Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Rules allow Congress to continue the fraud

In the Washington Post yesterday was an article entitled "New Rules Still Allow Congress...Perqs" but it would be better named, the "new rules still allow Congress to defraud their contributors". The examples their article gives is how Congress men used their campaign donations to pay legal fees to represent their defense against corruption and law-breaking, and for paying their wives to transfer money from the campaign fund to their household income. If you ever studied the SEC at any level and/or the IRS rules for when a company's funds are intermingled with the company's Executive's personal account then you know that such activity is widely forbidden in the corporate world. What is wrong with the picture when those in the highest offices in the land, [the US Congress] are held to a lower, bottom of the barrell rung of business acceptable practices and legal behaviours? Putting people on the corporate payroll who actually do no work is not acceptable especially in publicly held businesses that must report to shareholders. Even worst is the notion of paying/ enriching those who corrupt and defraud; yet the Congress's "new rules" don't really stop that long time practice of big money flowing into the lobbyists' hands then flowing into the Congress man or woman's till. Think of H. Clinton and you will get it. She bought TWO houses with money gleaned from where? Slush funds and campaign donations, and then she furnished them by stealing decorative and functional objects from the White House, that belongs to the US Taxpayers as well as the furnishings! Corruption is her game and she has made millions and buys votes with them--not the kind of "president" the US needs or wants.

It is glaringly apparent that the US Congress does not abide by the US Constitution which forbids an alliance with a foreign government since almost every Congressman or woman has traveled abroad to make deals with those in governments other than the US. It is also glaringly apparent that the word "ethics" is a runaround the same set of laws that ordinary citizens are expected to abide by. It is also glaringly apparent that the nation's business is not best served in a football stadium that costs the US a holiday for the Congress which means that the staff and the Congress people got paid for not showing up so a Congressman could attend a football game. What is wrong with that picture? The more you watch what Congress actually does, the more you realize that they are the biggest WASTE of taxpayer money of all. Billions spent to provide a few a lot of travel, a lot of fun, a lot of expensive offices and huge staffs, and a lot of NOTHING honest and godly, accomplished. The States would be better off with the Articles of Confederation instead of a federal government.


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