Thursday, November 30, 2006

My response to the Pres of Iran and his letter to US

Dear President of Iran, Sir,
I address you as I would address the US President. The fact that you are the leader of a powerful nation that has the potential to lead one way or the other, certainly commands such respect and honor. I write to you as a white, Christian woman, who believes that GOD exists and that GOD judges all in HIS time and in HIS way. There are many words to write,but first I want to say that it is admirable that you have written to the American people. We the people of this nation are also in turmoil about many of the issues that also concern your nation and every Muslim nation. I am certain that reasonable people disagree; yet when the debate moves beyond talking points to the real issues, it is possible that compromises are possible in some win-win way for all. That is my prayer for this situation.
I read in your letter that Iran is offering to help America "exit" from Iraq and I would be very interested in knowing what precisely you mean by that statement? I am sure that liberty and justice for all, is GOD's plan for all, and I am equally certain that there is a right way and a wrong way to pursue goals. I do not wish to see America leave Iraq blowing in the wind like a wind sock, with an unstable government, nor do I want the image of America to be that of conqueror by any means. The goal in my mind always was the toppling of despotic power and murderous regimes and the replacement with peaceful governments that allow the people liberties of freedom of worship of GOD, freedom of speech and freedom of press. Sir, I have no objections to the nuclear power to heat homes and water, and provide your people a higher quality of life,and I also believe that if the world's other nations have nuclear power,then certainly Iran should also be able to defend themselves. Having written that, I would also pray that such power would not be used destructively.
I am certain that all leaders realize at some point in time that they "in charge" only to a degree, because GOD is the ultimate Creator of all, and the ultimate Judge of all, and HE moves us all about at HIS will and command. We, humans either glorify GOD and prosper, or refuse to glorify GOD and perish according to the words of Deuteronomy chapter 28.
Sir, do you seek to be an ally with America? Do you seek the well-being of all the human race? Do you have the love of GOD in your heart? These questions are important to all of us who inhabit the planet of this earth. I believe that GOD has raised you up for HIS purposes though exactly how that will "play out" remains to be seen. I pray for you and for all leaders that GOD may be your "Supreme Commander" for lack of a better word, or lack of the appropriate word that would precisely describe what I mean in Arabic.
signed gloria poole [RN] aka gloria poole pappas [RN]

Friday, November 17, 2006

YEA, add these prolifers to the cause

Today, Friday, Nov 17th, the US House of Representatives' Republican caucus elected PROLIFER John Boehner to the number 1 leader position for the Republicans, and PROLIFER Roy Blunt of Missouri, to the # 2 spot as Minority Whip, and PROLIFER Adam Putnam to the # 3 spot of Conference Chairman.
These men have 100% prolife voting records and that is wonderful news for the nation and the preborn human beings in their mother's wombs; and it is in keeping with the Republican Party promise made in 2004. Also there is more good news. President Bush appointed Eric Keroack, a prolife medical director of a pregnancy center that helps women deliver live babies and advocates abstinence until marriage, to the position of the Health and Human Services' "family planning" division. Maybe with such men on the President's team and on the PROLIFE team, there will be some families in the US, to plan for! Remember the story of Gideon in the Bible when GOD won the victory with a handful of men? {Read Judges chapters 6-9 esp ch 7 in the King James Holy Bible]

Can't you just hear the wicked gnashing their teeth at this great news, that prolifers will never quit and that GOD is still at work and HE still wins HIS battles?

The basics of this from the, Nov 17, 2006.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Prolifers are gearing up for battle

There are some prolifers in the newly elected US Senate positions of authority. Sen Mitch McConnell, Repub of Ky is the new Senate Majority Leader and Sen Trent Lott is the new Minority Whip. Other prolifers are Sen Jon Kyl of Arizona, the GOP Conference Chairman, and Sen John Cornyn of Texas, ["don't mess with Texas"] is the new Conference Vice Chairman, and Sen John Ensign of Nevado is the Senate GOP fundraising committee chairman.Add the democrat Sen Ben Nelson of Nebraska, and the other prolifers and there is a force to be reckoned with. Thank GOD for that.

