Friday, January 12, 2007

Senate and Pres: Vote no and veto Killing bill,HR 3

The anti-life demoncrats tried to pull a fast one one on the US public but it has not succeeded and thank GOD. The wicked demoncrats voted AGAINST human life by voting to attempt to force US taxpayers to pay for the premeditated killing of innocent human embryoes. The vote was 216 demoncrats who want to kill innocents in the womb, and 158 PROLIFE Republicans against the killing of innocents in the womb. That vote that occurred Jan 11th on the so-called "stem cell enhancement Act" by the US House shows the influence of the devil on Nancy Pelosi* wicked "catholic" that she is and her ungodly and awful agenda for the US. The President has vowed to veto the bill if it passes the Senate, and thank GOD!. The Senate is also attempting to prevent the public from getting any information about their plans for voting on this on any other bill as they want to operate in secrecy sort of like the KGB from Soviet Russia's communism regime. The yeas and nays of the US House vote on Jan 11th are published by the Republican National Coalition for Life and thank goodness. Look up how your so-called "Representatives"** voted. I write representatives in quotes because they do not represent the people of the US; but the anti-life "reps" represent the wicked who own the baby-killing and killed-baby-processing plants known as "biotech". The demoncrats are in the pocket of BIG BIOTECH and BIG ABORTUARIES and the sooner the US populations rises up against them,the better.

* Planned Parenthood is of the devil according to the Words of Scripture in John 8:41-44, KJV, and also John 10:10. Also visit the link to see which companies and so-called "charities" to boycott who have given mega bucks to the killing of innocents in the womb in an effort to depopulate the US and aid the enemies of the US.
** In fact,they refuse the title of "representatives' and instead apply the made up name of "members of Congress" to themselves to pretend that they are a member of an elite club and NOT elected representatives of the people of the US.


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