Thursday, November 09, 2006

Do you feel safer yet?

I summed up the evil the demoncrats have accomplished in their first 24 hours:
1) fraudulent voting in many places including thousands of votes* not counted in Denver, Colorado and thousands who did not get to vote because of broken computers and yet the "winner" for GOV, was declared anyway, as being , guess who? a demoncrat!
2) the FCC decided that profanity on the airwaves was all right since the demoncrats make so much money from evil;
3) the abortion case that had been on hold for years suddenly got moved to the US proabort "supreme" court {GOD 's Judgement day is the real supreme Court];
4) the competent Military leader Rumsfield resigned, refusing to work with those who want to sell out America, and he is to be
replaced with a UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR?? IS that really true, that a man with no military experience or training or experience is going to direct the US Military and the headquarters of the Military? But of course his spying experience with the CIA will serve the demoncrats well, will it not?
5) the enemies of the United States are deliriously happy that there will be no opposition to their plan to overthrow America.
Do you feel safer yet?

* According to my test of placing reams of papers, each containing 500 sheets, eqivalent to the weight of 500 paper ballots, in the same size, and same brand storage box that was shown in the Rocky Mountain News photo in today's news, and multiplied the number of boxes in the photo, by the numbers of papers each box could hold, and estimated the votes not counted as approx 300,000 votes.


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