Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hillary's hackers still on the job

Hillary Clinton's taxpayer paid hackers are still on the job. I own a domain, [several really] of and I had it forwarded to one of my blogs at My recent entry on that blog criticizes that woman from h!$$ named H Clinton and I have discovered that when I do that, then the internet as far as I am concerned goes haywire. The government machinery via the Pentagon who has the power to "jam computers" with their war machinery and the power of the Congress to suppress the news, kicks in and the government censorship apparatus starts conning the public by underhanded and sneaky tricks through the government controlled Microsoft [via the anti-trust agreement] and Apple through their government contracts with Universities and the US Dept of Education. Last evening while attempting to add a subdomain [that the system would not allow even though its FAQ says it does] it stop forwarding my domain as I set it up to do and started forwarding MY domain to an advertisment for did not undo the forwarding to my blog, and what I did should not have affected the domain itself according to a man who said he was a customer rep from the hosting company. I am reasonably sure that trick was intended to divert traffic from my blog since it is posted as a link in several places. Because I wrote on my blog at words not complimentary to the abominable Mrs Clinton and her traitorous behaviour to the nation of advocating the premeditated killing of as many US citizens in the womb as possible. The words not complimentary to the wicked would also not advance the cause of those who profit from killing human beings in the womb, and that would be a whole cadre of the devils' agents in Congress. { as for recognizing the deeds of the devil and the mission of JESUS to defeat the devil read John 10:10 below}

I always protest those in the US Congress who profit from the premeditated killing of innocents [abortion and biotech]. I especially protest the wicked Clintons since Bill is striving for more government control via the UN. I also protest D DeGette, baby-killer extraordinaire, from Colorado, and the wicked John Kerry and the wicked Ted Kennedy, and the wicked Nancy Pelosi; and all supporters of killing of innocents in the womb as a so-called "right". I protest by writing, speaking, praying for the intervention of GOD HIMSELF to raise up a standard against the wicked.

Now here's the thing: wordpress is located in Massachusetts, state of infamy for its unprecedented evil of attempting to force sodomy on every school child in America, and it is also the state of wicked BIG BIOTECH, that makes millions from the literally raw material of aborted babies and is is also where two of the most notorious and wicked abortion-profiteers call home. The blood of innocents flows freely in Massachusetts. There is more to this. I discovered by reading the news that Joan B Kennedy, of the infamous and wicked Kennedy-baby-killing-machinery* works for the US Dept of Justice** and that her son, Patrick Kennedy is a Congressman. Are you able to spell n-e-p-o-t-i-s-m? Using the Congress to guarantee fat paychecks and cushy pensions to one's ex-wife so the Senator does not have to pay it, should be illegal. Of course that would require REAL change in the laws and the definition of "ethics" in Congress and not just semantics manipulation of definitions. At present judging from the way the rules are applied, I would guess the demoncrats mean that the word ethics means whatever you are able to get away with, as much as you receive under-the-table or by using the laws illegally, or by aliases, or by putting your ex wives in high places, or by hiring your relatives with taxpayer dollars, or by hijacking the words of others or by suppressing information to the public that states the obvious, or by making deals with the devil of $$$$ in exchange for human blood, and human tissues of aborted babies for cosmetics and "d-r-u-gs" [cannabalism]. The word ethics is a spin on the truth from The Bible that stealing, and deceiving is a sin. The spin of course is that if they call it "ethical" then they try to trick public by implying that stealing, corruption, deceit, killing is all right.Some fools believe that what is "legal" in a corrupt nation is acceptable to GOD but that is a lie. That deception of redefining sin by applying the word "ethical" to it, is intended to trick the public into thinking that Congress really did something. It is sort of like when Hitler said as he gassed the JEWS in the Holocaust that his regime was providing the "best solution" to the "problem" of "too-many JEWS". It was a lie and it was intended to deceive [propangandize the nation and the world's people to go along to get along.] The man Goebbels who honed the techniques of propaganda so that when a lie was repeated often enough and in ways that the public associated with the government powers, it became to be accepted by some of the stupid and the wicked as a fact.Goebbels used psychological methods and mass marketing to market the idea that JEWS were inherently evil and must be destroyed for the sake of the "fatherland" of Germany and to protect Germans from their success. Of course, the real reason for the gassing of the JEWS was for Hitler's war machinery, or Hitler personally, to take over their assets and wealth; and to control their influence.

*The Robert Kennedy foundation has been funding Planned Parenthood for decades and has given MILLIONS to the killing of innocents all the while manipulating the US Congress via that man from h!$$ named Ted Kennedy who no doubt has sold his soul to the devil and who gained his career by killing Mary Jo Kopechne.
** Where is the Justice for the preborn humans that are slaughtered daily in baby-killing and processing plants known euphemistically as "biotech"?
John 10:10 is written,JESUS said, but I added the words in the brackets to clarify: ' the thief [who wants to steal GOD's glory and GOD's KINGDOM who is the devil, the anti-Christ] cometh not but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy; I AM that they might have life and have it more abundantly. " John 10:10 King James Holy Bible
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