Wednesday, January 31, 2007

MIT denies tenure to Christian PROLIFE Scientist

In the Life Site news today, there is an article by Gudrun Schultz that supplied the basics that causes me to want to protest MIT.
I knew I did not like MIT when they tried to censor my religious speech and writings when my daughter was in the Peace Corps. However, the news today is more proof that MIT is hostile to Christians and especially to prolifers. Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] denied tenure to Christian, Baptist prolife scientist Dr James Sherley because he did not go along with evil to get along with the tenure committee. Dr Sherley is a friend of the preborn and he opposes the destruction of human embryoes and so do I. Labeling the premeditated killing of innocent human beings as a "right" or a "science" or a "medical experiment" is an abomination to any who believe there is A GOD and ONLY ONE GOD and that GOD is named Jehovah, [Hebrew} or Al-Lah [Muslim} or Jesus [Christian, really for all; THE MESSIAH]. Dr Sherley is an asset to MIT and they should reward him not persecute him; but if they do not repent, then all Jewish, Christian and Muslim students should avoid that place like the bubonic plague.

The evil that is perpetrated as "knowledge" in the US turns my stomach. The issues of whether killing is a so called right or a medical experiment or human research is not a new topic to any person who believes in GOD. GOD wrote in stone, 'thou shalt not kill" and that message is repeated often in THE BOOK, The Holy BIBLE. The Jews especially should rise up and fight MIT like their very lives depended upon it, because history shows that when a nation becomes corrupt and starts killing for political reasons, the Jews are usually caught up in it some way. Embryonic stem cell research violates EVERY principle of the Nuremberg Code of Laws about human research that were internationally accepted after the trial of the Nazi Regime killers. If you doubt that then study those laws especially the principles that the human being researched must give informed consent in writing [how could an embryoe do that?] and that the experiment must not maim or kill the human, {human embryoes are human from human parents with human DNA] that the human being being experimented on must have the right and the opportunity to change the mind and withdraw from the research, and that if the researcher realizes that deformity or death might result to the human being researched he or she has a moral duty to end the research immediately, and other principles defined by Nuremberg trial.

I add my testimony to the opposition against MIT. Massachusetts in general has become a vile place and the Christians living there IF there are any, should move to more life affirming states. When I first became aware of the killing that is being done in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers, I was stunned.
I had the misfortune of working in the operating room as a Reg Nurse and I witnessed as the RN circulator, at the time what I was told was "cleaning up after a spontaneous abortion" that caused THE HOLY SPIRIT to trouble my spirit. I realized after the fact that it was probably an abortion on that unfortunate woman because of the way the surgeon spoke about it, the lack of medical facts that would have supported that claim on the chart, the woman's reaction. I was horrified and I felt betrayed by the place I worked and as if " health care" had become truly evil in some places and in some specialities. The next time such a case was presented I asked point blank questions: is this case an abortion?" The deceit and treachery of those who kill the innocents is another identifying characteristic of the devil, the other being thieving.. John 10:10 is written, JESUS said, 'the thief cometh not but for to steal and to kill and to destroy: I am come that they might have life and have it more abundantly." [King James Holy Bible]


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