The stakes are high because the wicked proaborts have announced their intentions to block every prolife JUDGE that the President nominates. That sinister Charles Schumer from NY is bragging about how powerful he thinks he is. Well, we as a nation will see, because I am sure that the prolifers are way more determined than the proaborts. The proaborts have no soul and no conscience and their leader is the devil. They are defeated already by the blood of JESUS the MESSIAH. The prolifers on the other side of the issue, that is GOD's side, have the forces of the Universe on our side, and we have determination, truth and righteousness fighting for us. "For the righteous LORD loveth righteousness; HIS countenance doth behold the upright." [Psalms 11:7 King James Holy Bible]. GOD wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill" [Exodus 20:13] and GOD watches over HIS word to perform it. It is written that HE said HE will avenge the innocent blood.The US Senate had better be deciding whether they are on GOD's side or the devil's before GOD HIMSELF rises up to defend the innocents.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Good election news

There is a lot of good news about this election--the sodomites did not win ! The states that had amendments to define marriage as possible between only men and women, passed the Amendment to protect marriage as has existed for 6000 years, in 7 more states bring ing the total to 27 of States that do not allow sodomy as a so-called "right". The other good news is that the State of Georgia has re-elected overwhelmingly Sonny Perdue as Gov, and a prolife Lt Gov, and will have a prolife Pro-Tem in the GA House and a prolife Senate Majority Leader. Prolifers gained 5 seats in the GA House, and didn't lose any in the GA Senate. Prolife candidates won in 100 of 119 races! Praise GOD! The Georgia prolife caucus in the Senate is 60% prolife and the prolife caucus in the GA House of Representatives is 104 persons. This is good news! These figures about the prolife candidates is from the Ga Right to Life news.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Do you feel safer yet?

I summed up the evil the demoncrats have accomplished in their first 24 hours:
1) fraudulent voting in many places including thousands of votes* not counted in Denver, Colorado and thousands who did not get to vote because of broken computers and yet the "winner" for GOV, was declared anyway, as being , guess who? a demoncrat!
2) the FCC decided that profanity on the airwaves was all right since the demoncrats make so much money from evil;
3) the abortion case that had been on hold for years suddenly got moved to the US proabort "supreme" court {GOD 's Judgement day is the real supreme Court];
4) the competent Military leader Rumsfield resigned, refusing to work with those who want to sell out America, and he is to be
replaced with a UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR?? IS that really true, that a man with no military experience or training or experience is going to direct the US Military and the headquarters of the Military? But of course his spying experience with the CIA will serve the demoncrats well, will it not?
5) the enemies of the United States are deliriously happy that there will be no opposition to their plan to overthrow America.
Do you feel safer yet?

* According to my test of placing reams of papers, each containing 500 sheets, eqivalent to the weight of 500 paper ballots, in the same size, and same brand storage box that was shown in the Rocky Mountain News photo in today's news, and multiplied the number of boxes in the photo, by the numbers of papers each box could hold, and estimated the votes not counted as approx 300,000 votes.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Worst day in U.S. history in 145 years

I think the wicked democrats winning any of the elections is the worst day in the history of the U.S. since John Brown was hung for wanting to emancipate the slaves. Maybe there were other awful, doomsday days as well--let me think. When Martin Luther King was assassinated, correct? When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated for certain. It is always an awful thing when someone is punished for doing what is right and elevated to power for selling human flesh and blood to the highest bidders, such as the demoncrats do.

