Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Oppose Plan B & the kidnapping of minors for abortion

I am going to protest the Plan B and the kidnapping of minor girls for the cause of forcing abortion on them, until one of two events happens: 1) JESUS comes back and takes the believers to heaven with him in which case, I will have a new residence in heaven, or 2) Plan B and the kidnapping of minors by anyone for any reason and especially to force an abortion on them, is outlawed with real penalties attached, such as prison in the fed penitentiary for kidnappers of minors or the dispensing of killing so-called "medicines."

I know the Medical Societies and the Medical Associations could do more and some Medical Doctors do their part to at least retain control of medical decisions. There is an informative letter you may want to read written by Dr. Sharon Quick, MD, FCP,FAAP who is the Washington State Coordinator for the American Academy of Medical Ethics. Her letter is written to Dr. Andrew Eschenbach of the FDA and you may read it here:
or by clicking the link if it shows. Her letter is detailed and should be taken into consideration by the FDA and the Congress. Of course, I am opposed to Plan B or any killing drug in any scenario--medical doctors should not prescribe drugs that kill. Her letter raises some interesting facts to be considered and in my professional opinion make the case of why Plan B should not b e legal for anyone in any circumstances.


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