Thursday, September 21, 2006

NY Times: Have you no integrity? or morals?

I am appalled that the New York Times printed an article by Nicholos Wade, entitled briefly, "human stem cells are found..." in yesterday's news. Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology recently admitted that he purposely and with intent to deceive the public, altered the facts in his last "finding" a few weeks ago. So why would the New York Times give a liar of that magnitude publicity? The truth is there is NOT ONE positive result from decades of experiments in the private sector with human embryonic stem cells. IS the public supposed to believe that the premeditated killing of innocent human beings in their mother's wombs is "undone" or "negated" if the tiny baby's cells are used to improve the vision in RATS? What is the matter with you people? Have you lost all sense of decency? Have you lost all ability to think or reason? Do you actually believe that a rat and a human have any characteristic in common? Do you not know that GOD said to not even touch a rat? Rats are vile creatures, loaded with disease and not in any way similar to humans.

As a Christian and as a Registered Nurse, I find abhorrent the complicity of the major newspapers in the Abortion Holocaust and their attempt to assuage violated and raw consciences of those who killed their preborn babies. That is the real underlying root cause of the massive propagandizing by the wicked to break down moral barriers in order to make products of literally "raw materials' of human flesh and blood, and cells, more acceptable to the stupid in the populations. For curiosity, I would like to know what headlines were in the NY Times when Hitler's gas ovens were gassing the Jews and then incinerating them while extracting their gold teeth and skin first? Did you have articles promoting and encouraging such evil? Was the NY Times in favor of gassing the Jews for their wealth and gold? Was the NY Times publiishing articles about how much "good" could be accomplished for society if they only gassed more Jews? Is the NY Times heavily invested in abortion clinics or are their owners? Sometimes the things I read in the paper, gag me!


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