Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Senate bill 1 is BAD, BAD, BAD

I think it is very alarming that the US Senate would even attempt to regulate the First Amendment liberties of US citizens in their Senate bill # 1 for this session of Congress. I think the US citizens should revolt against the US Senate and kick them out of office by military coup if necessary. The Senate Bill and its diabolical provisions in the section 220 that is a blatant, bald-faced attempt at controlling the WORDS of US citizens on any topic, is the worst piece of legislation to come down the pike since the ungodly and evil Roe decision was illegally decided by the unelected "officials/legislators" on the US Supreme Court. Of course,the prolifers recognize the devil when they see or hear him. The provisions in that bill to penalize prolifers with a $200,000 fine or up to 10 years in jail are reminiscent of the Russian KGB and Joseph Stalin. It must not become "illegal " to say or write that it is wrong to kill! It is a communist move to control and regulate how citizens contact other citizens and in what quanitities and in an effort to control what "news" is given to the citizens and by whom. I would also suspect that the powerful mainstream media companies who have made their fortunes as puppets of Planned Parenthood, are also in league with the devil on that bill. IS GOD mocked? I say HE IS NOT mocked, because Galatians 6:7 is written that way. GOD will not be defied and HIS words are "thou shalt not kill" and in so many words, 'thou shalt not sodomize either". {see Leviticus 18:22 and Exodus 20:13]
According to the The US Constitution, it may not be amended except by AMENDMENT and that bill is NOT written as an Amendment to the US Constitution that would require ratification by the people; and thank GOD! Therefore the US Senate can not amend the civil liberties of US Citizens and the First Amendment by declaration of their own ego-gratifying stupidity and evil. To attempt to do so, will subject them to multimillion dollar lawsuits by some enterprising Christian prolife lawyers using the RICO ACT provisions against them for conspiring to control elections and to control the citizens in order to gain money from the killing of innocents. We the citizens are allowed by authority of the First Amendment to write our words or speak our words on any topic at any time to anyone and IF the US Senate opposes that, we as a nation, do NOT need them. Let the wicked flee because they are not taking over! We, the citizens will call or contact our legislators on any topic that concerns us and let the US Senate be dam-ned.


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