Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Should non-citizens,non-residents vote?

I am sure that this posting is going to make some people mad and it cannot be helped.There is an article in the Washington Post today, written by Darryl Fears and Jonathan Weisman, entitled, "Georgia Law Requiring voter to show photo ID is thrown out". That article states what a lot of people have known for a long time. The voter fraud and manipulation of results is an issue in all states that are considered "border states" and in a lot of states where a huge percentage of the population is on some kind of government dole. Liberal Judge T Jackson Bedford does not want legitimate elections. I would guess he is a democrat since the minorities and illegal immigrants usually vote democratic ticket down the line, because they associate their government unearned checks with the democratic party. The article I mentioned said 5000 dead people "voted" in the 2000 election in Georgia. To find out who benefitted from that fraud name who they "voted"for and you will find the culprit of the massive voter fraud. Georgia and some of other states allow many non-offical forms of "identification" including utility bills, and bank statements and a paycheck. Do any of those necessarily mean that a person is a native born American or naturalized citizen, and do any of those prove that a person resides in the State?
This is an issue that would not be as contentious if there were no government dole programs, but the fact is that some blacks do not want official recognition of who lives where and with whom so that welfare checks can be collected several times over. Please save your breath and time attempting to chastise me. I grew up in the South.
When an citizen has to prove citizenship, how does that "violate" their civil liberties? Of course, that is not to say that person walking about should be stopped by police demanding papers to walk on the sidewalk. Walking about minding one's own business and voting that determines the make-up of the Legislatures or the Congress are entirely different issues and most people recognize that. Should the Legislators of the state be determined by dead people, or "voters" trucked in from other states to skew the results and manipulate elections as is very commonly done by the big unions? Should the Congress or the state Legislators be selected by folks that never in their lives paid one cent of tax to any government?
The Georgia General Assembly even offered to give the State issued ID to anybody requesting it but that did not appease the liberal Judge, who wants non-citizens, and non-residents to be able to vote. Who started that use of illegal immigrants to skew the elections? --that wicked Bill Clinton with the "motor voter" act that allowed anyone to sign up to vote with a library card or a driver's license, [and some states require no proof of citizenship anywhere in the US to possess a driver's license]. Which Party benefits from illegal voting? Which Party does not want any real Identification of US citizens ? Which party does Hillary belong too? Those are the clues. I think you are able to connect the dots.


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