Friday, February 16, 2007

Credit Unions are not regulated per FBI,

I have lots to tell you. I found by discussing my credit union account yesterday to discover who is tampering with it, that the US "does not do anything about tampering with financial accounts unless a million dollars was stolen". That shocked me but it was from the mouth of the FBI agent in Denver, Co. I followed the instructions posted in plain sight in my credit union about whom to report to if there was a discrepancy in my account only to be told by the Manager of the Credit Union that the "FBI would only laugh at me and do nothing" and then told by the FBI agent on duty in Denver yesterday that the FBI does not bother itself unless a million dollars was withdrawn. [of course I do not have a million dollars but have I been defrauded causing the discrepancy? $50 is still significant to me and I do not have a joint account. ] Do these events surprise you? That a city where the Mayor disallowed Christians in the Christmas Parade in 05, and the election was announced in '06 with tens of thousands not being allowed to vote and with tens of thousands of votes not counted, would wink-wink at embezzlement or cooking the books? Does it surprise you in a region where the US Post Office does it own thing and dishonors the owner of the Post Office box and gives the customer's mail to other people to facilitate spying by government, and allows its postal employees to put surreptious and treacherous "surveys" in the Post Office boxes of a private business effort, or that the post man 'picks up" the mail from the locked box and holds it for no apparent reason inconveniencing its customers, or "forwards" the mail to outer space with no forwarding address that causes the mail to circulate around for a month or two causing the intended person to miss deadlines, or where the Post office "miscalculated the postage" for mail-out ballots so they were not delivered? Does it surprise you in a city where the voting machines were rigged and they knew about it before the election and used them anyway? Does it surprise you in a city where the RTD bus system was awarded "best in the nation" but had run over and killed more people than any public transportation system in America the very same year? Does it surprise you that the Denver Police and the Arapahoe County Courts and Police are corrupt? Does it surprise you that the so called anti-drug programs are rife with corruption and fraud and actually seem to teach addicts to be proud of that awful ungodly deed? Does it surprise you that pr-os-ti-tutes roam the streets of Denver openly soliticing and they are included in the local "entertainment"? Does it surprise you since the very word "Denver" has the same two beginning letters of demons or devil?

I have lived in this area [now in Aurora outside Denver] for four 1/2 years and the events of this region are in some ways astonishing to me. Some say it is because I am from the Bible belt of the country where the Name of GOD is held sacred and HOLY, and where there is a sense of protocol in their events and a proper way to dress for each occasion. Perhaps that explains it but I think it is more than that. I think it is because I have read and studied the Holy Bible [the King James HOLY BIBLE] for most of my life and have a sense of the awe and majesty of GOD, and a reverance for HIS name and HIS laws. To hear GOD's name used as a curse word, upsets me so much and it causes revulsion in me toward that person who spoke that evil. Yet that seems to be a common occurrence in this MRSA. Denver is one of the so-called catholic strongholds and therefore it all makes sense. Those who worship wooden dolls and bow down to men are not HOLY and not of GOD. This quote following is what triggered these words today.

I agree with this quote, from article entitled "Daniel Heenan's Accounts of Battling the Abortion Business and Washington DC" for Feb 12, 2007:
{quote]More alarming yet was the fact that during the trial all three defense witnesses, including the defendant, revealed themselves as being either Catholics or former Catholics. This was particularly embarrassing for me as I was being represented by a group of fervent evangelical Christians from the American Center for Law and Justice. This begs the question then, of to what extent is the proliferation of evils like abortion in our society at its root a failure of the Church to effectively carry out its mission? What would be the state of the abortion industry in this country if all the so-called Catholics were really Catholic? Could Planned Parenthood survive without the support of Catholics? [end quote]

I discovered years ago from researching that IF the so-called prolife Catholics were really prolife they would vote prolife and the Kennedys would not donate millions to that vile organization that kills innocent humans in the womb for pay, named Planned Parenthood; and the John Kerry's would be fighting against every proabort bill, and Nancy Pelosi would not have one of the absolute worst track records of 100% support of killing of innocents on demand, and the other so-called catholics like John Roberts and Samuel Alito would not be raking in their profits from abortuaries and BIG BIOTECH and BIG ABORTION bloodshedding industries.


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