innocents in the name of women's rights or for any reason. It is medical fact that humans are humans from the get-go and they have human DNA and human parents, and that makes them human. JESUS said, " he [or she in this case] that overcometh and keepeth MY works unto the end, to him [or her] will I give power over the nations." Revelation 2: 26



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