The demoncrats who adhere to the kill-the-innocents-in-the-womb,molest-every-minor-girl-in-order-to-victimize-her-by-abortion, and sodomize-every-male-in-America false doctrine should have been defeated. The only explanation for why they won any seats, is the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of the limousine liberals who make their millions or billions from the blood of innocent babies in the womb, and of course, their MEGA- Lobby of Planned Parenthood, SIECUS, Dept of Education, AFL-CIO, and Center for Reproductive killing rights. Those lobbying groups make Jack Abramhoff look like a choir boy! The fact that appalls me the most is that the wicked lobbying groups are PAID by taxpayers and own so many politicians and Judges that there is no parallel to it, except maybe when Russia was a communist country. I know that old devil will be defeated in time and JESUS will rule according to Revelations in the King James Holy Bible.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Vote for these prolifers--human life must continue

Here is a summary of the people who declare themselves to be prolifers and I ask you to vote ONLY for prolifers. A nation that does not allow the coming generations to be born, has no future.

Sen John Spencer of NY
Sen Jim Talent of Missouri
Ray Hunkins of Wyoming
Sen George Allen of Virginia
Sen Mike DeWine
Len Munsil of Arizona
Tx Gov Rick Perry
Asa Hutchinson of Arizona
Dick DeVos of Michigan
Mark Green of Wisconsin
Lynn Swann of Pennsylvania
Ken Blackwell of Ohio
Jim Gobbins of Nevada
Jim Bryson of Tennessee
Jim Nussle of Iowa
Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota
Sen Conrad Burns of Montana
Bob Corker of Tennessee
Michael Steele of Maryland
Bouchard of Michigan
Mark Kennedy of Minnesota
Sen Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania
Sen John Kyl of Arizona
Alabama Gov Bill Riley
Georgia Gov Sonny Perdue
South Carolina Gov Mark Sanford
Bob Beauprez of Colorado [was not very vocal about being prolife--makes me question his sincerity]
Rick O'Donnell of Colorado [was not vocal at all about being prolife and refused to answer comments about whether he supported marriage being only for heterosexual couples, so I qualify his inclusion here, but definitely more prolife than his opponent].
Marilyn Musgrave of Colorado;
and many prolifers in South Dakota, and thanks to GOD for that! Let South Dakota raise a standard for the nation on the demand to end the killing of innocents as a wicked "right".
If I have overlooked any, then email me at gloriapooleRN at to tell me.
Also, some of these names were provided by, a catholic organization, but I am not catholic, just so you know.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Thank you Prolifer Ray Hunkins of Wyoming

My remarks are to say thank you to prolife candidate Ray Hunkins of Wyoming for who is running for Governor there. I read his quote in the today and I quote it here for purposes of educating the voters. He said, " I believe abortion is murder, the homicide of a human being." Mr Hunkins, as a Registered Nurse and a Christian, I thank you for what you said and I agree with you that abortion is the premeditated murder of an innocent human being in the womb where the baby should be safe; and must be outlawed as any homicide would be.

Also, I am praying that South Dakota citizens will ban all abortions and raise a standard for the rest of the nation and IF the wicked try to challenge that ban on abortion at the U S Supreme Court level, that their State Attorney General challenges the wicked by quoting the Constitutional law that the States' legislatures and the people of each State retain the powers not specifically delegated to the federal government as defined by the US Constitution. That power is known commonly as the State's Rights clause and it was the basis of the U.S. Civil War because some states wanted slavery and some states didn't.

As for the national elections, remember that the demon-crats want to kill all preborn babies and they want to legalize every thing GOD called an abomination, and remember that wicked John Kerry was their "choice" of a banner carrier two years ago. Here are my remarks I posted on the Yahoo Message Board about his remarks about the US Military and the purpose of compulsory education:
John Kerry is the devil's own bad joke on the U.S. and he is an idiot also. After a 30 year do nothing career in the US Senate he does not know the American people well enough to know that we honor the American military troops who defend this nation and we vote from office those who would sell the U.S. for a 5 minute moment of retribution against our President. John Kerry is a shame and disgrace to this nation but his stupidity helps the Republican cause and the preborn humans tremendously *, so let him open his stupid mouth as often as he likes. Every time he says anything, it makes all Republicans look vastly superior.
* John Kerry voted against innocent human life more than 75 times in his career in the US Senate.