Friday, September 01, 2006

Pres Bush: why did you sell out babies of US?

This posting is particularly painful for me to write because it is an acknowledgement again that Pres Bush betrayed the Republican Party Principles in the clause for life for the innocents by his endorsement of that chemical abortifacient named deceptively as "Plan B"; and by his encouragement and support of the political use of the FDA to hoodwink America by "approving" a killer drug. Plan B as it is euphemistically named and the other "A second chance" baby-killing drug, are chemicals equivalent to FORTY PROGESTERONE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS TAKEN AT ONCE. That is extremely dangerous and the FDA knows that. The FDA has also sold out because of posturing, threats and abuse of power by the wicked H Clinton and the elected officials from those States who want to kill off all their citizens as quickly as possible. And what was the price to the public? Many millions more dead human beings; and what is the gain to that terrorist organization named euphemistically as "Planned Parenthood"? Millions in profits, and I will detail that in a minute. Calling Planned Parenthood by that name is morally equivalent to saying Hitler's death camps/gas ovens were "enabling the Jews" [ to a better life maybe in ?? heaven; or dispatching early to hell ] . Planned Parenthood does not enable parenting but "enables" death to the innocents. The profit margin for them and the incentive no doubt to those who own stock in the wicked abortuaries, and the wicked "biotech" killed-human-processing-plants is huge. Barr Laboratories maker of the wicked Plan B cut a deal with Planned Parenthood charging them $4.25 for the deadly chemicals that Planned Parenthood sells to its victims for $30, a deal that undercuts the federal government buyers by 25 cents per drug. It seems the 306.2 MILLION profit from Planned Parenthood abortuaries was not enough for the greedy like H Clinton and her crew of infamous and wicked cohorts, or that the 265 MILLION from federal taxpayers to Planned Parenthood mostly via the bill from the depths of hell, named Title X, aka Family [un]Planning and Population [Destruction} Research Act of 1970 sponsored by the man who was then Texas Congressman, George Herbert Walker Bush and signed into law by Pres Nixon. *

Prolifers learn from this. Look at what a person votes for and what they support with their mouths and their dollars before you vote. Remember that there have been no honest and God-fearing leaders in the Congress or the Presidency since Abraham Lincoln, or at least not one who made known the commitment FIRST to THE ALMIGHTY GOD, THE ONLY TRUE GOD.
Do not be deceived by those who call themselves "centrist" then vote 75 or more times AGAINST human life. Do not be deceived by H Clinton's agenda--she is the puppet of Planned Parenthood and that fact is established by what happened with the Plan B drug. They pull her strings and she dances.

There is more news and this is an "I told you so" that brings me no joy. The Advanced Cell Technology report of recently, that they had found a way to "ethically " create embryoes for abominable research was an absolute LIE. The embryoes, all of them, were destroyed by the research that they touted in their fake study. Dr. Robert Lanza admited that they "dismantled" the embryoes and that he purposely did not tell the public that happened, in order to mislead them. The obvious and no doubt, intended effect of the lie was to drive up stock prices. Galatian 6: 7 is written, 'be not deceived. GOD is not mocked. For whatsover a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Liars and reprobates do not go to heaven and GOD is not mocked.

__* basisc from the Republican National Coalition for Life Fax Notes for Sept 1,2006


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